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Concealment Solutions is a small company located in Provo, Utah run by an excellent guy named Jason Christensen. The Black Mamba CE is a hybrid Kydex/leather, inside-the-waistband holster. There are two models of the Black Mamba, the original and CE. The CE offers the “combat” cut leather that keeps you from grabbing the holster at the same time as the gun, which is a great TJG Black Mamba Sight Groovefeature at only a $5 increase. There are tons of models available, but if you are local to the Provo area Jason will take the time to custom fit any gun he doesn’t have a mold for. I purchased my Black Mamba for the Glock 26 I was carrying at the time. When I put it on, I immediately knew it was the perfect holster for me. I had previously been carrying in an all Kydex IWB holster that held the pistol straight up and entirely too high with no adjustments, which made even the subcompact Glock difficult to conceal, sometimes. Once I got my Mamba adjusted, I realized I could conceal even a full-size pistol. So much so, that I traded my TJG Black Mamba Clipsubcompact Glock 26 for a compact Glock 19. One of the great features of this holster is the incredible range of adjustability. On either side of the Kydex shell, in the leather, there are two tuckable clips mounted. Each clip has the option of being moved up or down by unscrewing the hardware and moving it to a different hole. This allows you to change the depth of the pistol in your waistband and, also, the cant of the grip, allowing you to carry it just the way you want it. The Kydex shell has a molded-in sight channel that is plenty large for any different sights you want to put on your pistol. There is a flare at the top that helps you guide the pistol back in. There is also a flare at the bottom, where the rail is, that I can only assume is to reduce the risk of the rail catching on the Kydex on the way out. Jason provides excellent customer service and answers emails very promptly. I would(and do) recommend the Black Mamba to anyone and everyone that needs a great concealment holster.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Incredibly comfortable concealment holster 

Target Market: Concealed carrier 

FNBs: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Kydex/leather constructionTJG Black Mamba on belt
  • Tuckable, IWB clips
  • “Combat” cut leather
  • Adjustable cant and carry depth
  • Good, thick leather

 What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

The Black Mamba is only listed as black, but I’m sure if you ask, you could get one in any of the colors offered for their belts.

 What others are saying?

            “As time went on, the holster just got more and more comfortable. I can carry all day with no problem.” - Easy Kentucky Concealed Carry

 Price point

Retail = $69.99

 I need it now! Availability

The only place to get these holsters is directly from their website.

 Our Rating

+ Sturdy leather + Tuckable clips + Adjustable depth and cant + Large sight channel + Combat Cut + Amazing customer service!

Score 9.5Amazing