Mag Feeder

The Mag Feeder

  As a shooter, we all sometimes want easier magazine loading. Welcome to The Mag Feeder. I am not one to typically use magazine loaders, so there is that. But with lots of them on the market, this AR15 magazine loader is a little different. Manufactured by Six Axis Development. I can’t remember if I contacted them, or the other way around. Either way, the sent me one for review.

 The Mag Feeder is very well thought out. The first notable feature is the USGI magazine catch. Yes, the same one as on an AR15. This keeps your magazine locked in place while using the loader. Now, as with everything now days, it is made from a chemical resistant polymer. So you don’t have to worry about destroying it from gun lube or cleaners. It also folds up for storage and ease of transportation. Last up is the neat little slider that does the actual work.

 Loading the Mag Feeder is pretty self explanatory. First unfold it so that it lays flat. There is a magnet that holds it in the folded position. Lay it on a flat surface. Slide a magazine on until the mag catch latches. Throw some 223/556 or 300 Blackout rounds in the loader. Or put them in the little load slot toward the top. Organize the shells so they all point the correct direction, they will not go in the wrong way. You can also take out the pusher block and load them in from the top. Once all the rounds are in the loader, slide the “pusher block”  down and the magazine is now loaded. Then, of course, push the mag button and pull the loaded magazine out. Now go shoot.

 Now we know how The Mag Feeder is suppose to be used, I’ll tell you how I use it. I basically just pour a bunch of rounds into the body of the Mag Feeder. Then I straighten them out. I only need to use the “loading port” for the last few rounds. So it is pretty quick, and really easy to use. I tried it on a bunch of different magazine styles, from USGI to Pmags and they all worked fine. The pusher block is also held at the top of the loader with a magnet, actually one of the same ones that keeps the loader folded. This is nice because it doesn’t fall out. But if it does, it will only go back in one direction.

 There are lots of things to like about The Mag Feeder. Ease of use, of course. It also has marks for how many rounds are in the loader, well at least by 5’s and up to 30. This is nice if you want to load a 20 round magazine for example. I have one dislike about the Mag Feeder. It doesn’t stay open. I would have some sort of catch made to hold it open. When you pick the loader up off of a table, it just folds partway. I also like how it will fit in a double magazine pouch. Because it folds, you can stick it in an ammo box, or most soft case side pouches.

 The Mag Feeder is staying in my range bag. I am very pleased with how it works, and it can save your thumbs. If you need an easy way to load AR15 magazines, this might be a good option. Six Axis was also kind enough to send a .30 cal ammo can and some .223 ammo. That was a plus that I didn’t expect. Go check out The Mag Feeder and maybe some of their other products while you’re there.

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Claim to Fame:

Foldable 30 round AR15 magazine loader

Target Market:

AR15 users who want easy loading of magazines

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Made in the USA

  • Safe for hands and magazine lips

  • Folds in half for portability

  • Magnetic operated to keep closed in your bag/box

  • Magnetic pusher block to keep from falling out

  • Works with all AR15/M4 magazines

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Allows for easy inspection of rounds prior to shooting
    Securely grabs on to the magazine

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?


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Price point:

MSRP = $59.99

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The Mag Feeder

Our Rating:


  • Easy to use

  • Quick

  • USGI Mag catch

  • Folds and stays closed

  • Fits in double mag pouch and ammo cans

  • Capacity markings


  • Doesn’t lock in open/use position

  • Price

Score: 8.00 Great