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   Amend2 is a new company that has entered into the AR-15 magazine market. Having another option in the AR magazine market is always a good thing. Amend2 offers mainly standard capacity magazines of 30 rounds in 5.56/.223, but also lists a 20 round option. I was sent the 30 round black ones for review. 

  I was pretty excited to try these mags out. And since I was going to a big shoot, the timing was perfect. When the mags first arrived, I immediately checked them to see if they would drop free. All of the ones they sent me, hit the floor when the mag release was pressed. This was even in a rifle that will hang up on some other magazines. Of course,  the Amend2 mags also locked back the slide, as expected. One thing I noticed is that the magazines seemed heavier than both my mil-spec and P-mags, but they actually weigh really close to the P-mags. Don't get discouraged by this, because they are made from a tough polymer. I did toss one across the road and it had only very minor scratches. Then I drove over it, both loaded with empty cases and unloaded completely. I really just wanted to see if it would crack, but it didn't. The baseplate on the mag is slightly larger than some and has a checkerboard texture on the bottom. This is a good thing if you drop your mags a lot on hard surfaces. It also helps when retrieving them from a pouch. As with essentially all good magazines, they have anti-tilt followers and stainless steel springs. 

  You probably really want to know how they function? Okay. Two of the magazines were run in full auto AR's, all day. I don't have an actual round count, but it was over 1000 rounds per magazine, probably more like 2000 each. One magazine ran flawless with no problems at all. The other one had 1 failure to feed. I would say these magazines are good to go for anything that you would want to use them in. I have also been using these magazines when I need to use an AR mag, with no problems. I have also ran them suppressed, in an SBR. 

 Currently,  Amend2 offers the magazines with some options. They come in black, OD green, and tan. The anti-tilt follower and base pad insert are red. According to their website, other magazine colors are also available: Zombie green, Ghost white, Dark earth, and Desert tan. But it is a little confusing, I don't know if they mean magazine body color, or magazine follower color. While surfing Amend2's Instagram, I noticed that they can also do custom nameplates for dealers, or maybe anyone if you purchase enough of them. It appears that "Amend2" on the mag body is replaced with "your company logo/name". 

  I have been quite impressed with these magazines. Amend2 has done a good job with the durability and function. The price is on par with other 30 round magazines. So, if you are looking for some more magazines, and aren't we all, give the Amend2 mags a try. 


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Claim to Fame:

AR-15 30 round polymer magazine

Target Market:

AR-15 owners who can own 30 round magazines 

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product): 

  • Polymer construction  
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Stainless Steel spring
  • Textured body and floorplate
  • 30 round capacity

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

OD Green, Tan, and maybe more

What others are saying?:

Jay @ Brownells: 4/5 stars


I bought a 10 pack of these as the price is awesome. I was about to buy 10 aluminum mags from another site, and just so happened to check brownells for comparison. I stumbled across these and decided to give them a try after watching some youtube reviews. At first, these did not fit in my AR, but my rifle has a very large broached mag well. After debating whether to send them back for a refund and lose out on some money, I decided to trim some of the material on one mag that was contacting my AR and then they slid right in and out like they should have. It took about 5 seconds a side with a dremel and a sanding wheel per side and it solved the issue. These do not fit 100% of the AR's out there, so keep that in mind. That is the only reason i docked a star. Another issue arose that they would not stay seated in my AR, compared to PMAG's and Mission First Tactical mags. Frustrating to say the least, so what did I do? I bought another complete lower (HAHA!) to compare. As it turns out, the mag release/catch spring was completely shot, so after replacing that spring, they remained in the rifle. I test fitted in the new AR lower and they were tight fitting unlike in the other AR where there was some wiggle room and slid right out. Great construction, the grip and texture of these mags is unique and aids in handling.

Tim L. @ Brownells: 4/5 stars


For the price, it's a good magazine. Feels solid right out of the package, however, I tried in both of my AR's and the magazines would not drop free from the gun. Other than that, they claim to feature no-tool disassembly, however, depressing the "2" on the bottom far enough to disassemble the magazine surely requires pressing down with something other than fingers (aka a tool). But a 5.56 bullet tip will do the trick. I'll keep them in the range bag for plinking, but I will stick with the tried and true PMags and HexMags for training, competition, and personal defense.

Link to other reviews:

Ghostginthree on YouTube

Price point:

MSRP = $14.95

Retail = $14.99 @

I need it now! Availability:

Pershing Armory, Amend2, and Brownells 

Our Rating:


  • Durable
  • Stainless Steel spring
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Made in U.S.A. 
  • Custom Name Plates


  • Rough looking

Score: 8.0 Great


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