I Love My Glock© SureSpeed Extended Magazine Release

extmag 1 Remedies both issues I took with the stock part. Being CNC machined from aluminum the mush is cut out and feels to have a more distinct operation and surer release of the magazine. The design of this part move the leverage point from the front of the stock magazine release pad to a smooth and tactile bump in the rear part of the pad. This second part helps greatly reduce the need to alter grip to actuate the release.  I absolutely love this part and will surely include it on every Glock I ever own and would recommend every Glock owner try it. Im pretty sure they will be satisfied.

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Claim to Fame: Improved ergonomics

Target Market: Anyone that would like an improved magazine release for their Glock.

FNBs (features and benefits of this product):

  • Solid CNC aluminum construction
  • Allows for faster mag changes
  • Will only fit Gen 4 models
  • Requires little to no repositioning of pistol grip when releasing magazine compared to factory unit.
  • Allows for smoother operation of magazine release.

 What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  I got mine in black, but there is also a silver finished model as well.

What others are saying?:  Found wholly positive reviews on the amazon listing. Note although the reviews are for the silver finish they are the exact same item. Amazon Reviews

Price Point:

  • MSRP = $22.99
  • Retail = It appears as though both the black and silver models are the same price on I Love My Glock’s website however the black model through their amazon portal is three dollars cheaper. That being said I haven’t seen these in stores so the online shops are the route to take I Love My Glock or through Amazon.

 I need it now! Availability:  This isn’t a common brick and mortar item however since I Love My Glock distributes them through amazon in addition to their website you can take advantage of amazon prime shipping if you have that or free shipping as part of an order.

Our Rating:

+ Ergonomics + Aesthetics + Fit and Finish + Increased operational efficiency

 Score:  9 Amazing90