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Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo Pack

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

I remember listening to a podcast back when I first became a gun owner, and one of the hosts jokingly claimed that when you become a concealed carrier, you are almost guaranteed to have a drawer full of holsters at some point. Sure enough I can support that claim now that I have multiple handguns, each of them needing a holster for inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) carry. Add in a mounted weapon light, and thats another set of holsters. The good news is many other gun owners have the same problem, and kydex holster companies have attempted convertible holsters that can easily be swapped between OWB and IWB.
One such holster is the RTT Holster from Bravo Concealment. Available in a combo pack that includes both IWB and OWB belt clips for either training or competition use, or carrying concealed inside the waistband. The combo pack also includes kydex magazine holsters, either as two single mag pouches or one double mag pouch.  The RTT holster is designed to fulfill most of the requirements for a defensive pistol class setting, all for one solid price.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

The RTT Holster gets it's name from Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC. You maybe more familiar with their YouTube Channel of gear reviews and training promo vids. The RTT Holster Combo Pack is marketed as the gear package ideal for taking a RTT Defensive Pistol Class. Bravo Concealment offers the RTT holster separately as a lightbearing or plain standalone holster for $74.99 if you already have mag pouches you prefer to run in the classroom or competition, as well as the standalone magazine holsters as either double, or two single magazine pouches.
 In wearing the RTT holster and mag pouches around the farm for a week with my Smith & Wesson M&P357c w/ Streamlight TLR3, I really appreciate the robust construction and the hand-fitted care that when into the components. The inward curve of the belt loops on the holster and pouches fits the natural curve of the body as well as provides good friction against the belt, so your rig wont be sliding around your waistline all day.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

The advantage to selecting two single mag pouches is the flexibility on the belt, you can either place both side by side on the support hand side, just one, or mix it up to fit your training scenario. There is an option to have the bottom edge of the kydex pouch cut slanted to allow for better mobility during pronating or crouching exercises. Another great feature Bravo Concealment puts into these mag pouches is a tensioning screw just to the right edge of the magazine that can be tightened or loosened with a screwdriver. Most holster makers will tell you to heat up the kydex to be pliable enough for manually reforming, but its nice to see this maintenance step simplified into the engineering of the mag pouches. Logically they will be used more frequently that the main handgun holster during courses of fire (unless your only practicing your drawing mechanics) so its nice to able to adjust the tension on the fly.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

The RTT holster itself is an all around good OWB holster. Strictly speaking, outside the waistband kydex holsters all sort of look the same. The key differences between them to me are the cut and the clips. By cut, I mean the top opening of the holster. There's a balance thats needed in order to protect the trigger guard yet expose the magazine release, as well as leaving adequate clearance for the gripping hand's fingers to get a full, firm purchase on the handgun's grip... especially under duress. Several draw-strokes under standing, sitting, and kneeling positions were all positive in my testing.
The clips, or belt loops in this case, are what I would consider and great choice for OWB carry and training scenarios. Instead of using actual clips that would allow the holster to be attached or removed without unfastening the belt, Bravo uses polymer injection molded belt loops. These require the belt to be threaded through the loops at the same time as your pant belt loops, unless you run an exterior tactical belt which of course is possible by selecting one of the 1.5" - 2" belt width options on the Bravo concealment website. These loops are really ideal for heavy duty drills and generally harder use than other style clips, as they will withstand more stress from drawing and reholstering forces. I've seen other OWB kydex holsters on the market with thinner belt loops cut from the same kydex sheet and I was never really impressed by their thinness and sharp edges. Also a note: Bravo offers pancake-style belt loops separately.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

This brings me to the IWB capability of the RTT Holster, which for me did not go well. My real only issue with this holster as an IWB option is it was very uncomfortable for a shooter my size.  I carried it in the 4 o'clock position like I'm accustomed to carrying with other IWB holster types, and just feels like a huge hard object not conforming to my hip at all. For context. my build is north of 220lbs, and the holsters I usually wear for CCW are leather backed with a half kydex shell.  I've tried adjusting the RTT to an appendix carry position, and an almost 5-6 o'clock position to reduce the direct pressure on my hip with some relief, but still just not feasible for me unless 5.11 decides to make tactical sweatpants.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

Now take note, if you have a slimmer body type, this holster should ride better on your hip. However with that said, I also found difficulty with the IWB soft clips themselves as they interfere with the drawing hand. Even with the clips mounted at their lowest position on the holster's grommets and adjusted for a 1.25" width belt, there wasn't enough clearance for my fingers when drawing the weapon, and I by no means have sausage fingers! My second grievance is they are tricky to loop under the belt and snap with one hand or without looking. I'm not sure why the button snaps themselves were so difficult either, but I wasn't able to figure out how to snap them correctly in one attempt. These are just not working for me, but it is worth noting that Bravo Concealment also sells polymer injection molded IWB belt clips that would be preferable in my opinion over these soft belt clips.

