Magpul CTR Stock

Magpul CTR Stock

The collapsable stock is a defining feature of the iconic AR-15. The original design was simple: 6 positions achieved with a latch, lots of loose wobble and very little comfort to the shooter. Since the commercial availability of M-4 type rifles to civilians, the market for improved stock design exploded. There are many different manufacturers of collapsible stocks with different aesthetics, but few companies have gained the recognition and customer loyalty of Magpul Industries.
Magpul's original collapsible stock that was very popular was the MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) Many rifle manufacturers were producing rifles from the factory equipped with the MOE stock and other furniture in the MOE line. While the MOE stock was a great design, sleek and easy to install yourself, it began to fall out of favor as new common features were becoming a standard on riflestocks. That, and more discerning users could notice a small amount of play/wobble between the MOE stock and the receiver extension tube.

Magpul CTR Stock

Enter the Magpul CTR (Compact/Type Restricted). An evolution of the MOE stock, the CTR brings two new features to the table. The first is a friction lock that is designed to take up some of that wobble and play of its predecessor. Performance of the friction lock may vary depending on the buffer tube's dimensions, tolerances, etc. On my milspec extension tube, the CTR when locked is very nearly rock solid with no discernible play, while the MOE on the same tube has a small amount of rattle to it. 

Magpul CTR Stock

The second additional feature Magpul added to the CTR is an ambidextrous quick-detach sling swivel port. Whereas the MOE only has slots for slings to be run through the rear or forward facing base of the stock, the ability to utilized QD swivels on the CTR greatly adds to the end user's options customization. Many rifles have QD attachment points on handguards or receiver extension endplates, and having the ability to alter the sling's attachment points at the push of a button is a great addendum to the flexibility of the platform.

Magpul CTR Stock

The Magpul CTR stock and MOE stock share the same side mounting slots for mounting cheek risers to the stock. I have a LaRue Tactical RISR on my CTR, as it better aligns my dominant eye with an optic that is mounted on a taller base/rings. Unlike other cheek risers that are incompatible with AR15s due to interference with the charging handle when the stock is fully collapsed, the RISR has a reciprocating cheek piece that rides back with the charging handle when the LOP is set in the shorter positions. This of course isn't an issue with other rifle platforms that can make use of the Magpul CTR, like side charging rifles, modified AK-47/74's, or even chassis made for bolt action rifles.

Magpul CTR Stock

For a modern, adaptable carbine/rifle that needs a collapsable stock for transport, storage, smaller framed shooters or shouldering whilst wearing body armor, a collapsable stock like the CTR is exactly whats needed. The addition of the friction lock and the QD port make it an excellent evolution of the MOE, and a widely used stock overall. If you are going to pick one up for yourself, just be sure you know whether your extension (buffer) tube is milspec or commercial. I consider the walk from the parking lot back to the store to exchange for the right stock to be a "walk of shame" for our hobby, especially if you've done it more than once like I have!

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The CTR Stock is designed for light, snag-free, fast action with a friction lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement for enhanced weapon stability.

Target Market:  AR-15 owners, or other firearms that accept carbine-length receiver extension tubes.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M16 carbines
  • A-frame profile shields the release latch to prevent accidental activation
  • Friction lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement for enhanced weapon stability
  • Ambidextrous QD sling mount
  • 0.30" rubber butt-pad
  • Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort
  • Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life
  • Side mounting slots accept optional cheek risers for NON-AR15/M16 applications
  • Compatible with Magpul ASAP® and other receiver-mount sling attachments
  • Rear/Bottom - 1.25" sling loops
  • Lanyard hole in toe for custom para-cord rigs
  • Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Length, Maximum: 6.90 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.25 in. - Collapsed: 10.70 in. Extended: 13.95 in.
  • Mil-spec and Commercial-spec models.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, FDE, OD Green, Foliage Green, Stealth Grey

What others are saying?:

"Best solution I have seen so far for a rock-solid fitment. Can't stand a stock that has any wobble in it and this one doesn't. Achieved simply with a double-locking system that is by necessity very simple to use. Also light weight, good cheek weld and has the slots I need for sling of choice. Can't beat it." Brownells Customer Review

"The butt stock that came on my M&P Sport rattled in a way that no gun should. This product eliminated that problem. It was not difficult at all to put on, and feels great. " MidwayUSA Customer Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Brownells, MidwayUSA and most local gun shops or outdoor stores.

Our Rating:


  • Very robust construction
  • Easy Installation
  • Friction lock takes up wobble that most 6 position stocks are cursed with
  • Short LOP when fully collapsed
  • Quick to deploy
  • Rear QD sling point is a welcome addition


  • Commercial / Milspec labeling is very small and can easily pickup wrong size by mistake.

Score: 8.5 Great



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