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By Steve Remy

 For anyone who has ever wished for a better one-pass cleaning cord/cable, it seems as though your wish has been granted, courtesy of Otis Technology.  Otis recently introduced the Ripcord which is a molded rubberized core wrapped in Nomex and capped off on each end by female 8-32 standard threads.  Upon pulling it out of the packaging, you can tell right away that it has many features that competing cords do not.

To begin with the core construction, you stand a minimal chance of breaking this device mid-pull through your barrel.  I securely attached one end of the Ripcord to my workbench and gave it several violent tugs but was unable to break the Ripcord.  I have broken a few competing bore cleaning devices where the pull cord attaches the cleaning section, but there really are no worries about that happening with your Ripcord.  The one piece core is fairly stiff which aids in placing the cord into the breech of your barrel.  It also has a helix shape which according to Otis, engages rifling through the length of the barrel.

The Nomex construction allows you to clean a hot barrel without the material melting, not that I regularly clean hot barrels, but it is nice to know that I can run this through my firearm right before I leave the range so it is one less thing I need to do when I get home.  No more waiting for your firearm to cool down.  My favorite feature of the Ripcord is the ability to attach any 8-32 standard thread attachment to either end of the device.  Instead of soaking the fibers themselves in cleaning solution or oil, I can simply attach a patchOtis Ripcord 556 holder to the end with a patch soaked in whatever cleaning solution or oil I choose.  I can also attach a bore brush to the end if the barrel was particularly dirty or needed an extra aggressive scrub after a day at the range.  This feature alone adds nearly unlimited versatility to the Ripcord.  In my opinion, this extends its service life since competing bore devices don’t give you the ability to change integrated bore brushes.

Pulling the Ripcord through the barrel requires a little bit of strength, which is good in my book because it means there is sufficient friction between the barrel and the Ripcord to clean the barrel as designed.  However, this is where my one bit of critical feedback lies.  I wish Otis would include one of their t-bar attachments with each Ripcord.  This would allow users with less than sufficient strength to still use the device by pulling on the t-bar instead of having to pull on the cord itself.  This addition would make the Ripcord a near-perfect bore cleaning device.

Overall, the Ripcord is a huge win for gun owners.  Its $14.99 MSRP is extremely reasonable and makes the decision to purchase one of these for each caliber of firearm you own an easy one.  Current available calibers are .22/.223/5.56, .308/7.63, .38/9mm, and .45.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  A convenient and effective one-pass bore cleaning device designed for easy breech-to-muzzle cleaning.

Target Market:  Convenience-minded people who like to clean their guns.


  • Helix shape.
  • Nomex cleaning surface which is heat resistant to 700 degrees.
  • 8-32 standard threaded ends for attachments.

What aesthetic options or finishes are available?  Each different caliber is color coded.

What others are saying?:

“Leave it to Otis R&D lab to build a better mousetrap or perhaps more accurately, reinvent the wheel.  If you’re thinking of buying an old fashioned bore snake, get this instead” -Rob Kay of Hawaii Reporter.

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available at most firearm accessory retailer websites.  Available at Brownells with great service and quick shipping.

Our Rating: + Threaded ends for attaching accessories. + Durable core and Nomex cleaning surface. + Strong construction won’t break during cleaning. + Cost is very reasonable.

- Isn’t sold/packaged with a t-bar.

Score: 9.090

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