Bravo Concealment RTT Holster Combo

All in all, I would certainly recommend getting the RTT Holster Combo Pack if you wanted a starter's kit for training courses or competitive shooting events, especially if you wanted to retain a mounted weapon light on your gun using an outside the waistband holster. If your class / competition requirements include a IWB holster and you are confident this style of holster will fit inside your pants, I would say get the 1.5" or 1.75" IWB belt loops instead of the soft clips. The gear is solid, and the customer service at Bravo Concealment is on point. Now get your gear and hit the range!

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The RTT Combo Pack provides everything needed to attend an Range Time Tactical Defensive Handgun Class. Whether you are a casual shooter or a serious RTT enthusiast, the RTT Combo Pack will help you purchase everything you need at a discounted price.

Target Market:  CCW carriers (OWB or IWB), Handgun Training Classes, 3-Gun competitors

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Kydex RTT Holster available with or without pistol light.
  • 2 Single Mag Pouch *OR* 1 Double Mag Pouch
  • IWB Soft Belt Loops/ IWB Belt Clips
  • Designed for outside the waistband carry, but can easily be converted to inside the waistband by switching out the belt loops.
  • Thinner profile and 0° cant allowing the ability to add more gear to your belt.
  • Hand molded holster for solid retention of weapon.
  • Robust 1.5” or 1.75” injection molded belt loops.
  • Adequate room for a positive grip thus enabling a smooth draw with solid weapon retention.
  • Belt loops are adjustable to create a desired cant for greater concealment.
  • All edges on holster are rounded for comfort.
  • Kydex .08 thick
  • Bravo Velcro Patch

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Coyote Brown.

What others are saying?: "I bought the RTT holster to support the Indiana company it was named after. I carry the G19 and love the holster. High quality, thick kydex. I bought the holster along with a single mag holder. Perfect retention, plus I love the fact that there is a cutout for the index finger so I can get a FULL grip before drawing. I did have to wait 3 months to get it, but it was worth it for me. I don't buy a lot of gear, but what I do have I like to spend the extra time and money to get the best I can afford. I feel like I made a good decision. I would not hesitate to purchase again from them." Forum User

"I recently picked up the ‘RTT Holster’ from Bravo Concealment and wanted to share my thoughts on the holster. Let’s start with customer service. The fit and finish on Bravo holsters are stellar. I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that was evident in the holster I received. My holster was free of sharp edges and rough spots throughout. Not to be disappointed, function follows fit and finish with everything Bravo makes. My holster was for a Glock 17 and the retention was excellent. My Glock clicked into the holster and stayed in place until I wanted it out. The ‘RTT Holster’ is designed primarily as an OWB holster and that’s how I use it. Given the way the holster curves around the body and the way the belt loops pull the holster close in, the holster conceals quite well. Options are available for IWB use if you’re interested. I’ve run the Bravo Concealment ‘RTT Holster’ through two handgun classes and use it for concealed carry on a daily basis and I couldn’t be happier with how it performs. Having purchased my holster for the Glock 17, I actually got a bonus feature in the since that the holster also works very well with the Glock 19 & 26." Shanes Gear Thread

Price point:

  • Retail: $142.99 -10% using coupon code RTTCOMBO10

I need it now! Availability: Brave Concealment Website

Our Rating:


  • Convertible from OWB to IWB using supplied clips
  • RTT Holster is well made with solid retention
  • Hardware are common screw heads instead of hex or torx
  • Mag pouches available as two singles or one double pouch
  • Slant cut on mag pouches for better mobility / shooting positions
  • Mag pouches have tension screw for user adjustability
  • Holster and mag pouches are adjustable for cant
  • Injection molded belt loops are tough and rugged
  • If your pistol has an RMR or other micro red dot, Bravo will cut a recess for clearance


  • Concealed IWB carry is not as comfortable as other IWB only holsters
  • Soft belt clips hinder clearance for drawing hand
  • Price still higher than separate components on the market


Score: 7.5 Good

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For FFL services I choose Promised Land Firearms in Toulon, IL.

