Glock 17 Gen. 4


Mikes Glockby Mike Emert Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points Claim to Fame: Its superior reliability and simplicity Target Market: Law Enforcement, Competitive Shooters, Homeowners, Target shooters FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product) Key Features:

  • Polymer frame.
  • Aggressive stippling on the grip
  • 3 safety features including Trigger safety, Drop safety, and Striker safety.
  • Upgraded recoil spring
  • 17 round magazine capacity with optional 19 or 33.
  • Ability to modify the magazine catch to left hand shooter.
  • Adjustable grip size.
  • Loaded chamber indicator.
  • 5.5 lb. trigger.
  • 4.5" barrel.

Key Benefits:

  • Light and durable
  • Heavy trigger pull for high stress situations
  • High magazine capacity
  • Easy to take down

Does it come in black? Yes. And many options for customization. Lone Wolf Distributors Glockmeister What others are saying? Most people who shoot the G17 love it! The Truth About Guns Guns and Ammo Price point (MSRP versus actual retail)

  • MSRP = $549 (Must go through a dealer)
  • Retail = Buds Gun Shop offers them for $539 with a cash discount

Used = Gun Broker has had them as low as $440 I need it now! Availability: You can get the G17 Gen4 at virtually any local gun shop or online retailer. Our Rating: You can’t go wrong with Glock. It’s a versatile platform which is easy to learn and easy to operate.  Their reputation proves they are reliable and there really is no good argument against that. + Reliable, reliable, reliable! + Light weight + Minimal amount of parts + If there is a function or feature you want changed, it’s easy to do it. + 17 round magazine - Ugly (But I can get past that). - Some have experienced spent brass hitting them in the face. Score 9.5 Amazing!Amazing

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What do you think? If there is someone who doesn’t like the G17 Gen4 for some other reason than personal preference then I sure would like to know why.  I understand some people may not shoot Glock as well as they shoot another gun due to their body type or their personal mechanics.  The G17 Gen4 has really set the bar high as far as reliability goes, and you can’t get any more simple in the operation of the gun.  It’s rugged and trusted by law enforcement agents worldwide.  Popularity is not always the best way to determine a product’s quality but when lives are at stake, popularity is probably the biggest factor to consider.