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LOKgun2 LOKgun1I received these LOK 1911 grips after discovering the company while searching for grips on Amazon. These grips are great. LOK has definitely done their homework.  LOK Grips is a new company that has ventured into the grip manufacturing world.  They offer a variety of G10 grips for 1911's, Beretta 92's, Ruger 22/45's, CZ-75's, and Sig 238 and 938's.  Various textures and color combinations are offered as well.

The grips I chose were the "Spec Ops" in an orange/black color combo.  The Spec Ops have a golf ball texture on the front of the grips panels, and slanted ridges on the back.  This design gave me a good grip on the gun and excellent recoil management.  I originally thought that these grips might be too aggressive, but they are very comfortable to shoot with.  My hands were not any worse for wear after shooting with the LOK Spec Ops grips.

lokgrip1911LOK offers a number of different options for the grips. After you have selected the style and texture, you can select ambi-safety cuts, style of bottom cut, and magazine release cuts.  Since I chose 1911 grips, I opted for a magwell bottom cut, a magazine relief cut, and an ambi-safety cut.  I noticed that with the magwell cut, LOK also has relief cuts, on the back side of the grip, for the main spring housing pin.  This shows how much quality they put into the manufacturing process.

I am very pleased with these grips. They are attractive, functional, and less expensive than other G10 grips on the market. They are a very high quality grip at decent price.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Good looking functional grips

Target market: Any shooter who wants a functional, good looking grip, with emphasis on functionality.

FNBs (Features & Benefit):

  • Lightweight G10 material
  • Texture options
  • Color combinations
  • Grip cut options

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Many colors and options, please go look for yourself at LOK grips

What others are saying?:

  • "Lok Custom Grips... Best Value Anywhere on 1911 Custom Grips!"  - Amazon
  • "I picked up a pair of grips today at the gun show. I love them, they fir great and you gotta love the price." - Facebook

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Good grip texture
  • Style options
  • Color options
  • Lightweight
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Fast shipping

Score: 8.5 Great85



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Radetec Ammo Control Digital Counter for 1911

radetec Have you ever wanted instant feedback from your pistol, just like the interface of a first person shooter video game? In almost every FPS that tries to mimic real gunfire with realistic guns, there is a HUD (heads up display) that gives the player data on how many rounds are left in their character's magazine (or clip!) Now there is a product that brings that interactivity into the realm of real firearms, and its called the Radetec Ammo Control Digital Counter by Radetec, and this particular model is for the 1911.


Designed to enhance firearm control and efficiency, this electronic device provides real-time information about the amount of ammunition left in the magazine, as well as total rounds fired. Radetec's core business deals with research and development for the creation of new products for the international market. They specialize in the integration of electromechanical components and plastic polymers. With their own advanced prototyping machinery, they manufacture electronic circuits and plastic parts into innovative devices that meet specific needs in the medical, military and security sectors.

The Ammo Control Digital Counter didn't necessarily 'float my boat' at first, but after installing it to my Ruger SR1911c and emptying a few magazines instantly saw the draw. It's easy for some to scoff at the inability to perform basic addition (especially for 1911 owners, counting to seven) but after that first trigger pull, its very easy to forget or lose count of rounds fired downrange. Unless you were rigorously trained to maintain good shooting mechanics and count in your head, its surprisingly easy to screw up either while trying to do both. This product takes the counting out of the equation and gives immediate feedback, which not only is a good training aid but would serve well in the field in certain applications. Note that it only reads the capacity of the magazine and not what's in the chamber, so DO NOT rely on the grip's reading of "0" rounds in an empty mag to indicate a safe gun. Always check your chamber, folks.

Another plus is the secondary feature, which displays the total amount of rounds fired through the firearm while the grip has been installed. This allows users to not only keep a log of a gun's history, but keep track of what parts will need maintance after X many of rounds have been fired. For 150-200 dollars this is an investment for certain, however from a civilian/enthusiast's viewpoint I see this as a very interesting addition that gives John Browning's old warhorse a bit more of an edge.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter makes the days of worrying about how much ammunition you have left in the magazine a thing of the past.

Target Market: Training, Students/Classes, and Law Enforcement

FNBs (features & benefits of this product):

  • Displays the exact number of rounds left inside the magazine on a digital screen after each shot, or by pressing the manual activation button on the front.
  • Displays the total number of shots discharged while installed on the firearm. Activated by a small button on the top of the left side grip panel.
  • Highly shock- and temperature-resistant polymer body
  • Easy to install.
  • Adds the same weight and mass as a factory grip.
  • Uses one CR2016/CR2032 Battery.
  • Has an auto dim feature for low light situations

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black Polymer only

What others are saying?: 

  •  "They would also be great for the institutional end of military and law enforcement. While the available round tally is nice, knowing the history of the gun would be great for service history and accountability concerns." Guns.com Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  www.radetec.com or budsgunshop.com

Our Rating:

+ Slimmer than factory grip, does not interfere with grip. + 1911 model comes with two high quality 7 round magazines with followers installed. + Won't interfere with most holsters (wih combat cut) + Remembers total rounds fired + Covered by limited warranty

- Grip texture could be more unique. - Rubber front strap containing button receptor is a bit fragile/loose, could use reinforcement.

 Score: 8.5  Great!