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Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster Review

Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster If you plan on concealed carrying your firearms via external carry, that is in a messenger bag, satchel, or purse, you are probably looking at three options.  One: a "pocket" style holster thats purely meant to retain the firearm and cover the trigger. Two: a holster with "hook and loop" (velcro) style backing. Third is just carrying the firearms loose in the bag which is obviously a terrible, inexcusable idea. If I need to explain why or if you are calling me a safety nazi in your mind, you need to retake a safety course.

Without going into the obvious reasons why a firearms carried outside the body inside a bag, tote, etc need a proper holster, I will go right into my venture into getting a velcro-backed kydex holster for carry in my tactical messenger bag. The holster that comes with most bags designed for concealment are just strips of velcro and nylon, and are meant to be universally adjustable for all handgun types. The retention is really poor, and only good if your bag is perpendicular to the ground. If your bag angles in any way, chances are your firearms would become loose.  If the velcro straps are too tight around the handgun, you may not easily be able to draw it when the moment of truth comes.

That's why I chose to get a kydex holster, with a leather backing and velcro.  Of the holster shops out there, I chose to go with Crossbreed Holsters as their reputation and name are both well known in the industry. The Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster, presumably derivative of a Japanese pronounced greeting which is my best ignorant guess. The retention of my selected gun is great right out of the box, as Crossbreed handfits each holster individually, not just grabbing one off the shelf that's been preformed in a batch process. The leather backing is only as wide as it needs to be so it will work in smaller bags, and or affix to velcro panels in other static locations.  The beauty to the Ohai is it comes with a 6" x 7" velcro square that you can stick to anywhere. Under a desk, the side of a night stand, inside a vehicle center console. You can also order an Ohai Mag Holster from Crossbreed, which I also did. Same quality, same good retention of the kydex.

My only two qualms about these holsters is the sweat guard (elongated strip that follows the slide / rear of the gun. This holster is not designed to be worn on the belt or near the skin really at all, and if anything the extra height will prevent the holster from fitting in certain shallow locations. I guess CB had to put their logo somewhere, I may or may not trim it off for a better fit in my bag.

One more thing, the adhesive on some velcro does have a strength limitation. While the velcro on the back of the  Ohai holster I have no doubt are mounted well and will not come apart from the leather, I do have experience with the "loop" panels (fuzzy side) coming apart from their adhesive backings when loaded with weight of a gun over a random amount of time. My advice would be to either not leave the holstered gun attached to the velcro panels for long periods of time, or use screws to create a more permanent mount.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Ohai is a vast improvement over the floppy, cloth or nylon holsters found in CCW bags

Target Market: Concealed Carry Bag owners, or concealment around the home or office.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Can also be mounted on various surfaces such as the underside of a desk or the console of a car.
  • Prevents shifting around inside of bags and or purses
  • Includes one piece of loop velcro for placement of your holster (Additional Velcro is available for purchase)
  • Crossbreed Warranty: If holster should EVER fail during normal use, simply return it and  will be repaired or replaced

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: None but extra velcro and magazine pouch available

What others are saying?: “This holster works great for my day pack. It form-fits my G19 and allows me to carry with one in the chamber without fear of it falling out or shifting. It even comes with enough loop velcro to create a couple mounting spots for the holster. Some places Ive thought of are underneath your nightstand, or under your cars dash or in your middle console. Basically any flat surface that is about 8 x 8 would be a possible mounting spot for this system. Very versatile!" MidwayUSA Review

Price Point:

MSRP: $47.50

I need it now! Availability: Crossbreed Holsters

Our Rating:

+ Fit and finish is great just like Crossbreed's reputation + Available with extra 8" x 8" Velcro panels for mounting in various places + Great retention of both gun and magazine

- The extra leather at the top of the holster is unnecessary for my compact pistol and may prevent proper fit in some bags. May need to be trimmed off.

Score: 8.0 Great


Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch Review

Comp-Tac Mag Pouch 1

The Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch is a sturdy, well made magazine carrier. It is made of a single piece of thick Kydex and has a heavy-duty belt clip. The belt clip is specific to the size of your belt, so you will choose 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” depending on the size of Com-Tac Mag pouch on beltbelt you carry with. The mag carrier has adjustable retention by a screw that you tighten with stiff rubber between the two sides of the Kydex and adjusts using a supplied Allen key. You can also choose to purchase your carrier for left-handed or right-handed and bullets-forward or bullets backwards carry. The mag pouch carries the magazine very close to your body, so it does not print by protruding outward. One thing that bothers me about it, is that it carries the mag incredibly high. This could be an advantage for competition, but in carry, I find it tends to print at the baseplate. Other than that, this is a great carrier.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Sturdy and secure.

Target Market: Concealed carriers and competitive shooters.

