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Thor Targets - Steel "A" zone set

 If you have done any type of shooting before, you know that reactive targets are great. Steel targets are probably one of the best bang for your buck targets. They give a distinctive tone when shot. That feedback goes a long way with new shooters, as well as old ones. Thor Targets kindly gave me a steel target and stand to review, and I love shooting steel.

 Steel targets are a joy to shoot. If you’re a new shooter, they give you feedback that can be heard and seen. If you are a seasoned shooter, they can just be fun, or give excellent practice. Thor targets does not disappoint here. The steel is easily heard. Plus you can just spray over the hits with some new paint and basically have a brand new target.

 Thor uses “better than AR500” steel. AR500 is pretty much the industry standard for steel targets as it is highly impact resistant. Thor uses an armor grade steel that has a higher Brinell strength. The Brinell scale characterizes the indentation hardness of a material. What does this mean to you. Well, the Thor steel should pit less and last longer. All good things when it comes to something being shot at. Thor also rates their targets for 3000 feet per second of velocity, at the impact point. So the velocity needs to be less than 3000 fps when it strikes the target. They also recommend a 100 yard distance for rifle rounds and a 25 yard distance for pistol rounds. These are for safety measures and to prevent being hit with back splatter.

 I received the “A”-zone set. The set consists of the target, a stand, and a hanger. It also uses a 2x4 which is not included. One great part about the 2x4 is the ability to adjust the targets height. Depending on what length the 2x4 is cut at, determines the height of the target. If you have more than one set up, you can vary the heights for different targets. Thor’s target stand is really nice also. It is shaped like an “H” with one length being longer than the other. The stand is made to have the longer feet forward to offset the weight of the target. I found that sometimes one needs to put the longer feet toward the back. I may have tipped the target over doing a mag dump of 9mm. On the stand is a place to insert your 2x4. Then on top of the 2x4, you place the hanger. The hanger slides over the 2x4 and has a hook extending out from it. This hook is where the target rests. There is a slot in the target on which to hang it. Once you have the “set” you can just purchase the steel targets to hang from the base and hanger

 Thor’s “A” zone target is meant to replicate the “A” zone in USPSA. It is a little different in shape, but the size is about the same. One nice aspect to a steel plate target is that it has two sides. All of Thor’s targets come painted white. Since the target is reversible, one could paint the other side a different color, this could be for training or just fun. Thor uses ⅜” thick targets, so the larger the size, the heavier it can be.

30 yard 223 hit

 One can see the quality in Thor’s products. The steel plate has no sharp edges (at least when new.) The stand and hanger are expertly welded together. I even shot the steel at 30yds with a 5.56 55gr and it only put a very small pit in the steel (Do not do this yourself, it is not recommended by Thor, myself, or the Firearms Radio Network.) Everything else I have shot it with has only knocked the paint off. This is from .22lr up to 12 gauge buckshot!

 If you are in the market for some steel targets, check Thor Targets out. Their steel targets and stands will not let you down. They are rated by speed, not caliber. Just don’t shoot armor piercing rounds at them, unless you like holes in them. They will even ship them to you. So go check Thor Targets, or their new store “Thor Armory”.

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Claim to Fame:

Quality Steel Targets

Target Market:

Shooters wanting a reusable target

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Impact rating of 3000fps at target, 100yds rifle, 25yds pistol

  • Harder than AR500 steel

  • Use of cheap 2x4

  • Steel base

  • Steel Hanger

  • Shaped like USPSA “A” zone

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Other sizes and shapes available

What others are saying?:


I purchased the dueling tree with 6, 6 inch targets and loved it. I hit it at relatively close range with a hard .308 shot, and it barely made a mark in it. The AR 556 just took paint off, and the .40 didn't make a mark. I will never have to replace these targets, so the cost up front more than pays for itself in the long run. Thanks Thor Targets. Great product and service!

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Johnsons Customs on Youtube

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MSRP = $150 complete

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Thor Targets - use code “4eats” to save some money

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  • Durable

  • Brakes down for easy transport

  • Uses cheap 2x4 lumber

  • Size (A zone)


  • Shipping price

Score: 8.75 Somewhere between Great and Amazing


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