Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift

Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift

The Remington 700 is quite a rifle. Despite the collateral black eyes it receives as a result of Big Green's holding company and the ripple effect that has affected quality and value thought the product line, the history and reliability of the R700 is almost unparalleled in the bolt acton rifle world. Very similar to the Glock and it's position in the handgun market, the R700 isn't a perfect rifle, but its a decent platform for modification, customization and enhancements for achieving the exact firearm you have in mind. One very low cost, easy to install and arguably one of the most functional additions you can make to your Remington 700 rifle is the Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift.

Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift

The Bolt Lift is an enlarged polymer shell that fits over your existing bolt handle that drastically improves bolt manipulation. Simple as that. While $28 for two pieces of plastic, a screw, and some O-rings might seem overpriced for such a minimalistic product, it suites a purpose that would otherwise cost almost 5x that amount in machining labor for a larger metal handle onto your existing bolt. KRG offers the Bolt Lift in two styles, the standard which is more tacticalesque, and the SV which is not as elongated and smaller than the original Bolt Lift. Both models mount the same way over the existing bolt handle. You don't have to permanently modify your rifle in anyway and can be removed easily. You can use epoxy if you desire a more permanent installation thats bedded to your bolt knob.

Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift

The Kinetic Research Group was established conceptually in 2005 by a group of then active duty Army Special Forces soldiers. Being both professional and sport shooters, their passion led them to a deep understanding of the strong and weak points in the fielded equipment. All of the founding members have multiple OIF/OEF deployments and have had extensive small arms training through the military and, in some cases, have been instructors. KRG staff have been responsible or assisted in development for small arms designs including the modular straight-pull bolt action rifle Ballista, the Magpul Massoud .308 semi-auto rifle and parts of the Magpul Masada/Remington ACR.

I asked KRG if they were considering making a bolt lift for other manufacturer's rifles in the future.  They responded promptly, saying "Right now we're not planning one specifically for any other particular rifles.  We're considering a "universal" model in the future that will fit many different rifles but will need a little fitting for each one.  We have had customers put the Bolt Lift on the Savage, Howa, Mossberg and many others, they just did a little dremeling or maybe used some epoxy to bed it into place a bit. Thank you for your interest in our products!"

If you own a Remington 700 and feel like a larger bolt knob would benefit your shooting (or you are handy with a dremel & epoxy and want to mod one to fit your non-remington rifle) I would highly recommend the Bolt Lift.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The first and only products of their kind, the Bolt Lift gives you all the benefits of an oversize bolt knob (AKA "Tactical" knob) in a simple user friendly package.

Target Market:  Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle Owners

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Gives a better grip when operating the bolt under any conditions
  • Do-It-Yourself, no gunsmithing required*
  • Comes with two sizes of O-Rings for better fit of your rifle's existing bolt knob
  • No permanent modifications to your rifle
  • For a permanent installation, skip the O-Rings and use epoxy.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Standard and SV (Smaller Version), as well as Black, OD Green, and FDE

What others are saying?:

"The Bolt Lift feels very solid. There is no wiggle or play at all once it is tightened down. You really cannot tell by feel that it is not molded onto the knob. Unless the knob begins to loosen up with use I see little reason to make the installation permanent. Prior to installing the Bolt Lift on this rifle to cycle the bolt you had to use fingertips and thumb. If you attempted to grip the factory knob you would skin your thumb. After installing the bolt lift I was able to manipulate the bolt while retaining a firm grip on the end. If you are a "grip it and rip it" type of bolt operator, then the Bolt Lift is a great option. I have seen many comments about the visual appearance of the Bolt Lift and the fact that it's a bolt on plastic piece. The looks matter little to me. I only care about the function. The Bolt Lift works. The fact that it is made of plastic is also immaterial. The bolt knob on my four thousand dollar Accuracy International is plastic. The true value of the Bolt Lift is that for $28 and a few minutes time you can see if a "tactical" bolt knob will fit your tactics and your rig. You don't have to worry about voids in the handle, sending it off to a gunsmith or any other nonsense."  8541 Tactical Review

"I cannot believe it was only $28. Honestly, I’m baffled. It’s the single best upgrade I’ve made for such a small amount of money. My thumb no longer bashes my scope, cycling the action is smoother and easier due to better leverage, and being plastic, it didn’t add much in the weight department. Notice the little grippy part on there? I found once I started to get the palm sweat I get when I shoot, that this small feature made handling the knob a breeze. All the little details add up to make this an impressive little upgrade!" Survive Hive Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available online at KRG's website

Our Rating:


  • Two different styles for different rifle roles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Instantly improves bolt handling, especially under duress or fast courses of fire
  • Comes with a sweet vinyl sticker
  • Military Discount


  • Price for polymer molded item is alittle high (but much less than an actual metal knob + gunsmithing)
  • Enlarged knob may interfere with low mounted optics
  • Certain aftermarket stocks may need to be modified (or sand down the bolt lift on the bottom)

Score: 9.0 Amazing



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