Henry Classic Lever Action .22

Henry 1 The Henry Repeater is one of the great American firearms. The original not only had an impact in the civil war but also gave the platform to which Winchester improved upon. Winchester continued on to create some of the best lever actions in the world. It all started with the original Henry design. Granted, that the little .22 plinker being reviewed here is a far cry from the original Henry repeater, it still feels nostalgic in a sense when shooting it. Shooting a lever action is just plain fun, and when you think about the fact that your shooting the firearms equivalent of the great great great grandchild of the it makes it all the much better. That being said this is a budget friendly gun that is built to a high standard of reliability and accuracy but is by no means a work of art or an engineering masterpiece.

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Claim to Fame:  Classic Henry lever action .22 style and performance in an affordable easy to shoot package.

Target Market:  Any and all shooters and can be particularly effective as a training firearm for new shooters.


Key Features

  • State of the art multiple groove rifling for improved accuracy.
  • Tubular magazine that can hold 15 rounds of .22lr, 17 rounds of .22 long, and 21 rounds of .22 short
  • Ambidextroushenry2
  • American walnut stock

Key Benefits

  • Value
  • Ammo flexibility

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  In there line of Classic Lever action .22 rifles you can get a carbine length version as well as a youth sized rifle. The rifle length model also comes in a “Frontier” model with an octagonal barrel.    Henry

What others are saying?:

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  These rifles are very common and can be found at most any gun shop.

Our Rating:

+ Style + Fit and Finish + Fun + Accuracy + Cool Factor

- Not “Big Guy” Friendly

Score: 8.0 Great80

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