Lone Wolf Distributors Ultimate Adjustable Trigger


IMG_0430Let me start off this review by saying I am not a huge fan of Glocks. The grips never usually fit me right, they feel really blocky to me and they just don’t excite me like a wood and steel gun does. With my personal feelings on Glocks out of the way, let me say that Glocks are rugged, accurate and reliable handguns that have withstood the early criticisms leveled against them, and have emerged as the top handgun for law enforcement and personal defense. Their polymer frame offers light weight, along with some recoil reducing characteristics and manufacturing economy. The Tenifer treatment on the slide helps ensure that the guns resist corrosion, even after the black finish on the slide is worn away over time. I have seen many police trade-in Glocks with the black finish worn away from reholstering, and the exposed metal still did not show any signs of rust forming. Glocks are definitely in it for the long haul when it comes to quality construction.

The UAT is made of 6061 Billet Aluminum

However, one thing that some people do not care for is the trigger. To me, the factory Glock trigger feels very spongy. I definitely notice a “sproing” feeling just after the trigger breaks, and it can be distracting to me, and many other people as well. Due to the less-than-stellar factory trigger, there has been a growing number of Glock drop-in replacement triggers to help improve the trigger pull & feel. Many of these units use multiple pins in their assembly and generally are not adjustable after the trigger is installed in the frame. They are also quite expensive, with units ranging from $99.00 to upwards of $180.00. For those people who want to upgrade the trigger on their Glock, those features and prices can be prohibitive. There weren’t really any other options out there for people who wanted a easily adjustable and affordable aftermarket trigger….until now.

The pre-travel adjustment screw is visible just under the locking block

The Lone Wolf Distributors Ultimate Adjustable Trigger offers easy adjustability while the trigger is still installed in the gun. Couple that with the low retail price of $74.95 on the trigger, and I think Lone Wolf has a winner here. The trigger shoe is constructed out of 6061 billet aluminum and is held together with one simple, yet robust, allen head screw, and does not use any press out pins like you see in similar trigger units. The shoe is nicely radiused, and to me felt far better comfort wise than the stock trigger. The trigger bar that comes with the shoe is very nicely polished and eliminates any friction that may have been present with the stock trigger unit. The trigger safety has also been altered somewhat, and seems to sit more flush with the trigger unit than the stock unit does. I definitely noticed the difference in the trigger safety; that is to say I barely noticed it’s presence at all (which to me is a good thing!). However, testing the trigger safety’s function shows that it operates just as positively as the stock unit does (provided you adjusted it according to the well illustrated instructions; more on that later.)

The over-travel adjustment screw is easily accessible on the back of the trigger shoe.

I installed the UAT in a Glock 22 using a 9mm Lone Wolf conversion barrel. I used a 3.5 lb connector and a 6 lb trigger spring, also from Lone Wolf. Installation of the trigger was a snap, especially with the really well done instructions provided by LWD. Once the trigger is installed in the gun, the real fun begins. The trigger comes with two allen keys, with one a bit bigger than the other. These allen keys are used to adjust the pre-travel and over-travel screws that are on the trigger. The instructions show you how to do the initial setup of the trigger once you have it in your gun, and it is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT that you follow them. If you do not properly adjust the pre-travel and check it, you can cause a condition where the trigger safety does not rest in the proper place, and the trigger is free to be depressed without the safety disengaged. Following the instructions, it is very simple to adjust the pre-travel safely to your desired setting. Just insert the allen key in between the slide lock and the locking block. To remove pre-travel, you turn the screw clockwise, to add pre-travel, you turn it counter-clockwise. Simple as that. To adjust the amount of over-travel, you simply insert the allen key into the screw on the backside of the trigger shoe (in the magazine well area) and adjust to your preference. The best part about this is that it can all be done by simply removing the slide; further disassembly is not necessary.

After properly adjusting the trigger to my prefered amounts of pre- and over-travel, I checked the pull weight on my Lyman trigger pull gauge. With the 9mm LW Conversion barrel and the Glock 22 slide installed, the trigger broke cleanly at an average of 3.0 lbs. I then installed an Advantage Arms .22 Long RIfle Conversion unit on the same frame, and the trigger pull averaged around 3.4 lbs. There was a distinct difference in the trigger pull between the two configurations, with the conversion unit trigger pull feeling very crisp, like a finely tuned rifle trigger. I headed out to the range several weekends in a row to test the unit, and found that it functioned flawlessly as expected. Be sure to check out the video footage of the UAT in action on both the standard Glock 22 configuration and the Advantage Arms configuration, as it will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about. It is REALLY easy to just feather the trigger with the .22 Conversion unit and get a fast, accurate string of shots.

Glock 22 w/ UAT on bottom, Glock 35 on top with stock factory unit.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with what Lone Wolf has created. The UAT offers the end user a great amount of adjustability with easy installation and a very inexpensive price. Don’t let the price fool you, however; this is a quality unit. The construction is very nice and the precision machining utilized in making the trigger is readily apparent. Once assembled, the seam on the side of the trigger is darn near invisible with a quick glance. To get such precision on a small part like a trigger shoe is really impressive. It is such a huge step up, in my opinion, over the factory unit that, if I were to buy any more Glocks, I would automatically purchase one of these units for them. The inexpensive price coupled with the great quality and performance simply can’t be beat in the world of custom Glock triggers.                           You Tube Video


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Claim to Fame: Provides the Glock shooter with a nicely made & robust trigger than can be adjusted for pre-travel and over-travel without fully disassembling the firearm.

Target Market: Those Glock owners who want to upgrade their triggers to a more robust and user-adjustable unit (adjustable WITHOUT uninstalling the trigger).

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Aluminum construction
  • Polished trigger bar
  • User adjustable for pre-travel and over-travel WITHOUT full disassembly.
  • Different trigger shape & radiused edges offers better trigger control & comfort.
  • Assembly uses only one screw.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: It is available only in silver 6061 billet aluminum at this time.

Price point:

I need it now! Availabily: You can purchase from Lone Wolf Distributors

Our Rating:


  • Trigger feels amazing to use.
  • Solid billet aluminum construction; no plastic.
  • Polished trigger bar eliminates friction.
  • The trigger shape offers better control & comfort for the shooter.
  • Biggest plus? User adjustability for over-travel & pre-travel without uninstalling the trigger!!

Score: 9.0 Amazing90


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