Eagle Industries Chest Rig M4 Molle LE Style


Whether you are a competitor or a first responder, you need a way to carry magazines and essential gear securely and in a position thats quickest and easiest to access.  For me, I need a chest rig for competitions that require multiple guns. Where I live, the matches are usually scheduled for the spring or summer with a desert environment, so its hot and dry. Full molle vests are a bit overkill I've found, as they tend to hinder range of motion, and some stages only require 2-3 carbine magazines and 4-6 pistol magazines.  I've found that using a simpler M4 chest rig is best.

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Some call it a recon-style harness, others may refer to it as a "Rhodesian" chest rig. The one I use is an Eagle Industries Chest Rig M4 Molle LE Style (currently discontinued but newer models are available) and it is just enough to get me by.  With molle strapping on the left and right sides as well as over the top of the carbine magazine pouches, its perfect for adding handgun mag pouches. The pouches themselves are rigid, reinforced with some kind of thin composite board and then lined with a softer material for magazine retention without surface wear. The straps are adjustable and use large M style buckles.  They go over the shoulders and cross at the back and attach to the bottom of the rig on both sides. There is a single strap that goes laterally across the back and attaches via a smaller buckle.  I let it hang just below my pectorals. and am able to have 3 carbine mags with a pair of pistol mags on each side via molle pouches for a total of 4 mags. Alternatively you could attach 3o round carbine mag pouches on either side to increase to capacity to 7 mags, and attach pistol mag pouches to the front of the rig's pouches.

The advantages to this style of chest rig are lightness of weight, ease of mobility, and simplicity of use. Another perk is the kangaroo pouch with a wide hook-and-loop mouth that is easy to access even with carbine mags holstered.  Its wide enough to stow more magazines, loose rounds, papers/documents, or a couple packs of beef jerky. I often will stash a couple of Glock 33rd magazines in the pouch for the longer, no-capacity limit stages.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Eagle Industries Chest Rig M4 Molle LE Style is designed for active shooter scenarios that require your equipment to rapidly adjust to the unfolding events.

Target Market: Competitive shooters or Law Enforcement

FNBs (features & benefits of this product):

  • Three open top 30-round M4 magazine pouches
  • Two large side release buckles
  • Full length interior pocket
  • MOLLE webbing for custom rigging
  • Fully adjustable for height and girth
  • Lifetime Guarantee

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, Khaki, Ranger Green, & Universal Camo

What others are saying?: 

  •  "I love this product. The mag pouches hold the mags very well in their Kydex liners. No need for a flap. I bought 2 more pouches for 2 more mags. My only complaint is the harness straps could be longer for big guys. I may have problems with a coat on. I'll just get another harness. GREAT product."  Optics Planet Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  Used online, in Army Surplus stores or find close alternative from Eagle Industries

Our Rating:

+ Lightweight and simple, no unnecessary bulk. + Inner pouch pocket is full width and makes for extra storage. + Pouches are open-top with no flappy covers, mages speedy mag changes easier. + Sits high enough to no interfere with a belt and holster, no issues with carrying a carbine with single point sling.

- Kydex lined mag pouches may be tighter fit for certain mags, PMAGs and other polymer bodied mags until expansion with use. - More "ample-bodied operators" may need longer straps.

 Score: 8.080


Crosman - Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft Gun (DCR75F)


Crosman DCR75f

In order to get a better perspective, I have reviewed the various parts of the Crosman Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft Gun (DCR75F), with the pro’s and con’s, if any.  The muzzle comes with your standard orange tip and is in great condition.  It did not hinder the accuracy of rifle shots during testing.  The charging handle can be pulled back, but is there only to allow access to the hop-up.  Other than that, it is mainly to give the rifle a more realistic feel to it.  The stock on the rifle is adjustable which makes it more versatile in different environments (outdoors or indoors).  No matter the arm length, you can rest assured that you will be able to adjust the stock for comfort and not have to sacrifice accuracy.  It is always nice to be able to enter a room or clear a corner without hitting something with the barrel of your gun.  There is a safety on the left side of the rifle which has the safety and two fire modes:  semi and auto.  I tend to be conservative with my shooting, so I found myself using the auto mode very little.  Many of the airsoft games that I have participated in would have a “semi only” restriction, so I have gotten used to that.

