Hydrapak SF500

Hydrapak SF500

The Hydrapak SF500 Soft Flask is a hybrid bladder and sports bottle. While everyone from hikers, joggers, bikers and gym goers seem to use standard water bottles in different shapes and colors, they all mostly suffer from the same problem. The materials, and the rigid shape that limits how you carry or travel with your hydration.

Hydrapak SF500

The SF500 differs from other water bottles because of its soft wall construction that expands like a bladder when filled, but can be collapsed and condensed like crushing a soda can. This makes it so when empty, the soft flask can be easily stowed in a pocket or bag. It's flexible nature also lends itself to runners or other athletes that only have pockets on their tight fitting performance clothing, as the bottles softness makes it more comfortable if carrying close to the body. The 500ml volume and easy refill-ability make it a nice companion on long outings.

Hydrapak SF500

The valve system on the SF500 is quite good, the bite valve is easy to use and expels water nicely. The valve can be closed off when in storage to prevent any unwanted leaking, and the dust cover cap is tethered to the neck for retension. The nipple is slightly scalloped to provide resistance to the dust cover's inner ridges, so that the cap is held firmly with friction, and the valve lock can be rotated without removing the cap. There are also multiple lashing options if you wish to secure it to the wrist or other equipment.

Hydrapak SF500

I see the SF500 being most beneficial to athletes or active individuals who travel long distances away from their vehicle or facilities. Without a flat base to stand the bottle vertically I don't see this soft flask being advantageous in a gym setting, but rather in a bicycle's bottle holster or on your person either in a pocket or bag/pack. The ability to squeeze it flat when empty makes it easy to carry more than one, so I would recommend getting 2 bottles, especially for those 'death marches' where 1000ml of water is a must and storage availability is sparse.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The award winning collapsible SoftFlask™ is an easy to use hydration flask and packs tightly for efficient storage and transport.

Target Market:  Camping, Travel, Hiking/Jogging,Bug Out/Preppers, Hunters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Collapsible for easy use, storage, and transport
  • Molded top and bottom provides 3 dimensional shape and lashing options
  • Constructed with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for strength and flexibility
  • RF welded to create superior bonds at a molecular level
  • ISPO Design Award Winner
  • 42 mm wide screw cap for easy filling and cleaning
  • Twist on/off for valve for “on demand” use and secure “no-leak” transport
  • High flow rate from soft silicone bite valve
  • Dust Cover
  • Finger Loop Attachment
  • Screw-cap
  • Nylon Carry Loop
  • Weight: 56g (2.0 oz.)
  • 500 ml volume
  • BPA & PVC Free, Meets or exceeds FDA & EU regulations
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack, max temperature 140 degrees F)
  • No-Leak™ Product Lifetime Waranty

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Smoke/Grey, Orange, or White/Blue

What others are saying?:

"Their SoftFlasks are definitely innovative, to say the least.  We tested these guys extensively, and the general consensus around here seems to be that they're awesome." - Packwire

"As you drink from the SoftFlask, it collapses on itself like all bladders do.  This eliminates all sloshing and allows you to stow the empty SoftFlask easily, in  my opinion, a huge improvement over other handhelds." - iRunfar.com

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Hydrapak, Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Retension of cap/dust cover via tether
  • Cap is ridged to friction fit firmly over bite valve, and turn entire valve for open/close lock
  • Bite valve can be locked closed to prevent accidental or negligent discharge
  • Main opening is wide for easy refilling
  • When Full, bottl's soft walls allow for easy storage in pockets, even against the body
  • Tether points galore, on bottom, cap, and nylon loop


  • Only lays down on its side (no base to stand vertically)
  • When collapsed, the bottle doesn't retain itself in a compact shape, so it tends to get crumpled up

Score: 8.5 Good



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