Surefire G2ZX Combatlight


 surefire G2ZX Combatlight

I got this Surefire G2ZX Combat light in about a month and a half ago, I use it on a daily basis as part of my EDC, at first I was worried it was going to be too big for my pockets because I was used to an old E2D defender I’ve used since my first deployment in Iraq in 2006…But thats not an issue, fits perfectly, which leads me to why I chose Surefire over a competitor.  Surefire make solid products, but yes sometimes companies who make great products get so proud of them that they price themselves right out of business.  I think this was becoming true for Surefire and they had the due diligence to see it and came out with a new line of awesome polymer bodied lights that also come with increased battery life, more powerful LED lamps with increased lumens over the exact same lights they had a couple of years ago.  So thats enough for my rant, here are the specs and first impressions I have with this light.

The G2ZX Combatlight takes 2 cr123A lithium batteries, has a powerful 320 lumens with a 2.5 hour solid runtime and comes with a rubber ring for using the “Surefire” method when shooting a handgun in low light (which is my preference and found it works VERY well for maintaining a good grip on the light in your non-shooting hand, while also using that hand as support for the handgun.  Momentary pressure switch, with an option to turn the rear section for constant on.  It also comes with a steel lanyard ring and black lanyard.  The lamp head is made from Surefire's quality aluminum, and the rest of the body is very high strength polymer.  Overall length is 5.2 inches, weight is 4.3 OZ.  Very bright!  I shined it across a field and could see the trees pretty clear that were about 150 yards away! (and I have poor eyesight)  This is a great light, I would recommend it for anyone including Military, police, fire & rescue, and the everyday CCW holder. REMEMBER even if you are “just a ccw” holder, its very important to have a light.  Don’t be that boot who gets into a sticky situation where you cannot clearly see or identify your target.. it may mean your life, the life of a loved one or land you in the slammer if you take a bad shot.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Great for unattached light for pistol shooting.

Target Market: Great for police, military, fire/rescue and or CCW holders.

FNB's (features & benefits of this product):

  • Very bright 320 lumens
  • Long lasting LED lamp
  • Uses 2 common 123a lithium batteries
  • Rubber combat grip ring for using the “surefire method”
  • Very tough Nitrolon polymer body
  • Anodized steel lanyard ring with lanyard
  • Momentary pressure rear switch or turn for constant on
  • 4.3 OZ

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Black

What others are saying?:

  • Would Expect Nothing Less
  • This is my third Surefire and the G2ZX is what I would expect from Surefire. Superb quality and a precision piece of equipment. I use this one as my nightstand light since it has a higher output than the others.Reviewed by R Capiola (Posted on 1/5/14)
  • Amazing!
  • One of the best illumination tools I have ever used! Extremely bright and goes very far too! It really is a handheld spotlight! I would choose nothing else for my lighting needs than surefire!Reviewed by Dunaj (Posted on 10/24/13)
  • G2ZX
  • Surefire is not a flashlight it's like holding a piece of the sun. I'll never own anything else after having my Surefire.Reviewed by Jerry (Posted on 10/12/13)

Price Point

I need it now! Availability: Optics Planet has them listed as discontinued by the manufacturer but LA Police Gear has them in stock.

Score: 90