Laser Ammo - SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition

laser ammo The SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition laser trainer is a cool package deal. In it you get a laser trainer cartridge for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, and a .223 laser cap. You also get pistol barrel inserts to make sure that your firearm is clear, a carrying case, and 6 reflective targets. The targets have little holes so you can hang or pin them up. The Laser caps are really easy to use, you just have to swap out one part for another to switch to a different caliber. You have to make sure you put it together right. I accidentally assembled it for .223 but left the 9mm laser cap on it. It got stuck in the chamber and after we got it out of the AR the laser trainer was stuck together. It took a lot of work and a couple vice grips to get it apart but afterwards I was able to  assemble it the right way and “shoot” the AR. Later I tried it out in a brand new M&P-15 and the bolt had a little trouble closing on it. If you racked the charging handle and released the bolt it slam into battery with a little hiccup towards the end. It’s great for trigger control and practicing using a DA/SA or DAO gun. If you have a SAO gun the laser trainer doesn't have a rim on it so that you can rack the slide without having to reinsert it. The only issues I had with it were that the .40 S&W insert and 9mm laser cap were not marked, it fit snug in the M&P-15(not the other AR), and that I messed up assembling the .223 trainer. Overall this is a great package if you have multiple caliber pistols and something in .223(we all know I mean an AR-15).

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame Training Technologies

Target Market Home defense, law enforcement, and military.

FNBs Use your own firearm to train Prevents loading live round Easy to switch caliber between 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .223(more if you get other inserts) Can be used as training ammo or to boresight Guaranteed for 5,000 shots Acts as a snap cap Comes with a carrying case Comes with reflective targets

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? There are no other aesthetic options.

What others are saying? 5 Stars “Haven’t seen anything better out there.” 2 Stars “on time, battery weak, does not ”

Price point MSRP = $199 Retail = $187.06  $179.10

I need it now! Availability Check your local gun shop or anywhere that has gun stuff.

Our Rating + Multiple calibers + Functions with other inserts for even more caliber options + Carrying case + Targets included + Functions as a boresight + Long battery life (5,000 shots) - .40 S&W insert and 9mm laser cap not marked

85Score 8.5 Great