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Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Ear Plugs

  As shooters, we all know that good hearing protection is needed. Usually opting for over the ear style. Or most likely, amplified earmuffs so you can still hear other people talking, while cutting out the harsh noise of the gun shot. Sometimes the earmuffs can lift off your head slightly and now you have lost the benefit of them. Well, Decibullz has come out with a percussive filter, custom molded in ear, earplug.

  Decibullz had made standard moldable earplugs for a while. But they recently introduced their new Percussive Filter ones. The percussive filter cuts out harmful noise, while allowing you to still hear relatively normally. Not quite like the amplified muffs we are use to. These do not require any batteries! Granted, they won't amplify sound, but they also don't lift up when pressed against a rifle stock. When I asked how much noise reduction they have, Decibullz said they have a Noise Reduction Rating of 32, so 32 NRR. But at normal levels like talking, it is rated at 10 NRR. So what does this mean for you? Well, it basically means that you can hear normal voices, but they are a little reduced in volume. But on the other side, they do a great job at cutting out loud volumes like gunshots.

  Probably one one the best features of the Decibullz percussive ear plugs, is they are custom moldable. When the earplugs first arrive, they are kind of bean shaped. Don't worry, this isn't how they are used, you must first mold them. To mold the earplugs to the shape of your ear, all it takes is hot water. First remove the filter and set it aside. Install the orange tip onto the plug. Then just boil some water on the stove. Once it is boiling, take it off the burner. Toss in one plug only, as they can stick together if you put both in at the same time. Wait 5 minutes, remove the plug with a spoon and let rest for 30 seconds. Install the filter. Now press the plug, filter, and orange tip into your ear, pressing to form it to your ear. Let sit in your ear for 5 more minutes. Now your done with that ear, do the same for the other plug. If you mess up, don't worry, because you can just do the process over again to remold it. One of the only problems with these being moldable in hot water is that they can unform in high heat environments, like a hot car in the summer. But if this happens, just remold them. Decibullz has a very good video on molding the different model of plugs on their website.

  After wearing these for some time now, I can honestly say they are great. So good that I ordered a set of the standard ones also. If your worried about fit, don't be, they are really comfortable, even for extended periods of time. The plugs also come with a plethora of tips to fit different size ear canals. Also included is a neat little carrying bag to store the plugs in. While using these I didn't have any problem hearing normal conversations, even if the were muted a small amount. When shooting rifles, they allowed me to get a much better cheek weld than I normally get with my electronic muffs. They also did an excellent job cutting noise from short barreled rifles and compensated rifles, and we know those can be loud. For right now they only come in black. The ones they supplied me with are orange, as you can see. I would expect them to be offered in the same colors as the rest of their product lines. The orange is actually nice because it is easier for range officials to see that you have your ear protection on. 

  I mentioned ordering a normal set, since the moldable part is the same, I'll talk about a different experience. These were for my wife. After molding them, she was not really getting any noise reduction. She tried the different size tips and the foam tips as recommended on the Decibullz website, but that didn't seem to help. If you pushed on them, they would work. We tried to remold them, and even though they fit a little better, the plugs did the same thing and didn't block noise. After reading some of the reviews on Amazon, we decided that that her ears are small and/or narrow. There seemed to just be too much plastic to mold and get a good fit in her ears. Since all of the Decibullz products are one size, you might want to be cautious if you have small ears. Maybe Decibullz will offer sizes some time in the future.

