VersaCarry Zero Bulk Holster for Ruger LC9 Review

versacarry-holstered By Larry Lovejoy

As a gun owner new to conceal carry I'm not exactly sure which holster is best for me. I did find however that the Versacarry ZeroBulk holster is not the one for me.  Very uncomfortable to wear. Imagine most gun owners will notversacarry-breakin like the idea that the retention rod leaves a residue.   I found this holster to be very uncomfortable although small and lightweight. There isn't any padding/leather between the firearm and body as found in other types of holsters. VersaCarry’s “safety warnings” page should give you a clue for what you’re in for. This is probably not a holster that meets your needs.

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Claim to Fame: Zero Bulk IWB carry

Target Market: Anybody who wants a CHEAP holster

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • There really isn't any unless you consider the trigger guard

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The VersaCarry Zero Bulk Holster only comes in black, but there are many sizes to fit various firearms.

What others are saying?: “Great idea... but for me, my LC9's barrel seemed fused to the yellow plastic rod... at first, it was almost impossible to get it off. I left it on for a couple of weeks as it says in the directions, but it was still very very hard to pull. The packaging says I have the right "holster", but it sure feels like it should be…Read more on Amazon reviews

This products arrived fast and did exactly what it said. I bought this for a ruger lc9 and it sits a little high in the waistband. Small may be a better choice than extra small to get it to sit a little lower. All in all I would definately recommend this product… Read more on Amazon reviews

VersaCarry should be called Very Expensive piece of plastic. It's not scary expensive, but being priced over an actual "holster" puts it in that category. Sure, you can easily access your piece, but when you have to put it away or even just put it on, you have to completely take it off, shove that plastic stud back into the barrel and "shimmy" back inside your pants.

The second and most annoying and disappointing thing about versacarry is there is no shielding between your hammer (if your gun has one) and your body. All day long or even for shorter periods of time.” – Amazon Reviews

Price Point:

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Our Rating:

+ Inexpensive, + Small + Lifetime warranty

- Poor quality - Retention rod leaves residue on gun barrel - Cannot be used outside waistband - Manufacturer recommends that you DO NOT carry a firearm with a live round in chamber

Score: 220