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Brothers & Arms True Blue Gun Oil & Grease

  Brothers and Arms True Blue gun lubricant is a fairly new product in the firearms industry. The company making the gun lube is Dumonde Tech. Dumonde Tech has been making lubrication products since 1985, so they are not new to extreme lubricants. In fact most of their products are for extreme duty racing engines and such. Dumonde Tech sent me some of the True Blue gun oil and Heater grease to try out. At first I thought they were just sending samples, but when they arrived, it was full retail product sizes. The oil comes in a nice applicator bottle, and the grease comes in a nice little tub.

 Since oil is really hard to do a scientific review on, I will tell you my results. Lucky for me, I was assembling a Polymer 80 receiver and slide a little after getting the oil. So, the only lube used on that P80 has been the True Blue gun oil and heater grease. Well, it works. If you read my P80 pf940c review, you will find out that the slide to frame fit was extremely tight. I put some of the True Blue oil on the frame rails and slide. I noticed that it was easier to move the slide back and forth. I have since only used the True Blue grease and oil on this firearm. I put around 300 round through the pistol before I took it apart and looked at it. It was dirty, but still functioned fine. I probably put another 200 rounds through it before doing a rough cleaning. All I did was wipe the dirt off with a shop rag, and that was enough to clean the pistol. So this time I put some of the Heater grease on it. The grease is pretty thin, but stays on the parts quite well. The pistol works fine with the grease also, but I thought the oil was more appropriate.

 I ran the gun oil on other firearms too with no problems. This oil is pretty slick to the touch also. I squirted some on my SBR bolt and ran some rounds through it suppressed. Guess what, it’s gun oil, so it worked fine in that also. But the real test was the suppressed full auto .22lr. This thing gums up everything. Before using the True Blue gun oil, only one other oil would get you past 500 rounds without a thorough cleaning. But the True Blue came through like a champ and let me run the gun past the 500 mark! Cleaning was easy also, but I did have to scrub some from all the 22lr lead build up. I can say that the oil holds up to heat very well because of using it in the automatic.

 Now I’ll get in to some of the technical stuff. Both of these gun products benefit from Micro Resistant Complex Compounds (MRCC for short). These MRCC’s help reduce friction and increase the adhesion to metal parts. It also makes the oil “migrate” around surfaces. You can actually see this to some extent. Just put a drop of the oil on a metal surface and come back later, you will see how the oil migrates over the part. The oil and grease also have very low coefficients of friction, hence why they are slippery. The grease states “10 times slipperier than Teflon”.

 The next feature of the grease and oil is “Polymerization”. This is harder to explain, but I actually have seen it first hand. What the polymerization does, is turn the oil into a solid at extreme temperatures. So it polymerizes to form a micro thin, hard, slick coating. It basically doesn’t burn off like conventional gun oils. Let me explain what I noticed. When disassembling the machine gun, it didn’t feel like it had much oil on it. But yet the bolt was still very slick. I wiped the tiny bit of oil off, and it was still slick. It kind of looked like it had an opaque film layer on it, which I guess was the polymerization of the oil. To clean this off, I just used some Hoppes #9, but any gun cleaning solvent should work.

 I can’t really say much else about the Dumonde Tech, Brothers and Arms True Blue gun oil and heater grease. But, it does work, and work well. The only problem I see with it is, you can’t find it anywhere. Besides that, I will be buying some more when I run out. It doesn’t take much oil to lube up a firearm, so it may be awhile before I have to order more. So if you’re looking for some decent gun oil, give this stuff a try, I was pleasantly surprised.


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Advanced Gun Oil & Grease

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Gun Owners, Ranges, Police, GunSmiths

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Odorless

  • Waterproof

  • Migrates around parts

  • Very Low coefficient of friction

  • Polymerization

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Heater Grease

What others are saying?:

Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE is one of the best lubricants for firearms on the market today.  I am a gunsmith and avid hunter who has used a lot of different products trying to find the best lubricant for myself and my customers. We have been using Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE for about 9 months. I am so happy with this product that I have thrown out all others. This is the only Lubricant anyone would find on my bench at West Coast Armory and Bellande Custom. All of my weapons, the Gun Range Rental firearms now use TRUE BLUE. They all run smoother and cleaner than any other products we used. Customers that followed my recommendation to use TRUE BLUE have all come back with positive feedback and have switched. TRUE BLUE is now our best selling lubricant. We love their new cleaner also. I give this product a 10 out of 10. 1/8/17

Tyler J. Bellande, Bellande Custom / West Coast Armory – Bellevue, WA


“I have gone through approximately 15,000 rounds of ammunition in my Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle and my Ruger Mkiii 22/45 in practice and competitions. I have been using Heater Grease in the X-Ring and it has run flawlessly. This is by far one of the cleanest lubricants I have ever used. I clean my weapons every 3 or 4 thousand rounds and the carbon and grime wipes right off.”

Jeffery Packer, MSG (Ret), Executive Director/Chief Curator Idaho Military Museum. Tactical Solutions Shooting Team

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  • Odorless

  • Applicator bottle

  • Adheres to metal

  • Easy clean up of oiled parts

  • “Wetting” of parts

  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Availability

Score: 8.50 GREAT



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