  On a side note. The plugs are hard, not soft or rubbery. But since they are molded to your ear, they are still comfortable. Installing them in your ear is self explanatory. I found that when removing them from my ear, it helped to pull your ear lobe out of the way and then kind of pop them out. That's how well they stay in. But if you don't want the percussive filters, and just want standard plugs, they do not come with the plug insert

  At first I was reluctant at how these Percussive filter plugs were going to work. I have used other brands that were said to do the same thing and didn't. But the Decibullz work! I am so glad that they sent me out a pair, because I know that I wouldn't have probably purchased them myself. Like I said before, I even purchased a non percussive set. If you don't like ear muffs, but want to hear sounds around you without loud noises damaging your hearing, these are the ticket. Go give Decibullz a look, They also make headphones that are custom moldable.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Custom molded noise cancelling earplugs

Target Market:

Shooters, hunters, or anyone around loud noises

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Custom molded  
  • Percussive filters
  • Remoldable
  • Work with other Decibullz products 
  • NRR of 32 db
  • NRR of 10 db under normal volumes  
  • Certified up to 166 db
  • Passive (no power needed)  

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

None as of now, only black, but the standard earplugs are available in Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, and Red

What others are saying?:

None found. Product is too new with the percussive filters

Link to other reviews:

Spotter Up

Wide Open Spaces

Price point:

MSRP = $74.99

Retail = $74.99 on Amazon

I need it now! Availability:

Amazon or Decibullz

Our Rating:


  • Easy to mold
  • Remoldable
  • Comes with lots of sizes and types of inserts
  • Super quiet
  • No batteries to go dead  
  • Ultra comfortable  


  • Some reduction in normal sound
  • Can melt or deform under high heat (like a car dash) 
  • Don't come with standard plug inserts 
  • Don't work well for smaller ears

Score: 7.0 Good


Chad’s Favorite Link:  Axelson Tactical

Griffon Ind. Hearing Protection Cover

GriffonHearPro1 The Griffon Industries Hearing Protection Cover is an excellent addition to either a new or a used pair of electronic ear protection.  The cover is constructed of a ballistic nylon with a vented padding.  It is attached by some very strong hook and loop fastening.  The cover is made to go over the existing band that goes over your head.  The padding on the cover makes the ear protection much more comfortable and looks good also.  I purchased mine for my peltor tactical 6-s.  The plastic cover that came on my 6-s had split along the edge, this didn't really cause any problems, but I didn't like how it looked.  Griffon makes the hearing protection cover for 3 different manufactures of hearing protection:  The Peltor series, The MSA Sordin, and the popular Howard Leight.   It is also available in three patterns: Multicam (what I purchased), Kryptec Typhon, and AOR1 (Think Desert Digital).  A Griffon Industries patch also came with the cover and is intended to be put on the cover.  There is a nice pattern appropriate hook and loop fastener on the outer of the cover for this or other patches.  A small loop is also sewn into the center of the cover so that you can hook it somewhere when not in use.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Pointsgriffonhearpro4

Claim to Fame: Padded Hearing Protection cover

Target Market: Those who want a padded headband on there ear protection

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Padded
  • Loop for hanging up
  • Color pattern options
  • Comfortable

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?  Kryptec Typhon and AOR1

Price point: 

  • MSRP = $25-32 depending on pattern

I need it now! Availability: Griffon Industries

Our Rating:


  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Padded


  • Availability

Score: 8.5 Great85



Chad's favorite link: Hand Gun Radio

Beretta Shooting Glasses

Beretta Shooting Glasses

A few months ago, I was in the market to upgrade my cheap eye protection that I have had for years.  Being mostly a shotgun shooter, I thought that I would look at something manufactured by a company that is in the shotgun arena.  My logic was, that if you can make great shotguns, then surely you must be able to produce great shotgun safety equipment as well.  So naturally the big names that came to my mind were Remington, Browning and Beretta.  I know I know, there are lots of other great shotgun makers out there.  However not all shotgun companies offer their own line of safety equipment.  Anyway, with that being said.  I went on-line and looked at everyone's inventory for safety glasses.  Surprisingly, there was not a ton of offerings like I imagined.  Nonetheless, my attention was captured by the Beretta Performance Shooting Frames.

Now keep in mind, that never saw these in the flesh.  My only interaction with these glasses was what I could see and read about on-line.  I think what really sold me on the glasses besides their low purchase point was the amount of unobstructed vision.  I liked how my eyes could clearly see objects coming from the side of me without getting lost in a construction piece.  Remember, I shoot a lot of sporting clays.  And the thing with sporting clays is that you don't know from what direction the clays will be coming from.  They could be thrown from behind you over your head, they could come right at you or they could come from somewhere on the side of you.

