Fobus Paddle Magazine Pouch


Fobus Paddle Mag Pouch

By Steve Remy

At first sight, it looks like a convenient mag pouch with a slip on/off paddle design.  Over the past two years, I have worn this mag holder for at least 5 days per week upwards of 10 hours per day; I can honestly say I don’t like it at all.  Considering most of my work involves wearing plain clothes, the paddle design is ideal because it slips on and off when needed.  The rubberized backing on the paddle also helps keep the pouch in place even during rigorous running, jumping, and fighting.  With that being said, the built-in passive retention the pouch provides to the magazines themselves is severely lacking.  At first everything felt great, but after a few months of usage, all retention went out the window and I was forced to modify the pouch with additional soft velcro to hug my magazines.  This only bought me a few more months of retention though, which was frustrating.

At that point, I called Fobus customer service who was happy to fulfill their lifetime no questions asked warranty.  They requested I send them my old pouch and promptly sent me a brand new replacement.  Problem solved, right?  Unfortunately, the same retention issue developed and I am in the “add more velcro” stage of ownership right now with my replacement.  Even with light physical activity I’ve lost one or both magazines on the pavement (luckily to be found quickly).  At least Fobus’ customer service was helpful and willing to replace their product; unfortunately I think the design in flawed in a few places.

Fobus Mag Pouch sideThe other rub (literally) I have with the pouch is two tabs that are molded into the top of the pouch where the paddle is riveted to the pouch itself.  If I am wearing an undershirt, these sharp tabs don’t typically bother me unless I am in the car for an extended period of time.  However, living in a climate that regularly reaches 100+ degree temperatures during the summer months, I don’t always wear an undershirt, which is where this pouch severely pains me.  It feels like I have two thumb tacks driven into waist at times, which works well for late nights on surveillance when I don’t want to fall asleep, at least.

Overall, this pouch is not designed for extended use or comfort.  With a retail price of $29.99, there are better paddle options out there.  I originally purchased this pouch because it was readily available at my local police supply store and inexpensive.  This one falls into the “should have spent more money on a better product” category.  I’ll soon be replacing this pouch as my primary plain-clothes mag pouch, hopefully with something that provides more retention and comfort, with a convenient paddle design as well.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: A maintenance free injection molded polymer double magazine pouch.

Target Market: Concealed carry holders, executive protection professionals, and non-uniformed law enforcement officers.

FNBs (Features and Benefits):

Key Features:

  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Rubberized paddle
  • Passive retention.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient slip on/off paddle design
  • Complete with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Does it come in black? Yes, black is your only option.Fobus Mag Pouch close

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Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Available at multiple locations both online and in-store.

Our Rating:

+ Convenient paddle design with good on-pants retention. + Rubberized backing on paddle to help pouch stay in place all day even through vigorous activity. + No nonsense guarantee; if it breaks for any reason, they’ll repair or replace it for free, forever.

- Comfort is severely lacking. - Retention of magazines quickly reduces requiring additional modification to hold magazines in place. - Lack of concealability.


Score: 4.0 (Bad)40


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