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I received the Shadow holster from "The Crew Custom Holsters" some time ago.  The Shadow is a kydex clam shell style inside the waistband (IWB) holster.  I have been wearing the Shadow for a while to try it out.  It is comfortable for a kydex style holster.  The model I received was in black, but they offer lots of different color and pattern options.  They also offer the Shadow for light or laser mounted firearms and tons of different models of firearms.  You can wear it just about anywhere from appendix all the way around to about 5 o'clock.  I typically wear it around the 3:30 position.  It seems to conceal the firearm well, as my children and wife did not notice me wearing it.  One big advantage this holster has over others is that it can be canted frontwards or even backwards.  There are different holes where the clip is located to adjust it to Zero, 15, or 45 degrees.  I tried it in all 3 positions and found that the zero and 15 worked best.  The 45 degree cant seemed strange, but someone may have a use for it.  The fit and finish of the holster are very good. They smooth the edges out and try to eliminate any sharp surfaces.  Mine is for a Kahr CM9 and it fits nicely and, with the adjustable retention, holds the pistol well.  The holster does collapse a small amount when there is no firearm in it.  It didn't seem to collapse enough to make reholstering difficult, but I did notice it.  I usually wear a hybrid style holster, but have found that with this little holster, the single clip makes it ideal to slip on and off easily.  If I need to run to the store at night or something similar, I can just grab this holster and clip it inside my waistband with no problems.  The Shadow is a very nice, convenient holster.  They will also do custom one off holsters if asked.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Convenient IWB holster

Target Market: Concealed carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Adjustable cant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Single wide clip
  • Adjustable retention

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Lots of different color and pattern options

What others are saying?:

  •  5/5stars at The Crew Custom Holsters - Quick and excellent, communication, product and service. I have been recommending The Crew Holster to my friends.

Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: The Crew Custom Holsters.  Some options ship quicker than others, see Available Molds

Our Rating:


  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable cant
  • Light options
  • Color options
  • Easy on/off


  • Slight holster collapse

Score: 8.5 GREAT85



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