Wiley X Sabre Advanced Shooting Glasses Review

Eye protection is something that most people take for granted. I wear prescription glasses and have for years just wore them when shooting. Last year I decided it was time to get some proper shooting glasses to give me adequate protection. In the past nothing had ever happened to make me think about it. However a while ago I was shooting my Thompson Contender with some older rounds, I had the back of a case blowout and it peppered my face a bit. So I started looking for shooting glasses that allowed me to have a prescription and without breaking the bank. I came across Wiley X, high quality, reasonable cost and versatile. They offer many styles and lens colors. I took a liking to the Wiley X Sabre Advanced Shooting glasses line. It has a nice wrap-around design with interchangeable lenses. The lens choices are clear, grey, light rust, yellow and vermilion. I chose the three lens pack with light grey, rust and vermilion plus I bought a set of clear. This way I have two frames to put my favorite lenses in and swap the prescription inserts. The inserts are $20 plus the cost of the lenses from you local eye doctor.

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Claim to Fame: Used by the military, high quality lenses and reasonably priced.

Target Market: Shooter and all those who like to do activities outdoors.

FNB's (features and benefits of this product):

  • Exceeds VO Ballistic Impact test MIL-PRF-31013
  • Patented adjustable Saber Temples can be customized for length or replaced with tactical strap
  • 3.0 mm selenite polycarbonate interchangeable lenses for distortion free clarity
  • Ultra foam brow bar prevents debris and sweat from entering field-of-view

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Interchangeable colored lenses.  WileyX

What others are saying?:

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  • WileyX Customer Reviews : I went to Afghanistan, was in a convoy and got ambushed. The insurgents shot an RPG into the back of our Hummvee which caused shrapnel to hit me in the head. Due to me wearing the PT1's none of the pieces hit my eyes. I'm recovering now from my wounds, but I just wanted to say thank you for those glasses. If I hadn't been wearing them I might have lost an eye. 1SG David

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available on-line at places like Optics Planet and Amazon.

Our Rating:

+ Look Cool + Interchangeable lenses + Prescription inserts

- Lenses kinda hard to change - Inserts sit a little close to eye.

Score: 8.0 Great80