FNB's: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Kydex
  • Retention adjustment screw
  • Wide and secure belt clip Comp-Tac Mag Pouch Clip

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  These mag carriers are available in black, pink, red and digital camo. See Comp-Tac's website for the options.

What others are saying?:  “The Comp-Tac Single Mag Pouch is simple, nearly indestructible, relatively inexpensive, comfortable and just plain works…all the time!” -TACFIRE

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  You can purchase the Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch from multiple places, but When the Balloon Goes Up! seems to have the best price, after shipping.

Our Rating:

+ Sturdy + Secure + Adjustable retention

- Sits a little high (for me)

Score: 8.585

Werkz Ltd. - Double Magazine Pouch

Werkz Magazine Holster 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of kydex holsters and mag pouches for concealed carry.  The owner of Werkz Ltd. (Shan) was recently interviewed by Greg during an episode of his Tactical Paradise podcast.  Werkz is a family owned and operated kydex accessory manufacturer with products that range from holsters to mag pouches and similar accessories.

I was able to get my hands on a few of their products but for now I’ll be reviewing their double and single mag pouches.  Theses pouches are made out of high quality kydex with a solid fit and finish.  The pouches are designed to fit specific models of magazines and offer nice snug retention even to fully loaded/weighted magazines.  While many magazines don’t “snap” into place (dependent on magazine build) users do know when they are fully seated in the pouch.  The double pouch is slightly curved to provide a snug fit along your beltline which increases concealability and comfort.  For added versatility, single mag pouches can be added to double mag pouches with provided Chicago Screws, allowing users to carry additional magazines when necessary.

Werkz Magazine Holster 3Each pouch is made of two pieces of kydex molded together and secured to each other with rivets and Chicago Screws.  From there the edges are polished to a nice smooth finish that won’t catch any clothing fibers.  Belt loop sizes are available in both 1.5” and 1.75”, although I would bet most users would probably use the 1.5” option.  While the options I tested were all in black, multiple color configurations are available to suit everyone’s needs.  Werkz stands behind their products and offers a lifetime warranty on everything they sell.  If you break it under normal use (what really defines “normal” anyways?) they’ll repair or replace it free of charge.  Obviously these types of warranties are ideal; if a manufacturer doesn’t stand behind their product enough to warranty it for a lifetime, you should seriously reconsider who you are buying it from.  Through my conversations with Shan and personally using Werkz holsters, I can understand why he backs his products with such a strong warranty.

Werkz does have a small quantity of in-stock mag pouches but the large majority seem to be on a small two week backorder.  When Werkz Magazine Holster 2compared to competitors of similar caliber, waiting two weeks for such a quality product is a no-brainer.  The cost is extremely reasonable as well.  If you have a custom need that doesn’t seem to be offered on their website, call or email Shan and he’ll find a way to fit your needs.  I ran a custom need by him myself (kydex to MOLLE attachment) and he was able to send me a prototype of something he had tried before.

It is safe to say that every new kydex holster and mag pouch I buy going forward will be from Werkz.  I understand this is a strong statement to make, but try one out and you’ll see why.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Ultra concealable and comfortable kydex magazine pouch (single and double).

Target Market: Concealed carriers, non-uniformed law enforcement officers, competition shooters.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Full kydex construction.
  • Curved/contoured design for added concealment and comfort.
  • Passive friction retention to hold magazine semi-secured.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?  Black, Flat Dark Earth, Desert Digicam, Forest Digicam

What others are saying?  “After shooting the Multi-Gun match with the holster I can say I’m highly impressed.” - The Weapon Kingpin

Price point:

  • MSRP = $25 (single) / $35 (double)
  • Retail = Same as MSRP

I need it now! Availability: Direct from the manufacturer's website.

Our Rating:

+ Detailed fit and finish. + Solid lifetime warranty. + Contoured design. + Made in the U.S.A.

- Belt loops could benefit from an angled design to aid with feeding belt.

