Medford Proxima

 Medford Knife & Tool is a semi-custom knife shop in Arizona. I say semi-custom because every knife leaving the factory is ground by hand. These knives are not what you find at the local sporting goods store. I talked with them at Blade Show West last year. A few weeks later they said they would send something to review. I was really happy when the “Proxima” showed up.

 Wow, what a knife the Proxima is. The first thing I noticed was the heft. It really isn’t too heavy at 8.2 ounces on my scale, but it is stout. Medford shipped this knife in a plastic, reusable, waterproof case also. Along with it came care, maintenance, and break in instructions.

 The Medford Proxima is a flipper style knife. So on the back of the handle sits the flipper. The flipper is attached (built on) the blade. By pulling it backwards, it “flips” the knife open. Medford designed the proxima to be smooth, but still have resistance. So I have to flick the flipper pretty noticeably to kick the knife open. They don’t want the blade so loose that it just falls open or closed. There is also a a recess cut into each side of the blade so you can open it with your thumb, or as one would with a regular folding knife. The flipper also has grooves on it to give your finger some traction while “flipping.” Once the knife is open, the flipper doubles as a guard to keep your hand from sliding forward during stabbing motions.

 Construction of the Proxima starts with the blade. Medford uses S35VN Stainless steel as blade material. The S35VN steel gives the Proxima excellent strength, edge retention, and wear resistance. This does make the blade a little harder to sharpen, but it is well worth it. I have not sharpened my blade, and it is still very sharp after 6 months of use. The blade is of the drop point style with a false tip. But even more important, is that the blade is 3/16” thick and almost 4” long! The false tip gives the blade a nice point. Every blade at Medford is ground by hand and the Proxima is no different. The hollow grind looks beautiful and allows years of sharpening before the blade edge gets really thick. I am also impressed with how the tumbled blade looks. It is not polished, but not dull either, just good looking.

 Now onto the Proxima’s frame. The frame is the other part in what makes a knife, a knife. Starting with titanium as material, this particular knife has some faded anodizing. The non-locking side has a purplish-blue fade to a bronzish color on the inside. On the locking side, which is a standard style frame lock, it has a solid purplish/bronze color. Both sides are also tumbled, and not polished. This makes for a really nice looking knife. The non-locking side also has some grooves and a finger cut-out for a good grip. The locking side also has some grooves on the lock, both for increased grip, and too help with unlocking the blade. There is also a hole for attaching a lanyard, if that’s your thing.

 This particular Proxima uses Stainless Steel hardware. Other options (colors, materials) are also available. The hardware is basically the spacers and screws that hold the knife together. It’s functional, and that is all that really matters. The pocket clip could also be included as hardware, but the standard clip is brushed titanium and held on with 2 screws. This clip is probably the stiffest clip I have ever used, and I love the amount of tension it has. This is where I have a slight flaw with the knife. The clip can not be moved, it comes in a tip-up position. I would have at least liked another option for if you carry it on your right side. The only problem I have had with the knife also includes the clip, it came loose on me after about a month. I put medium strength thread locker on the screws and have not had a problem since.

 When I go to use the Proxima, it just works. I just flip the blade out, it opens smoothly, and start cutting. The handle shape and size let me get an excellent grip if I need to do some real work. The spine of the blade also has some gimping that helps me get good downward force with my thumb. The flipper does stick out a bit, but that’s what makes it useful for me. I’ve cut everything from packing tape to pallet strapping (the plastic type) and the knife still cuts great. I expect the Proxima to last me around 5 life times, it is built that stout.

 So, if you are the type to use or buy $500 knives, definitely go check out Medford Knife & Tool. This Proxima is built like a tank. It is all US made and built by actual people, not just machines. I am not one to spend this kind of money on a knife, but after seeing and using the Proxima, I see why someone would. Go check MKT out, they have some really cool and functional knives.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Heavy use, semi custom knife

Target Market:

Knife collectors, Military, Law enforcement. Anyone wanting a tough knife

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Large Flipper

  • Overall Length - 8.75"

  • Blade Length - 3.875"

  • Cutting Edge - 3.625"

  • Blade Width - 1.25"

  • Blade Thickness - 0.19"

  • Blade Material - CPM-S35VN

  • Handle Length - 4.875"

  • Handle Width - 1.25"

  • Handle Thickness (total) - 0.62"

  • Handle Material - Titanium

  • Weight - 8.40 oz.

  • Thumb groove for optional opening

  • Gimping on top of blade and on Flipper

  • Titanium Pocket Clip

  • Individual serial number

  • Lanyard slot

  • Frame lock

  • False tip

  • 100% made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Many, go look for yourself

What others are saying?:

Nothing really found

Link to other reviews:

Texas Knives on YouTube

Price point:

MSRP = $575.00

Retail = $575 at BladeHQ

I need it now! Availability:

Medford Knife & Tool

Our Rating:


  • 100% made in USA

  • Smooth function

  • Flipper

  • False tip

  • S35VN Stainless

  • Large useful blade

  • Good ergonomics

  • No blade movement when locked open


  • Price (for some)

  • Pocket clip came loose

  • Pocket clip has only one location

Score: 8.50 Great


Favorite Link:   Axelson Tactical