Magpul PRS Stock

Magpul PRS Stock

GOD BLESS THE MODERN SPORTING RIFLE. As many have said, the AR-15 (and AR-10) platform are like Legos for adults. Customization is the greatest selling point of either platform, as you can modify the rifle's furniture to optimize it's ergonomics and aesthetics for whatever role you desire.
If a more modern, long range accurate type of rifle is what you are after, the buttstock isn't typically the first part that gets attention. Logically a longer, thicker barrel is installed first to facilitate better accuracy. That component adds weight to the front of the rifle, tipping the balance forward and making some buttstocks, collapsable or otherwise, impractical. A heavier stock with the ability to custom fit the shooter and optic is recommended. The ability to adjust for length of pull (LOP) and cheek weld height is a huge upgrade for any rifle stock, especially the A2 style fixed buttstock that's been standard since the origins of the platform.

Magpul PRS Stock

Enter the Magpul Precision Rifle Stock (PRS). While it's not the newest stock on the block (debuted in 2005) the PRS still holds its own and is often the gold standard for how a precision rifle stock should look, feel, and perform. Not only is it compatible with the AR-15 in .223/5.56 and the AR-10 in 7.62x51, but also the HK91/G3 and the FAL have received adapted PRS2 models from Magpul. The PRS has graced the covers of magazines, DVD covers, and boutique black rifle catalogs since its inception, and for good reason. Its a damn sexy design that accomplishes the task of balancing and complimenting a precision rifle, while giving the shooter an anchor of consistency before the trigger is pulled.

Magpul PRS Stock

Today the PRS has resurged again on the covers of popular magazines and gun shop shelves as modern chassis for bolt action rifles are becoming more prevalent, with compatibility with AR-15 buffer tubes and aftermarket stocks. The features that make the PRS stand out as an optimal stock for benchrest AR-15 shooters carry over to a bolt action platform very well, as it still afford the shooter ultimate ergonomics for their head and torso as well as balancing out their front heavy rifles.

Magpul PRS Stock

The PRS is a direct replacement for an A1 or A2 fixed stock on an AR15/M16 with a rifle-length receiver extension tube. The cheek riser is designed to clear the charging handle of AR15/M16 rifles only. For AR10/SR25 pattern rifles, you will need to order the correct PRS stock.
For a precision rifle with a heavy front end, whether its an AR15 with a 24" bull barrel or even a bolt action rifle in a chassis with an equally heavy barrel and brake, the PRS is and ideal stock. Perfectly suited for balancing the weight, providing customized ergonomics for consistency on the firing line, and having robust mechanics that will provide a lifetime of service.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Designed to offer the fine-tuned, customized feel of a precision target stock on a modern sporting rifle.

Target Market:  AR-15, AR-10, FAL, or HK 91 owners

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer
  • Enhanced strength aluminum butt-plate withstands severe impact and recoil up to .50 BMG
  • Rubber butt-pad provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage
  • Machined aluminum adjustment knobs with positive locking click detents
  • Black, hardened, solid steel adjustment shafts finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process
  • All aluminum components finished with MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing
  • Stout construction provides extra weight for improved weapon balance and stability
  • Bottom Picatinny-type rail with removable cover for use with a monopod
  • Sling Mounts: Front/Rear - 1.25" aluminum sling loops (left-right reversible)
  • Weight: 1.68 lb
  • Length, Max: 10.45-11.45" - LOP Adjustment: ~39 Clicks (0.026"/click) • LOP Adjustment Range: 1.00"
  • LOP Min: ~13.3" / LOP Max: ~14.3"
  • Cheek Height Adjustment: ~29 Clicks (0.026"/click)
  • Cheek Height Adjustment Range: 0.75"

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, FDE, OD Green, Foliage Green, Stealth Grey

 Optional PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80" adds 0.50 in. LOP and 0.07 lb. vs. standard pad. Butt-pads are only for use with PRS AR15/M16 and PRS AR10/SR25 models. ** Specifications based on factory configuration.

What others are saying?:

"Only thing I would caution people of is the cheek piece will not benefit you if you shoot nose-to-charging-handle. This is needed to allow for proper function of the charging handle. I am 5'10", medium built and have the butt extended most of the way out for a comfortable prone shooting position with my cheek on the front edge of the cheekpiece." Brownells Customer Review

"In one sentence.  - perfect cheek weld. But for those that would like more detail: If you are looking for a drop in, precision-adjustable butt stock for  AR rifles with A1/A2 fixed stocks I'd not hesitate to recommend this one based on my experience with one I purchased 2 years ago.  There are a lot of different accessories for the AR15 series firearms, and though I wasn't wanting to put together "frankengun", I did want a stock that had a means of adjusting the length of stuck as well as comb height for the perfect alignment of my site choice, which was an EOTech.

Every shooter is physically built differently, male or female.  I'm as tall as many guys, but my arm length doesn't compare and my shoulders show my more delicate bone structure.  So adding something like the Magpul PRS is well worth it if you have other than normal length arms, neck or sighting requirements.  Compared to the A2 stock, the PRS can shorten LOP (length of pull) by .25" or extend it by .75" as well as provide three-quarters of an inch of comb height adjustment.(the height so that when you plant your cheek onto the stock, your eye is lined up just where it needs to be to line up with the reticle.)" Mausers and Muffins Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Brownells, and most local gun shops or outdoor stores.

Our Rating:


  • Very robust construction and solid weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Weight helps balance longer / heavier profile barrels
  • Shorter LOP than the A2 fixed stock when buttplate is fully contracted
  • Positive clicks of cheek rest and buttpad adjustment wheels (newer versions have more thread pitch for larger movement per rotation)
  • Discreet polymer rail on underside for monopods, covers up when not in use
  • Multiple sling mounting options


  • QD Sling Swivel or Swivel Stud screw sold seperately
  • Check weld surface position farther back, may affect eye relief
  • Not directional marking to let you know which way is up/down for cheek weld, in/out for buttplate.

Score: 9.0 Amazing



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