Negrini Compact Handgun Case Review

Negrini Compact Handgun Case Often when I visit the range and see other shooters bring their gear to the bench or when I visit a friend's house and they wish to show off their new pistol, I see cheap or make-shift cases. It sort of makes me cringe, seeing someone spend hundreds of dollars on addons, accessories, magazines, and ammunition, yet still toss their firearm into a $10 plastic case from Walmart, or simply holster-n-chuck into a tool bag for a trip to the gun club. Most gun owners think of $200-$300 Pelican cases when asked about a premium portable, locking, and sealed storage. I am pleased to correct them, and introduce them to a case manufacturer out of Italy called Negrini.

Negrini Compact Handgun Case

Negrini makes fine gun cases in all shapes and sizes, for shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Many Negrini case owners are traveling hunters and outdoorsman going on Safaris. These hunters will be facing dangerous game and scenarios that can go south in a mere second, you think they would trust their firearms with airport baggage handlers in just any gun case? I don't think so. For the ultimate protection of the firearm that you depend on for your own protection, Negrini cases are world renowned.

Negrini Compact Handgun Case

The Negrini Compact Handgun Case is small enough to stow at the top of a closet, under a bed, or any other small space. The dual briefcase-style locks are a great benefit for gun owners to be sure their stored handgun is tamper-proof, especially from curious youths. The outer shell is constructed of high-rubber content ABS plastic, which is designed to absorb shock without fracturing. The internal materials and resins used are chosen specifically for anti-corrosive, no off-gassing and temperature insensitivity.

Negrini Compact Handgun Case

The "Pluck-N-Pull" foam insert allows for the user to customize the fit to a specific handgun or handguns, depending on the tolerances you choose to leave. The foam is partially diecut from the factory in a square grid pattern. By pinching a square and pulling away from the surrounding squares, you can begin the form the firearm's shape. A blade may come in handy for the first few squares, until you get a negative space in which your fingers can get more leverage upon the "pluck." I found that plucking a shape to conform to a 1911 compact, a Glock 19 also fits the space nicely. While I will primarily use the case to transport a 1911, its nice to be able to fit other models in the case when necessary. I would definitely recommend making the gun shape first, then proceeding with slots for magazines or accessories lastly.

Negrini Compact Handgun Case

It's no secret that products made in Italy are known for fine quality and craftsmanship. While this case comes nowhere near the sticker shock of a Lamborghini, it is a great investment for your firearm at a modest price most any gun owner can afford.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Compact lockable case that can be customized to fit most handguns through pluck-n-pull foam.

Target Market: Handgun owners

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Lightweight Double Wall thermoformed ABS
  • IATA Approved for Air Travel
  • Pluck-n-Pull Die Cut Foam Insert
  • Combination Locks for Security
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black by default, but it would appear that custom finishes are available upon request

What others are saying?: "Recently returning from a New Mexico bear hunt, Like any other trip, I was expecting to see some sort of damage to my case from the baggage handlers. Although it was a pleasant surprise the case looked good as new, Just like the day I received it. Tough as nails, light and secure, I can’t ask for much more. If its a trip to the range preparing for your next hunt or traveling around the world for a hunt of a lifetime, Negrini has you covered." Matthew Cosenzo Cooking Wild Magazine, Bear Hunters Online & NRA's American Hunter

Price point:

MSRP = $139

I need it now! Availability Order direct from Negrini.

Our Rating:


  • Pluck 'n Pull foam requires no tools
  • Materials and Glue used are corrosive free, impervious to temperature change
  • ABS texture on shell is attractive
  • Built in Locks - Air Travel compatible
  • Thin profile for easy  storage


  • Foam insert isn't snug / easily comes up if fit around handgun is tight.
  • Foam insert of lid could have been Pluck 'n pull for extra magazine storage, other range gear
  • Rubber Gasket appears to be held by friction alone

Score: 8.0


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