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ODIN Works ATLAS 5 Compensator

   Odin Works has been making quality AR parts for many years. The new ATLAS compensator is no different. Odin works was kind enough to send me the ATLAS 5 for review, they also sent me an O2 light handguard that I reviewed earlier. 

  I was curious about the ATLAS after we had talked about it on episode 136 of the Gun & Gear Review Podcast. After receiving the ATLAS 5, I immediately took it apart into it's 3 sections. Basically you have an inner compensator, that would probably work by itself, an outer shell, and a nut to hold it all together. The inner comp is made from 416 stainless steel and the outer comp shell is made from titanium. 

  Now onto installation of the ATLAS. Assuming that you have already taken off your old muzzle device. All you need to do is screw on the inner muzzle body on and tighten it with a 7/8" wrench. No crush washers or shims needed. Then slide the outer shell over the body with the index mark pointed up. Now tighten the nut on, also with a 7/8" wrench. Then there are 3 set screws, on the end of the nut, that you tighten down with the supplied wrench. These help keep everything locked in place. After you have adjusted the brake like you want, I would put some threadlocker on them. To time the brake, loosen the set screws and the nut, then turn the outer shell slightly toward the recoil impulse, and tighten it down again. So if the muzzle jumps slight up and right, turn the shell right. One can also drill the top hole in the Atlas shell out larger if timing it doesn't do enough for you. But go slow, you don't want to go too far.  I didn't like how I had to use a 7/8" wrench. The standard is a 3/4" and it would have been nice to be able to use a standard AR tool for the adjustments. 

  How does it work? Well, it works pretty good. It is not the best that I have used, but it is far from the worst. It does reduce muzzle rise, and can be drilled out for your particular load. It reduces the felt recoil down alot. It seemed to work better on my 16" then my 11.5". But it still worked okay on the shorty. It resides on the shorty for now. The reason, because once it it timed for a particular rifle, it doesn't need anything else. So I can just unscrew it, screw the suppressor on, and vise-versa. 

  The ATLAS 5 comp is really a trade off. On one side, it is easily adjusted, but on the other side, it doesn't work quite as well as some other comps. But with all that said, it is really nice for someone that removes their comp alot and still wants something that actually works as a comp. Go check out Odin Works, even if your not in the market for a comp, they probably have something you want. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Adjustable rifle compensator that does not use crush washers or shims for timing

Target Market:

AR-15 users who want a compensator that can be adjusted (timed) easily

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 3-piece design

  • Stainless steel and Titanium sleeve

  • 1/2-28 Threads

  • 2.56" long

  • 1" Diameter

  • Weighs 4.1 ounces

  • Available in 7.62 also

  • Made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Atlas 7 (7.62/.30 Cal)

What others are saying?:

Chris @ OdinWorks: 5/5 stars

Easy install works awesome

Easy peasy install took about 2 minutes on my Del-Ton AR15. At the range was truly awesome. Was back on target so fast due to so much less recoil I was shocked. I was slightly high right, made an adjustment to the break not my scope and boom dead on sub MOA at 100 yards, I had not done that before with this rifle. 


Eric @ JoeBobOutfitters: 4/5 stars

Excellent Tunable Flash Hider

The Odin Atlas was incredibly easy to install and doesn't require a crush washer which is a big plus. As long as it is tight, it doesn't really matter what configuration the holes line up like.
Tightening down the cap with the three screws secures it perfectly and the outer sheath around the main body really does help tune your rifle from left and right movements. 
It does a great just of reducing flash as well. Overall, I find this flash hider/compensator to be outstanding.

Link to other reviews:

Sootch00 @ Full30

Price point:

(MSRP versus actual retail)

MSRP = $99 @ Odin Works

Retail = $94.05 @ Brownells

I need it now! Availability:

Odin Works or Brownells

Our Rating:


  • Easily Adjustable

  • No Crush Washer or Shims needed

  • Good at keeping muzzle on target

  • Reduces Recoil


  • Doesn't use standard 3/4" wrench 

  • Loud (but it is a compensator) 

  • Didn't come with instructions. Must go to Odin works faq

Score: 7.5 Good



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ODIN Works O2 Lite KeyMod Handrail

  Back in Episode 136 of the Podcast, we discussed the Odin Works O2 Lite handrail. I was intrigued by it, so I contacted Odin Works to get one in for review. They responded quickly and sent me a 12.5" KeyMod O2 Lite rail. Odin Works makes a vast assortment of AR related products for you to choose from.

