Johnny Stewart Wireless Preymaster Digital Caller

Johnny Stewart Wireless Preymaster Digital Caller

Electronic calls are very effective for predator hunting, especially with a remote control. Being able to start and stop the calling with the push of a button instead of calling with a handheld blow-in call frees up the hunter's hands to utilize gear, aim a firearm, or eat a sandwich. Also, the predator's will be trying to locate the source of the sound, and being in a advantageous shooting position thats within sightline of the caller and surrounding area will help prevent being spotted and spooking your quarry away.
The Johnny Stewart Wireless Preymaster Digital Caller gives the user the ability to choose from 12 different calls using 3 memory card pairs. The caller comes with rodent distress, squealing bird, meadowlark, bobcat in heat, high pitched cottontail, canine puppies, yellow hammer, coyote pup distress, canine pups, kid goat distress, pleading chicken, and whitetail fawn distress.

Johnny Stewart Wireless Preymaster Digital Caller

The memory cards in the remote must match the cards in the caller, all you have to do is insert cards into the A, B, and C slot respectively on both devices. You can also play two sounds at once by simply pressing call button on the remote, and then another. While this is somewhat unorthodox and might not coax your skittish coyote to come running, the right combination may just be the sweet harmony that does the trick. High pitched cottontail and whitetail fawn distress combined sounds like a two course meal in theory, but to me sounds busy and unnatural. However canine puppies and coyote pup distress will give the impression that multiple young yotes are gathered in one spot and the urge to investigate could be irresistible.
The range on the caller's remote is advertised to reach up to 250 yards, but this is really under the best conditions. I found the farthest Ive had the remote work, on fresh batteries, was about 150-200 yards with a clear path to the receiver. With heavy cover or trees, expect a more limited range for the remote. You can still however start the call you want and then walk to your shooting position thats out of range, you just have to hoof it back to stop the call or change it to another sound.
Overall I've gotten quite a bit of use of the Preymaster Digital Caller, and it has called in it's share of coyotes when the right sound is chosen. Another benefit is that Johnny Stewart produces different memory cards that you can order to replace sounds in your Preymaster, so if crows are what you are after, you just buy different cards and insert them into the remote and receiver.
While the Preymaster seems to be discontinued, you still maybe able to find one in the clearance aisle of your sporting goods store. For the price, I would recommend this caller for the beginner or casual predator hunter.

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Claim to Fame:  A rugged, dependable unit that will satisfy the needs of the most dedicated predator caller, yet is affordable and easy to operate for beginners as well.

Target Market:  Predator Hunters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Wireless remote with a range of 100 yards (under optimal conditions it can reach up to 250 yards).
  • Remote control transmitter is durable and has a water resistant keypad with raised buttons
  • The base unit holds three memory cards for a total of 12 sounds. All previous
  • Backwards Compatible with older memory cards for PM-1, PM-2 and PM-3 Preymaster units.
  • The base unit will continually play sounds until it is shut off or until batteries run out.
  • Clip on the back of the base unit for attaching
  • Mount on the front to hold the included speaker
  • 110+ db rating
  • 10' extension cord is included (so that you can elevate the speaker while you keep the base unit on the ground.)
  • Total weight: 2.3 lbs.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Green Only

What others are saying?:

"Update from 2009 review: I have had very bad luck with the unit in temperatures under 25F. Quite often I found myself getting up from position to go back out to the caller to tinker with it to get it to turn on. For whatever reason, I found that when I had this problem that I had to turn the unit off, remove all the cards, reinstall them, and turn the unit back on. Sometimes several times. I also found that the on/off switch in colder temps would not turn the unit on. Basically, in the late season, this unit is undependable to me when the coyotes are the most nervous. Not a good mix. That's too bad, I really like Johnny Stewart sounds. Went with a Foxpro Spitfire and haven't had any issues yet including using it in single digit temperatures." Craig Travis, MidwayUSA Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Discontinued but check local hunting shops

Our Rating:


  • Remote lets you stop calling/resume
  • The volume control button is located on the side and there is also a lanyard loop to make it easier to carry in the field.
  • Play two sounds at once


  • Plastic body has weakpoints
  • Not as loud as other digital calls
  • Headphone jack connecting speaker to unit body is susceptible to bending / breaking

Score: 6.0 Okay



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