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The FourSevens Atom AL is an ultra-compact every day carry (EDC) LED light with useful features and great value.  FourSevens is known for their ingenuity and quality products and the Atom AL is no different.  This light fits in the palm of your hand and is great for pocket, truck, or desk carry.

The Atom AL is advertised to run on CR123A batteries with 110 max lumens and 6 low lumens.  On low setting it can run for 40 hours and also runs for 3.5 hours on max.  It is also submersible down to 3 meters and can withstand an impact resistance of 1 meter for you clumsy types.  During a submersion test, the Atom AL continued to run with no issues when placed in a vat of water to simulate puddle or shallow lake water drops.  The light continued to run during the entire 30 minutes it was submersed for, and even heated the water for those of you who like to sip on warm water.  The light passed the 1 meter concrete drop test with no issues, and as a test of its limits it continued to work after a 6 meter (20ft) concrete drop test as well.  Its compact size and stout construction makes it like a bulldog of ultra-compact lights.  The manufacturer specifications don’t mention anything about operating temperatures, but 24 hours in a freezer didn’t stop this bulldog from shining like it would in normal temperatures.

The light is considered a “mule” meaning it has no mirrored reflector, resulting in a flood-like shallow and wide throw of light.  The area around the LED normally reserved for a reflector is coated with a glow in the dark substance, which is a unique feature allowing for quick locating if dropped or lost in the dark shortly after a recent use.  The beam has no “hot spot” and is useful in short and medium range distances.  The light has a low setting (6 lumens) and a high setting (110 lumens) accessible by twisting the light in one of two stages.  This simple user interface makes it easy to access either setting; this is a welcome change to some of FourSevens’ other more complex and sometimes confusing user interfaces.

The exterior is slightly “grippy” which allows for sweaty or cold hands to firmly grasp the light when twisting it on.  As a side note, out of the box the light was a little hard to twist with one-handed Atom AL 3operation.  After cleaning the threads between the upper and lower portions of the light, it became much easier to operate.  The base of the light also contains a magnet allowing it to be affixed to any ferrous surface.  This magnet really comes into play during pocket carry because your car keys will stick to it, so just make sure you carry them in opposite pockets to avoid the hassle.  The magnet becomes the biggest benefit when the light is used in conjunction with the optional 360 degree headlamp kit available from FourSevens for only $15.  I tested this feature out as well and it makes for an excellent combination.  While wearing the headlamp and light combo kit might qualify you for the household geek of the year award, the convenience of the units together make the headlamp kit a must-have option.

The light comes from the factory with spare O-rings and a handy lanyard, which I think are nice touches.  Some people don’t like lights requiring more expensive CR123A batteries; these people are in luck because FourSevens also makes versions of this same light which handle AA, AAA, and CR2 batteries.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: An ultra-compact rugged everyday carry LED light that is barely bigger than the battery it contains.

Target Market: Anyone who enjoys being able to see things in the dark.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • CR123A battery.
  • 110 max lumens and 6 low lumens.
  • Simple two stage user interface.
  • Optional inexpensive headlamp kit available.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Matte Stainless Steel.

What others are saying?:   “The Atom AL is a remarkably tiny CR123A light.” – User “selfbuilt” on provides a highly detailed technical review of the Atom AL.

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: In-stock and available through the manufacturer and multiple online retailers.

Our Rating:

+ Extremely compact and rugged design. + Works well with optional inexpensive headlamp kit. + Simple user interface to access both low and high settings. + Extra O-rings and lanyard were a nice touch.

- Magnet in base has a tendency to stick to keys while utilizing pocket carry. - Lack of a reflector can make the light a little too “floody” for some users. - Assembled in China with components from USA, China, and Malaysia.

Score: 8.5 85

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