Fox Tactical Advanced Tactical Hipster Review




51398You read correctly, I bought a Fox Tactical Advanced Tactical Hipster. No its not a bushy bearded, shmegah & skinny-jean wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbon sipping bodyguard that follows me everywhere I go (that would be hilarious though!) It's actually a messenger/shoulder bag thats quoted as being "designed for law enforcement use but works just as well for everyone." You could call it a very tactical man purse, and I'd be hard pressed to argue with you. This bag consists of everything from a concealed weapon compartment, to MOLLE straps for attaching additional pouches, to multiple storage pockets to use for your everyday items you carry around with you on a regular basis. This back of the bag is padded with mesh cushion backing and an adjustable padded shoulder strap to provide all day comfort.

The key features include one main compartment with a large flap with quick release buckle, one large dump pouch with mesh pocket, one 'concealed' velcro-lined pocket with zippered closure, one mesh pocket for radio or flashlight storage and one accessory pouch on side. There's a place for everything, and also places for nothing. What I mean, is it probably has more compartments than your mother's purse.

I picked this bag up for only $30 locally on a whim, knowing that with summer travel and warmer weather concealed carry will be a bit of a challenge with my preferred firearms. I don't like pocket guns, and wanted to be able to stow a full-size pistol, extra mags, water, sunglasses, cellphone, and really anything that won't fit in my speedo. So far my only real complaint is the 'holster compartment' only has two strips of velcro and a very rudimentary velcro / strap / loop thats mean to hold your barrel. It's sloppy and not ideal for keeping foreign objects out of the triggerguard as it's completely exposed. Something like a velcro-backed holster chassis or pocket holster that can be secured to the inside of the pocket would be ideal for keeping the gun oriented correctly after running/shifting the bag. Crossbreed makes velcro backed holsters that would work well in this application. Unless that's too mainstream for the Advanced Tactical Hipster.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Keep everything within easy reach for the mission with pockets galore.

Target Market:  Tactical Hipsters (Law Enforcement and Civilian)

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Constructed Of Rugged Tactical Polyester
  • One Main Compartment With Large Strap Secured With Quick Release Buckle Containment
  • One Large Dump Pouch With Mesh Pocket
  • One Concealed Holster Pocket With Zippered Closure
  • One Mesh Pocket For Radio Or Flashlight Storage
  • One Accessory Pouch On Side
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Extra Attachment Points For Adding Other Modular Accessories

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, Red, Safety Orange, Digital Woodland, Multicam, and Terrain Digital

What others are saying?: “Had one of these bags (black) for over two years now. Bought it to replace my fanny pack which I used to haul family stuff when we're out and about or as a field bag. Quite comfortable to carry all day as long as you don't over load it. Description says the mesh pocket is for a radio or flashlight. I use it to carry a 20 OZ water bottle. It's fairly water resistant, but I tuck a couple of half gallon ziplock bags for additional waterproofing in heavier rains. Much handier then the butt pack it replaced. After two years of hard use there is no discernible wear to the bag." Kelly Keefe - Amazon Review Price Point:

  • MSRP = 56.95
  • Retail = $40.95

I need it now! Availability: Fox Outdoors, Amazon, Optics Planet, eBay, Military/Tac shops

Our Rating: + Main dump pouch has synch to secure loose items + Seams and plastic buckles seem well made/secure + Velco strip on outside to stick all those elite operator moral patches, sweet! + Shoulder Strap and Backing mesh pads are comfortable and breathable

- Personally do not like tiny mesh netting, prone to stretching and eventually holes - Included 'holster' is actually just looped velcro strap for barrel - No MOLLE webbing on inside or enough velcro to insert an actual holster - Screams "I may have a gun" with all the unnecessary tactical outer webbing, would be nice if instead of extra pouches with MOLLE webbing, pouches themselves were removable from entire bag to minimize pockets

Score: 7.0 Good