FrogLube CLP Lubricant


FrogLube CLP

By Ryan Cross

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame The World’s Only Complete ‘Green’ Weapons Care System. USDA Certified Bio-Based Product. Eliminates Residue. Non-Flammable. Non-Toxic. Improves Accuracy. Developed by former and active duty U.S. Navy SEALs.

Target Market All Gun Owners High round-count shooters

FNBs (Features & Benefits) Froglube CLP is available in liquid, paste or cloth wipes in multiple volume quantities.

From product website: “FrogLube is a heavy specific gravity “food grade” mixture that seeps deep into the micro spaces of the metal and acts as if to ‘season’  the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces;  instead, they easily wipe away or brush off the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand.  FrogLube does not film, nor is it a coating. Instead it is a treatment that is absorbed throughout the firearm.  It is water insoluble and will repel water and resist corrosion.”

Solvent variety in spray bottle is also available, but CLP works pretty well in breaking up carbon if applied, left to set for approximately 15mins, and then wiped off.

Key Benefits Makes firearms more accurate (through decrease friction and mechanical wear). Cleans, Lubricates and Prevents Rust (CLP) by embedding deep into the metal’s pores.FrogLube Wipes Repels water, dirt, and other particulates. Does not require baking or special preparation of surface, but heated metal will accept      the ‘Frog Love’ better. Harmless to plastic and rubber. Wipes can be cut into smaller squares and used as bore patches.

What others are saying? “Simply the best product you can buy. FrogLube eliminates all lubrication related problems. Clean up is a breeze. All of my customer are amazed with their firearms after I do a FrogLube application. It is the only lubrication product I recommend.”         - Premier Shooting LLC

“As long as they keep making this stuff, and as long as they don’t change the formula, and as long as it keeps working, I’ll keep using FrogLube.” -


Price point (MSRP versus actual retail) MSRP: Liquid 4 oz. bottle $19.00, Paste 4 oz. jar $12.00, Wipes 5 pack $8.99, Solvent Spray bottle $34.00, Complete set available at $49.99

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Our Rating – I really enjoy Froglube as an addition to my cleaning kit. The liquid is great for internals and moving parts: just a few drops on the bolt and work the action a few times, and it’s covered. It is only a little more expensive per ounce than other products, but then again you only need to use small amounts so it will last you longer and it's also not a great substitute for toothpaste, trust me.

+ Liquid form doesn’t evaporate like other lubes + Viscosity of liquid form is just right, not too thick to gum up moving parts and not too thin to run all over the place + A little bit goes along way, it won’t evaporate like other lubes + Wipes are great for treating barrels (especially bead blasted stainless steel or other finishes that need rust protection) or cut into smaller square patches, making bore cleaning a snap. + Smells and tastes like wintergreen flavored gum, it’s quite pleasant actually.

Score 9.0 Amazing!90


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