Concealed Carrie Leather Compact Carrie Review

Concealed Carrie Leather Compact Carrie

Concealed Carry is such a beautiful concept. The market for vessels to carry a concealed handgun is exploding as more manufacturers expand their product line, offering an equal opportunity for both men and women to get quality products that fit their lifestyle.  Concealment products are usually unisex, with holsters typically designed for either men or women.  When it comes to outside the body / external carry, there is a rapidly growing market for purses, totes, and handbags designed for concealed carry.  In fact I would no longer considered them niché as how popular pocket sized pistols have become, and how many bag crafters have started incorporated 'concealed pockets' into their products. While some prefer the security of having a pistol holstered on their body, there are times when a female might be unable to conceal on her body as the dress for the occasion may make it impossible.

To clear the air right off the start, yes I have an X and Y chromosome and I am reviewing a product with a female target demographic. It shouldn't matter as being objective and having experience as a concealed carrier should be all the qualification I need. I did however get plenty of perspective and help from my partner, who also carries and knows a thing or two about purses!

Compact Carrie

Concealed Carrie (best brand name ever!) specializes in purses, totes, handbags, and clutches that allow for secure and conceal carry of a compact or subcompact firearms. Their "Compact Carrie" is a compact clutch that has two compartments, one for a firearms mounted with included velcro holster, and the other for your cash, phone, ID and other necessities. The quality of materials of the Compact Carrie are really high, the leather is bright red and the stitching is very well done. It comes with a tassel zipper pull and a keychain as well as a leather wrist strap, which you can choose to use or remove with simple clasps. My partner gave it a thorough look over and found it had plenty of organizing pockets for what she typically has in her standard pocketbook.

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As for the firearm carrying capability we found that with both our compact sized carry pistols (a Glock 26 and M&Pc) the Concealed Carrie Leather Compact Carrie had some extra added bulging. The Glock 26 in the included holster seems to cause printing, which was somewhat noticeable from a close distance that there was something large and heavy in the bag. While it's not enough to prevent the zippers from closing, it was something we both picked up on right away. However if your compact pistol of choice is a single stack with a slimmer profile, say a S&W Shield, Glock 42, Ruger LCP, etc. it will stow in the Compact much easier. Weight also becomes a bit of concern, as a fully loaded 10+1 gunplus another loaded magazine makes the Compact feel hefty to carry via the wrist strap or in the bare hand, and we both agreed stepping up to a purse or tote from Concealed Carrie would be to way to go if your carry gun is anything wider than a subcompact, .85" slide width model.

If you are looking for a stylish way to conceal your pistol on the go, I would say Concealed Carrie is the best way to go, both for the value and craftsmanship you really will be impressed (and more importantly, so will she)

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Compact Carrie is perfect for carrying in style to the range or using as a gun bag and wallet

Target Market: Concealed Carrying Women

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Double sided design acts as a wallet on one side while keeping your firearm separate on other side.
  • Zippered main compartment is full of dividers for cash, ID, credit cards and personal items.
  • Firearm compartment is double zippered and velcro-lined (universal holster included)
  • Carry by either the removable wrist strap or simply, grab it and go.
  • Fits any compact or sub-compact handgun will including Glock 19/23, Glock 23/27 or similar size handgun.
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Red Leather or Cool Blue Leather

What others are saying?:

"Finding your site has brightened my day!  I've been looking for a concealed carry bags for YEARS, but most of them are so ugly and so poorly constructed that they must have been designed by men.  Even other high end lines are just now getting up to speed on quality and design although they still don't equal Concealed Carrie."  ~Susan D.

“Just received this bag as an early Christmas gift from my husband and am absolutely over the moon! It is more beautiful than Photographs can show and so very worth the money. I can conceal any one of my weapons with ease and also get to it with ease. Ever since I started carrying, I’ve been waiting for a fashionable handbag and this is it. I am a Bag Harlot so I own just about every purse made… Louis vuitton, coach, kate spade, even stunning bags from Italy. This bag is as good as or better than those bags I own. It is so well-made and fits right in with my fashion queen persona. just today, I had ten people compliment the bag and ask me where I got it. They don’t even know, which is the way it should be. Thanks!" ~Karla F.

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available at or

Our Rating:

+-Holster is double sided with 'loop' velcro of ambidextrous mounting.-per +-Stiching and zippers are good quality and seem to be durable to last. +-Tons of pockets for cards, checkbook, cash, change

--Bag begins to bulge when carrying a double stack pistol, design and profile better suited for a single stack like Ruger LCP or S&W Shield. --With weight of loaded pistol (glock 26 w 10+1 rounds) its really heavy to carry via wrist strap, needs a shoulder strap especially if carrying and extra mag.-

Score: 8.0 Great