Jared Auchter – Senior Editor

Jared Auchter:  If you are reading this bio, you must be asking yourself, “how in the world did this guy end up as the senior editor of the Firearms Insider?”  Well my journey with the Firearms Insider began like most of you reading this bio right now.  I was and of course still am, an avid listener to all the diverse podcast’s that are being showcased on the Firearms Radio Network.  One day as I was driving to work, I was listening to an episode of the Top Shot Fan podcast.  The host at the time was filling in for the regular host and was having a bit of a rough go.  Something inside me told to reach out to the producers of this podcast and just offer them my assistance.  Should they ever want an extra voice to brighten the show, I was their man.  Well as luck would have it, next thing you know I wearing a set of headphones and I have a microphone in front of my face.  It was not too long after as I was pitching in with different podcasts that the Firearms Insider was being formed.  A call of action came out to all of those who wanted to step up to the plate and make this thing happen.  As such, the website needed a senior editor who could manage all of the written content in the reviews.  Long story short …. I know, too late …. here I am.

On a more personal level.  My wife and I live here in north New Jersey where I help run a family business in the environmental clean-up industry and my wife works at one of New Jersey’s top hair salons.  We love New Jersey with all the state has to offer like the change of the four seasons, how you can go from horse/farm country to living by the beach, or just driving a short distance and having a fun night in NYC.  This state truly has a lot to offer.  However with all that comes a price tag.   High taxes, high cost of living, corrupt politicians and the unfriendly gun laws.  But if you can see past all of those negatives like we do, perhaps New Jersey is also calling your name.  Who am I kidding?  I couldn’t even convince myself with any of that.

So now that brings you and I to the most important question that you must be asking yourself, “if he’s senior editor of a gun website … he must have a passion for guns but what perchance”.  You’re right, I do have a passion for guns/shooting and it lies in sporting clays.  Often referred to as “golf with a shotgun” because there are 10-15 different stations per course with a variety of challenges for all levels, I am in love with this sport.  No we don’t go around wearing those goofy old English clay shooting outfits … well not out in public at least.  No, what truly makes this sport attractive to me is the fact that you see soo many families and friends all participating in this together.  Families and friends out together enjoying the sport of shooting is in my humble opinion, exactly what the gun culture needs.