  The first thing I noticed about the O2 Lite handrail is how lightweight it really is. When I took it out of the box, it was really noticeable. It weighs in at 8.1 ounces complete with the barrel nut system. Odin did a really nice job of reducing the weight by putting in tons of scallop cuts on the forend. These cuts are kind of hex shaped, with some of them being elongated. I would guess the name "O2" comes from the cut outs looking like an Oxygen molecular drawing. And, of course, it free floats the barrel. If one were to hit the edge of one of these cutouts, you might be able to bend it down. It wouldn't bend far enough to cause any functionality problems, just cosmetic ones.

  Now I'll get on to some of the technical specs. The O2 rail is made from 6005-T6 aluminum that is then anodized black. Since they sent me the 12.5" rail, that is how long it is. It has an outside diameter of 1.8" wide and 2.16" high. The reason for it being taller is because it has a small rail section built into the top of the handrail, but only at the front and back. So I would call it a hybrid rail. The top, between the 2 rail sections, does not have any way to mount a rail section between the front and back rails. The inside diameter comes in at 1.6", so plenty of room. Along with the O2 having KeyMod slots along the 3,6, and 9 O'clock positions (MLok is an option also), there are QD attachment points, at the front and rear, at 3 and 9 O'clock. A 5 slot KeyMod picatinny rail also comes with the forend. It is not mounted, so one can use it as necessary. Of course, any Keymod accessory should work also.

  Mounting the handguard is really pretty easy. If you know anything about removing AR barrels, you shouldn't have any problems. Basically, remove the old barrel nut, gas tube, and gas block. Then, screw on Odin's forend adapter. align gas tube hole, insert gas tube alignment pin (supplied), put Vibra-Tite (reusable threadlocker) on barrel nut threads, screw on barrel nut, and tighten to 40-50 ft-lbs with a 1-1/4" crowfoot wrench. Odin Works sells a crowfoot wrench, I would recommend getting one with your order. Reinstall the gas tube and gas block. Slide on O2 Lite handrail, tighten on with 6 screws and supplied allen wrench. You now can go put some rounds down range.

  Immediately after installing the O2 Lite forend, I could tell a weight difference. I think this is probably my new favorite handguard. It is comfortable to hold on to. The looks are fantastic. It is really light. And it comes in various lengths. Odin Works did a fine job creating this piece of engineering! If you are looking for anything AR related, go visit Odin Works, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Lightweight KeyMod FreeFloat handguard for AR 15 rifles

Target Market:

Those wanting a very light handguard

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Free Floats barrel

  • 12.5" long

  • Anodized aluminum

  • 8.1 ounces complete

  • 1.6" Inside Diameter

  • 1.8" Wide

  • 2.16" High

  • Built in QD attachment points

  • KeyMod attachment points at 3,6, & 9 O'Clock positions

  • Short built in rails at front and rear

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

9.5", 15.5", and available in MLok also.

What others are saying?:

Ken on Odinworks.com: 5/5 stars

These are a GREAT product. I use to use the Carbon Fiber ones I could get but after getting this one I am going to use them on all by rifles from now on. They feel great and the COOL fact is good also. All that aside they function well and are very lite which make them perfect for a carry rifle especially for hog hunting or any hunting for that matter. Great product you all have.  Thanks and thanks for your fast shipping too.

Anonymous on Odinworks.com: 5/5 stars

This rail is incredible. The rail itself is simply too light to believe. The thin cardboard packaging weighs more than the rail itself. Installation was a snap and everything went together perfectly.

Link to other reviews:

None found on the Googles

Price point:

MSRP = $200

Retail = $199.99 @ BMC-Tactical

I need it now! Availability:

Odin Works

Our Rating:


  • Super Light

  • Easy Installation

  • QD points

  • Good Looking

  • Top Rail Sections

  • Free Float

  • Includes Allen Wrench

  • Includes gas tube alignment pin

  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Only Available in Black

  • Easily damaged cut outs (If hit just right)

  • No mention of needing a semi special wrench for the barrel nut (My AR armorers tool didn't work)

Score: 8.50 Great


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