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Do All Outdoors Gun Buggy Review

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The Do All Outdoors Gun Buggy is a great product for anyone who competes in 3  gun competitions or shoots trap, skeet and sporting clays like I do.  The buggy is set up to hold 2 long guns and a ton of ammo and gear.  Although the buggy is set up to hold 2 guns, my buddy and I have put on 4 guns and enough ammo/gear for the both of us with no problems what-so-ever.  The only issue that you will come across is with the tires.  The exterior tires are no problem at all, but what ever inner tube Do All Outdoors put on here is terrible at best.  The inner tubes went flat after my first use of the buggy.  The second time I used the buggy, the inner tubes blew a hole in them when I was filling them up to the recommended PSI level.  I went online and did a little research and I purchased some heavy duty inner tubes and I have had no problems since.

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Claim to Fame: A easy and ergonomically sound way to carry your shotguns, ammo, drinks, etc.

Target Market: Trap, skeet, sporting clays and 3 gun competition shooters.

FNB's:  (Features and Benefits of this product)buggy 2

  • Holds 2 long guns
  • Upper pockets hold boxes of shells
  • Upper and lower storage areas can hold boxes of clay targets, more ammo, etc.
  • 2 drink holders
  • 1 large mesh catch all pocket for spent shells, coats, etc
  • Easily folds in half
  • Quick step locking bar

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  There is only 1 model and color choice available. Do All Outdoors

What others are saying?:  Most reviewers give this item 3 out of 5 stars and I have to agree.  It all boils down to the quality of the tires/inner tubes provided.  Midway USA

Price point:

  • MSRP = Unavailable from Do All Outdoors
  • Retail = $147.99

I need it now! Availability: Readily available on-line at stores like Midway USA.

Our Rating:

+ Holds a ton of ammo, gear and your guns + Easily folds up for trunk/truck bed travel

- Inner tubes are lousy quality and need to be replaced

Score: 7.5 Good75

Jared prefers Simon Peter Sport Company for all his FFL needs.

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