Score: 9.0 (Amazing)90

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Snag Mag Concealed Magazine Holster

Snag Mag 1

This is a very innovative product. It helps to conceal an extra magazine in your pocket while still keeping it easily accessible. It’s designed to look as thought you are carrying a pocket knife and not an extra magazine. The pocket clip is nice and strong but not 

Snag Mag 2strong enough to hold it while you draw your magazine. However, there’s a barb that protrudes off the back of it that is meant to catch on the back corner of your pocket. I wore this with many different pants and shorts to give it a good all around test. It even worked with sweat pants and a pair of basketball short that had pockets. It would seem that as long as your pocket is big enough for a magazine, it’ll work. Even if your pocket is a little too small you could cant it a little as the pocket clip does rotate. You’re meant to carry it on your weak hand side, towards the back of your front pants pocket. You can also carry it in your Snag mag Pantswaistband if you’d prefer. Playing with it I figured out that you can also carry it towards the front of your pocket if you want. If that’s the case though you need to buy one that's meant to be carried on your firing side so that the barb will catch your pants. Loaded with a PF9 magazine and 7 rounds of self-defense ammo this holster does its job. The only complaint I have is that this one was made to hold a magazine for a Kel-tec PF9, Ruger LC9, or Beretta Nano. Since it was made specifically for the PF9 it has a little extra length to accommodate the others that is wasted space with the magazine I have. Perhaps a little time with a heat gun and a dremel could fix that. Overall it is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. They don’t have one for every pistol though so go to their website and see if they have yours.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Discreet way to carry an extra magazine.

Target Market: Concealed carriers

FNBs: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Swiveling pocket clip
  • Barb to catch on you pants
  • Lightweight

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? It’s only available in black.

What others are saying:

“Works well for guys, but you do need to practice with it” The Firing Line “I'm reordering now” Gun Digest

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  I don’t know if there are any store that currently carry this. Your local gun shop might have some but there are a lot of different sizes for different magazines.

Our Rating:

+ Discrete + Works with many pants and shorts with pockets + Can be carried IWB

- Not made specifically for one magazine, some slop.

Score: 8.585

Fobus Paddle Magazine Pouch


Fobus Paddle Mag Pouch

By Steve Remy

At first sight, it looks like a convenient mag pouch with a slip on/off paddle design.  Over the past two years, I have worn this mag holder for at least 5 days per week upwards of 10 hours per day; I can honestly say I don’t like it at all.  Considering most of my work involves wearing plain clothes, the paddle design is ideal because it slips on and off when needed.  The rubberized backing on the paddle also helps keep the pouch in place even during rigorous running, jumping, and fighting.  With that being said, the built-in passive retention the pouch provides to the magazines themselves is severely lacking.  At first everything felt great, but after a few months of usage, all retention went out the window and I was forced to modify the pouch with additional soft velcro to hug my magazines.  This only bought me a few more months of retention though, which was frustrating.

At that point, I called Fobus customer service who was happy to fulfill their lifetime no questions asked warranty.  They requested I send them my old pouch and promptly sent me a brand new replacement.  Problem solved, right?  Unfortunately, the same retention issue developed and I am in the “add more velcro” stage of ownership right now with my replacement.  Even with light physical activity I’ve lost one or both magazines on the pavement (luckily to be found quickly).  At least Fobus’ customer service was helpful and willing to replace their product; unfortunately I think the design in flawed in a few places.

Fobus Mag Pouch sideThe other rub (literally) I have with the pouch is two tabs that are molded into the top of the pouch where the paddle is riveted to the pouch itself.  If I am wearing an undershirt, these sharp tabs don’t typically bother me unless I am in the car for an extended period of time.  However, living in a climate that regularly reaches 100+ degree temperatures during the summer months, I don’t always wear an undershirt, which is where this pouch severely pains me.  It feels like I have two thumb tacks driven into waist at times, which works well for late nights on surveillance when I don’t want to fall asleep, at least.

Overall, this pouch is not designed for extended use or comfort.  With a retail price of $29.99, there are better paddle options out there.  I originally purchased this pouch because it was readily available at my local police supply store and inexpensive.  This one falls into the “should have spent more money on a better product” category.  I’ll soon be replacing this pouch as my primary plain-clothes mag pouch, hopefully with something that provides more retention and comfort, with a convenient paddle design as well.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: A maintenance free injection molded polymer double magazine pouch.

Target Market: Concealed carry holders, executive protection professionals, and non-uniformed law enforcement officers.

FNBs (Features and Benefits):

Key Features:

  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Rubberized paddle
  • Passive retention.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient slip on/off paddle design
  • Complete with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Does it come in black? Yes, black is your only option.Fobus Mag Pouch close

What others are saying? Legion’s Fate Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Available at multiple locations both online and in-store.

Our Rating:

+ Convenient paddle design with good on-pants retention. + Rubberized backing on paddle to help pouch stay in place all day even through vigorous activity. + No nonsense guarantee; if it breaks for any reason, they’ll repair or replace it for free, forever.

- Comfort is severely lacking. - Retention of magazines quickly reduces requiring additional modification to hold magazines in place. - Lack of concealability.


Score: 4.0 (Bad)40


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