Horton Pro 175 Crossbow


By Kimberly Cross

My father purchased me the Horton in 2009 for hunting.  I used it to hunt Elk in WA state and White tale in Central Missouri, Turkeys in Western MO. Signted in at 80 yrds, it’s a great hunting tool.

First hunt: loaded on the hike in, left wing began to fray (made of fiber glass). Manufacturer quickly replaced, haven’t had issues since.

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Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Team Realtree® and Horton have teamed up to design a rock-solid deer hunting crossbow that shoulders like your most trusted firearm..

Target Market:  Disabled hunters or those who's states allow crossbows during archery season for all hunters.

FNBs:  (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Talon Ultra-Light Trigger
  • DP2 Laminated Limbs
  • Thumbhole Stock
  • SpeedMax aluminum riser with SoundStopper riser pads
  • Machined aluminum alloy cams
  • Lightweight weatherproof synthetic stock with Realtree camo finish
  • 175lb draw weight
  • 310 fps average arrow speed

 What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Black or Realtree Camo

What others are saying? "Awesome crossbow, I bought this item through amazon along with a few other items for the bow and I've got to say, awesome service also, very easy to assemble and also to operate, it is extremely fast & powerful, be very careful I didn't realize how powerful because it's my first crossbow, it went through my target and embedded in my shed door 2" still there can't pull it out of the metal door! " - Amazon Review

"This is a perfect crossbow for the amateur and experienced alike. The red dot scope places the shots perfect for the ranges given. I assembled it and was on target right away. With very little time it was sighted in and ready to hunt. The only down fall is it should come with string wax and more rail lube. I recommended this to a friend and he bought the exact one a week after shooting mine." - Buzzillions Review

Price point:

  • Retail = $400

I need it now! Availability: Amazon.com, Cabelas, Jake's High Country, Bass Pro

Our Rating:

+ Long standing accuracy + Easy to load with included cocking crank + Manufacturer replaced failed limb quickly - Actually a bit heavy compared to the latest crossbows on the market today. - Limb frayed/cracked upon first hunt (no issues since prompt replacement)

Score: 8.0 Great