So I decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase.  I will have to say that the glasses are lightweight.  They glasses do have a very comfortable nose piece and the glasses stay put on your ears.  The field of vision of the glasses was amazing and everything that I hoped it would be.  However, they are large.   I guess it has to do with the design of the lenses, but they just seem to cover your whole face.  Don't get me wrong, you want proper eye protection and these glasses do deliver on that.  But they just seem a bit too big.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Lightweight and improved design allows for great field of vision and more protection.

Target Market: From plinking, to sporting clays, to hunting, these glasses are offered to suit us all.

FNB's:  (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Lightweight
  • Plastic soft touch frame
  • Anti-slip tips
  • Larger field of vision

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Lenses are offered in smoke, clear, yellow, purple, red, orange and blue.

What others are saying?:  4.1 stars out of 5 from Amazon reviewers.

  • "Great value"
  • "They are huge"

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available on-line at Safety Glasses USA, Beretta and Amazon.

Our Rating:


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip tip
  • Comfortable nose piece


  • They are large

Score: 8.080 Great


Jared prefers Simon Peter Sport Company for all his FFL needs.

 Simon Peter Sport banner

Jared's Links:

Beretta Hearing Protection Review

Beretta ear muffs Your hearing, once you loose it .... you can never get it back.  With that being said, proper hearing protection can not be stressed enough.  It doesn't matter whether you are shooting .22LR or a cannon, all of us should be stressing the importance of hearing protection.  OK, enough of the safety talk and now onto the main event.  Recently I purchased the above pictured Beretta Hearing Protection ear muffs.  I am normally a push in ear plug man, but I thought I would get myself something  different.  The Beretta ear muffs are low profile and fully adjustable.  However, they seem to require some breaking in or just loosening up.  Using them right out of the box, they just felt very stiff to adjust and get comfy.  As far as function, I had n0 problems what-so-ever.  I could hold a conversation with my friends and shoot well over 100 clays with a 12 gauge.  Overall I am very pleased with the product, but time will tell as I break them in.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Low profile and compact design for protection and value.

Target Market: All shooters who wish to keep their hearing in place.

FNB's:  (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Fully adjustable
  • Compact
  • Protection of db-25
  • Lanyard attachment

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Beretta offers these in green, blue and black.  Beretta USA

What others are saying?: 

  • Beretta USA reviewers are giving them 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Optics Planet - only 1 review posted and the user gave them 2 out of 5 stars.
  • Amazon reviewers are giving them 4 out of 5 stars.

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available on-line at Beretta USA, Optics Plant and Amazon.

Our Rating:

+-Compact +-Adjustable +-Lanyard

--Need to be broken in/loosened up

Score: 8.5 Great85


Jared prefers Simon Peter Sport Company for all his FFL needs.

 Simon Peter Sport banner

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Hearing Protection Review

41bcSICIjBL By Daniel Strait

These headphones are well worth the money! It allows me to hear people talking, but also blocking out the sounds louder than 82 decibels (aka gun shots). While my experience is rather limited with other products I will have no qualms with buying or recommending this product again. My only complaint is the ear muffs getting in the way when firing my AR; however, I have had this issue with other such ear muffs.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Amplifies ambient sound to safe 82 dB – response technology revert to passive hearing protector when noise reaches 82 dB. Directionally placed stereo microphones amplify and enhance sound  for more natural hearing. AUX input allows connection to external MP3 players or other audio devices for additional listening off the field.

Target Market: Anyone working around loud noises

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Auxiliary jack (allows you to plug your mp3 player etc...)
  • Foldable feature
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long
  • Price!!

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Hearing Protection is available in Hunter Green.

