SnapSafe LockBox XL

SnapSafe Lockbox XL

Secure handgun storage is a crucial factor in preventing accidental shootings and stolen firearms. Many gun owners might not have the space or funds for a expensive full size safe, or are more mobile and spend more time in their vehicle or hotel rooms than at home. A portable safe small enough to stow beneath a car seat or on a nightstand that can stand up to abuse or burglary attempts is exactly whats needed.

SnapSafe Lockbox XL

While there are many inexpensive handgun lock boxes on the market, they often only come in one size, which may be too size of a fit for your pistol, magazines, or other belongings you wish to secure. Owners of larger handguns like revolvers or full size 1911s may find some of the aforementioned boxes to be too cozy to their liking. There is also the slight inconvenience of one key per lockbox, so utilizing a box tethered to a carseat and another to the bedpost means two sets of keys and twice the time it takes to recover your items when you need them the most, in a hurry.

SnapSafe Lockbox XL

SnapSafe not only provides an XL size lock box, but also a set of two that are keyed alike. This allows for a husband/wife set for example, or keeping a lockbox in the car and the home, or one at the office. The Lockbox XL is a very simple yet strong design. The internal dimensions are 9.5 inches by 6.5 inches, and affords room for a full size 1911, a compact handgun, or even two subcompacts. The sides are reinforced with steel that overlaps the seam when closed, acting as an anti prying feature. The steel cable included can be looped into a lasso for securing to a solid object, or padlocked to itself. The lockbox has a porthole cut in it's left edge to accomodate the cable.

SnapSafe Lockbox XL

 The SnapSafe Lockbox XL is a great option for conceal carriers who need to lockup their firearm, especially if traveling through a state that requires such provisions. I tried out multiple firearms in different configurations inside the Lockbox, and was please with most of the fit except for thinner frame single stack firearms like the Shield or G42 will slide around and bang the walls because of the thin lining. While I'd like to see thicker foam inside and a better way to attach the cable, the hinges and overall construction are pretty solid. When there's an option that costs less than a box of ammunition and keeps your firearms from falling into the wrong hands, there's no excuse to not have one.

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Claim to Fame:  The SnapSafe Lockbox provides secure storage for handguns and other valuables at home, on a nightstand, in the car or when traveling

Target Market:  Home Security, Vehicle Security, Travel, CCW permit holders

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 18-gauge heavy steel construction
  • Easy to operate key lock
  • 1500 lb. test steel security cable
  • Pry resistant
  • Thick protective foam interior
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  •  Dimensions 9 ½” x 6 ½” x 1 ¾”
  • SnapSafe 2 Pack Keyed Alike: 4 Keys, 2 Cables and 2 Lockboxes

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: N/A

What others are saying?: "I like the steel construction. For the price the construction is decent. Only thing I would change is either thicker foam, my 1911 sits okay but if the foam was 1/4 of an inch thicker on both sides it would sit nice and snug without moving the gun if dropped. As it is if the case is dropped or shaken a gun placed inside would hit the bare steel sides of the inside. " Amazon User Review

"This XL safe is awesome. It's big, much bigger than the competitors. I'm able to put two large guns along with the clips and ammo into one box, yet thin enough to slide under my night stand. The safe is constructed very strong and the cable allows me to attach it to anything so it can't be moved. This is yet another great addition to the SnapSafe line of products. Defiantly going to be getting some for my friends and family." Amazon User Review

Price point:

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Our Rating:


  • Large interior dimensions fit 2 compact size pistols, or full size 1911
  • Set of two keyed alike makes home & vehicle storage easier
  • Steel reinforcements provide counter against prying tools


  • Interior foam lining is 9mm thick but low density so it becomes thinner when compressed
  • Foam lining isn't glued or adhered to interior

Score: 8.0 Great



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