Firefield Micro Reflex Sight FF26001

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Claim to Fame  Most compact, lightweight reflex sight in Firefield line

Target Market Target shooters, hunters, home defense/self defense

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product) 3 MOA dot reticle (red) Unlimited Eye relief 1 MOA adjustment (continuous)Untitled Compact size Uses 2032 Lithium batteries (included)

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Price point (MSRP versus actual retail) MSRP =  $59.99 Firefield Retail = $50.67 Wayfair

I need it now! Availability Firefield Wayfair

Our Rating (What we say about it) + 2 brightness settings (Full, and Dim) + Economical- much cheaper than comparable models from trijicon or burris + Low Profile design, reticle is closer to bore than other red dot styles. + Includes tools for adjusting windage/elevation, plus hard plastic cover. -  No direction of adjustment printed/engraved on sight near either adjustment screws, must refer to owner's manual -  Mounted using single large knob/ thumb screw instead of Hex or Allen key screws. -  Made in China

Score:   6.5 Okay65


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I was in need of a low-profile red dot sight to mount to a .22lr pistol.  I did not want to enter the price points of Trijicon, RMR, Burris FastFire, etc.  It comes with a small screwdriver for adjusting, and a wheel that shows direction or rotation for adjustment of windage and elevation.  It appeared to be designed to slip over the screwdriver tool as a rotation guide, but did not fit well.  This sight did get sent back to manufacturer after it failed during initial sight-in.  Under warranty, it was replaced within 1.5 months.  The replacement has faired much better and has held zero after 200+ rounds of 22lr.  I've seen others mount onto 12 gauge shotguns, but I do not yet have the confidence it will withstand the recoil forces beyond the .22 family.