What others are saying?: “I was so impressed by the value of these phones, I made a video. feel free to Check my references, I am a 15 year veteran of Live sound and own a recording studio in Maui. I am a Life member of the NRA and a member of the Valley Isle Sport shooters. Shooting is my hobby, sound is my life.” - Amazon Reviewer

I entrust my main professional asset to these head phones.

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase the ear muffs from many retailers, including AmazonMidway USA, and directly from Howard Leight

Our Rating: + Cost

Score: 7.575


Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection Review

13856364775_9cf8b5749b_b By: Bradley Johnson

I have very sensitive hearing. I've been using a pair of Surefire SP4 Sonic Defenders for a while now. They work great (much better than the foam disposable type), and as a13856405663_1f545d83b2_bn in-ear form of protection, they don't interfere with my cheek weld. However, I don't like plugging my ears. I wanted to be able to instruct (and hear) my friends and family who are new to shooting, and also have the comfort of an over-the-ear type of protection. I decided on the Caldwell E-Max Low Profile hearing protection.

They are comfortable to wear. They fit nicely over my ears, and adjusted to my head shape/size. They include an input jack for an iPod, etc if you like to listen to music. They require 2 AAA batteries (not included), so make sure to keep extra on hand.

When used as directed, they work pretty well. The softer sounds (eg. voices) are magnified, and the louder sounds (eg. gunshots) are dampened. There is a volume knob to control the amount of volume. However, they did not work as well as I would have liked. I found it uncomfortable to my ears, and after about 5 rounds, I switched back to my Surefires. I read the instructions, which state that they will only work with "a proper fit". A proper fit means that the ear muffs cover the entire ear without interruption from eye protection. Well...who shoots without eye protection!? I also noticed some lag in the noise cancellation.

As you can see, the eye protection clearly intersects the hearing protection. I wanted to like this product, but it failed miserably. What's the use of wearing these if I still have to wear foam plugs underneath them? Overall, I think that these earmuffs work as described when used as directed. However, they did not meet my expectations.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Amplifies low level sound. Blocks high level sound.

Target Market: Competitive shooter, recreational shooter

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Noise cancellation
  • Magnification depending on Db

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection is available in pink,  green, and  Mossy Oak.

What others are saying?: “For years, I have always assumed that quality electronic hearing protection was beyond what most people were willing to spend.  Most electronic ear muffs seemed to start around $150 and go up from there.  After buying the Caldwell E-MAX electronic hearing protection, I know that there is a high-quality, reasonably priced alternative.” - Richard Johnson, Guns Holsters and Gear

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase these ear muffs from many retailers, including Amazon, Midway USA, and directly from Caldwell.

Our Rating:

+ Low cost

- Cancellation lag - Noise reduction impeded by eye protection

Score: 6.060

Wiley X Sabre Advanced Shooting Glasses Review

Eye protection is something that most people take for granted. I wear prescription glasses and have for years just wore them when shooting. Last year I decided it was time to get some proper shooting glasses to give me adequate protection. In the past nothing had ever happened to make me think about it. However a while ago I was shooting my Thompson Contender with some older rounds, I had the back of a case blowout and it peppered my face a bit. So I started looking for shooting glasses that allowed me to have a prescription and without breaking the bank. I came across Wiley X, high quality, reasonable cost and versatile. They offer many styles and lens colors. I took a liking to the Wiley X Sabre Advanced Shooting glasses line. It has a nice wrap-around design with interchangeable lenses. The lens choices are clear, grey, light rust, yellow and vermilion. I chose the three lens pack with light grey, rust and vermilion plus I bought a set of clear. This way I have two frames to put my favorite lenses in and swap the prescription inserts. The inserts are $20 plus the cost of the lenses from you local eye doctor.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key PointsMM-WileyX 2

Claim to Fame: Used by the military, high quality lenses and reasonably priced.

Target Market: Shooter and all those who like to do activities outdoors.