The trigger of the Crosman Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft Gun (DCR75F) is one of things that I found to be a little funky as far as operating properly.  When firing in “semi” mode, the rifle works just fine.  The BB’s fire with each trigger-pull without missing a beat.  However, when I tested the rifle in “auto” mode, the rifle would sometimes fire consistently and other times it would fire a single shot as if in “semi”.  It could be a wiring issue in this particular rifle that is causing the problem.  The magazine that came with the Crosman Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft Gun (DCR75F) is a nice 300 round high-capacity mag.  It has the wind-up wheel at the bottom that feeds the BB’s into the ready tube.  Unfortunately, this is another part that I found to

Crosman DCR75F groupinghave issues.  When I loaded the BB’s and wound-up the wheel, the bb’s would not fire consistently.  Sometimes, I would have to pull the trigger 5-10 times before a bb finally shot out.  At first, I was thinking the rifle itself was jammed so I cleaned the barrel to make sure.  I still had issues firing BB’s.  When I switched to one of my mid-capacity magazines the rifle fired shots just fine.

The Crosman Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft Gun (DCR75F) also has front and rear-sights to assist with accurate shooting.   I have to say that this rifle is quite accurate.  The groupings of the shots were overall very consistent since the rifle is electric-powered and has no recoil.  I did not have to adjust the hop-up at all though the option is there if you want to adjust the distance of your shots.  Take note, however, that this rifle already shoots at the 300 FPS range (out-of-box).

As far as air soft rifles go, I have found the Crosman Duty Calls Full Metal M4 Airsoft gun DCR75F to be a nice, well-rounded weapon.  It has a good firing distance and the fire rate is quite good when I was able to get the “auto” mode working properly.  Other than the hi-cap magazine not feeding properly, this is a rifle that can hold its own with the other airsoft rifles out there.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Full metal throughout, Gen II gearbox + reinforced metal gears, hop-up chamber, stock tube and machined aluminum barrel are the basis for a platform to lead assaults into enemy territory.

Target Market:  Experienced Airsoft player. Professional grade rifle.

FNBs:  (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Model Number  -  57004
  • Velocity  -  Up to 400 fps
  • Weight  -  3.75
  • Length  -  30
  • Battery  -  9.6 volt 1400 mAh
  • Mechanism  -  Full/Semi-Auto
  • Power Source  -  Electric
  • Caliber  -  6mm
  • BB Reservoir  -  300
  • Front Sight  -  Removable Fixed Post
  • Rear Sight  -  Removable/Adjustable
  • Safety  -  Selector
  • Material  -  Metal
  • Color  -  Black

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  N/A

What others are saying?:

great gun!!! 2014-01-22 17:03:38 This is truly a great gun!!! you can hit an enemy at 200 feet easy if you raise the muzzle a little and use auto and the rate of fire is great. Good battery life. Shoots far. Accurate. Good sites. Very durable.

-Anonymous review from Crosman website

Price Point:

Similar Model: U.S. Army DCM4AW Elite Electronic Airsoft M4 Rifle

I need it now! Availability: Online Dealers or Local Gun Shops. However, it is now a recently discontinued model and may be harder to locate.

Our Rating:

+ Adjustable stock + Can switch between “semi” and “auto” firing modes + High capacity magazines are metal which allows for easy release + Front and rear-sights for more accuracy + Full-metal rifle for more realistic feel + Hop-up system to adjust the distance of shots

- The magazine that came with this rifle had problems feeding BB’s - “Auto” fire mode did not work consistently - No recoil (which makes it less realistic) - Charging handle has no functionality other than allowing access to hop-up (again, less realistic)

Score: 7.0 GoodFI 7.0