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Apex Tactical Armorers Block & Tooling Plate Review

Apex Armorers Block For a Do-It-Yourself Gunsmith or an actually professional, the Apex Tactical Armorers Block & Tooling Plate comes in handy for supporting Smith & Wesson M&P or Glock pistols for disassembly and modification. While not entirely necessary for taking down a pistol for cleaning or certain modifications, its a great support when a hammer and punch is called for. I also found the reversibility of the block to also be hand for reassembly, or even just stippling the frame one side at a time.


I would recommend both the Armorers Block and Tooling Plate to anyone taking an armorer's course, or interested in adding some new internal parts to their Glock or M&P pistol.

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Apex Armorers BlockClaim to Fame: The Apex Polymer Armorer's Block and Tooling Plate provide a raised surface for you to work on your M&P and Glock Pistols.

Target Market: Law Enforcement, competition shooters, and individuals who own a S&W M&P

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Supports S&W or Glock pistols for armory work and detail disassembly
  • Pre-positioned bosses, slots and holes remove pressure from critical function surfaces while pins are driven in and out
  • Thumb Safety and Magazine disconnect drop into holes and slots to prevent damage no matter what position they are in
  • High Density Polymer construction prevents marring of the frame while driving pins in and out
  • Retaining slots on each side of the block hold the striker
  • One side of the block is for the 45 striker, and the other is for the 9/40/357 striker.
  • Moveable bosses are easily adjustable to position frames quickly and easily
  • Raised walls on each side of the block position the trigger bar within the trigger to easy trigger swappin
  • Made in The USA
  • Instruction videos are available here.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: N/AArmorersBlock-3

What others are saying?: "Whomever dreamed this up is a genius. It is great when you need to remove pins, and it is even better when you want to replace a striker spring, which had always been a particular pain in the neck for me because it required either a third hand or some field expedient for one. This block is even better than a third hand. " -Lawrence Plasek, Apex Tactical Website Review

Price point:

MSRP = Polymer Block $29.95, Armorers Tray and Pin Punch $24.95

Retail = Same price on Brownells

I need it now! Availability Available on Brownells or direct thru Apex Tactical

Our Rating:


  • Bosses are finger tightened and no tools necessary to adjust
  • Magnet "donut" in core of tray helps capture rogue pins or springs
  • Works for most Polymer pistols including M&Ps and Glocks


  • Wish the Armorer's Block and Tray/Punch were a set
  • Roll pin punch not suited for all pin punching tasks, a taper or flat tip punch would also be helpful with some Apex parts

Score: 8.5


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