FNB's (features and benefits of this product):

  • Exceeds VO Ballistic Impact test MIL-PRF-31013
  • Patented adjustable Saber Temples can be customized for length or replaced with tactical strap
  • 3.0 mm selenite polycarbonate interchangeable lenses for distortion free clarity
  • Ultra foam brow bar prevents debris and sweat from entering field-of-view

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Interchangeable colored lenses.  WileyX

What others are saying?:

  • Amazon Reviews
  • Tactical Gear Reviews
  • WileyX Customer Reviews : I went to Afghanistan, was in a convoy and got ambushed. The insurgents shot an RPG into the back of our Hummvee which caused shrapnel to hit me in the head. Due to me wearing the PT1's none of the pieces hit my eyes. I'm recovering now from my wounds, but I just wanted to say thank you for those glasses. If I hadn't been wearing them I might have lost an eye. 1SG David

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available on-line at places like Optics Planet and Amazon.

Our Rating:

+ Look Cool + Interchangeable lenses + Prescription inserts

- Lenses kinda hard to change - Inserts sit a little close to eye.

Score: 8.0 Great80


Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs



I first came across these e-muffs when a hunting buddy was raving about his newly acquired superhuman hearing abilities in the field.  At first his claims seems exaggerative (as they usually are) but upon trying them for myself, I find his recommendation was dead on the money (as he usually is).  Referred to as the "game ear" in our small circle, these electronic earmuffs by Howard Leight (Sperian) are perfect for shooters and hunters.  They work as most electronic earmuffs do at the range, when things go BANG they shut off the amplification, while picking up other sounds like conversations, range commands, etc.  Where the unique wow factor comes in, is when you pop these on in the field.  Duck hunters - there's always that sneaky mallard that you only locate by the sound of wings displacing the cold crisp air, followed shortly by a deafening blast from your comrade's 12 gauge.  With these earmuffs, that duck will sounds like California Condor swooping down on your blind from much further away!  And more importantly, your ears won't be ringing the rest of the day after that trigger time.

My old man puts these on when he's trying to ambush a buck.  After 30+ years of heavy equipment operation, a CH47 Chinook helicopter could sneak up and surprise him. But with these muffs on, nature comes alive around him (you have to adjust, a falling maple leaf can sound like a hoof-step if you let your imagination get the better of you).  It's a real ace for the woods.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Sleek, extremely low profile earcup design while amplifying low-level sounds / reducing harmful gunfire or impulse noise above 82dB

Target Market:  Ranger Shooters, Hunters, P.U.S.K (Parents of Unrelenting Screaming Kids)

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases battery life, which is expected to be 350 hours overall on 2 AAA batteries.
  • AUX jack connects to MP3 players and phones
  • Automatically shuts off loud impulse noise to a safe 82dB while amplifying conversation and range commands
  • Convenient folding design for easy storage
  • One single power and volume control knob
  • Air Flow Control™ technology
  • Black leatherette headband with sporty hunter green earcups
  • Water resistant
  • Easy access to the external battery compartment (2 AAA batteries included)

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Green earcups or Mossyoak Camo

What others are saying?:

"The Impact Sport" is an excellent high value electronic earmuffs for the money... they are adequately durable, fast responding, stable during movement, and have good battery life." -Nutnfancy

"Shortly after buying this headset, I noticed that most of the guys at my shooting club were also wearing the exact same model." - MidwayUSA review

Price point:

  • MSRP = $59.99 for green, $69.99 for MossyOak Camo 

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available online  at Cabelas. Also on Amazon.com

Our Rating:

+ Sound amplification is really good, higher than my other Cadwell set. + Wheel-style switch, easier to operate (especially with gloves) than knob-style switch. + Folds up nice and snug into itself, and when worn they fit well and don't come off when head-banging to tunes + Line-in audio jack for plugging into phone/mp3 player/radio/etc. + Batteries are easy to access + Slim profile assists in cheek wields on long guns (doesn't beat plugs though)

- Microphones squeal / get feedback on high setting when obstructed (no wearing under a hood) - Leather on band shows signs of fading/wear on brand new pair.

Score: 8.0 Great