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Crosman Game Face GF1911G Airsoft Pistol


Before I get started I have to mention that the orange tip on this pistol was shot out of the barrel.  It does come with the orange tip from the factory.  I think it may have gotten bumped and knocked out of alignment though.  All testing was done without the orange tip in place.

My first impression of this pistol really created a deeper desire to keep shooting it! The thing that really stands out is that the weight is so comparable to a real 1911, coming in at 33.6 oz.  The grip safety depresses but is non-functional.  The hammer falls but GF1911G grip safetydoes not stay in battery.  There is a thumb safety that is strictly for aesthetics and does not move at all.  I mention this because it seems weird that these features are non-functional but for the purpose of an airsoft pistol I think it would really drive the price up if all of these components were functional.  They feel real. And for training purposes this would come in very handy, at least for pulling the trigger.  Having a non-functional thumb safety that doesn't move would, however, not be the best option for training to draw and fire your 1911 if you carry one on a GS1911G safetyregular basis. So there is that to think about.  The actual safety on the pistol is on the right side above the trigger and is easily toggled forward and backward with your index finger.

As far as the slide release goes, it functions like normal. With this pistol the slide release engages when the magazine is in place and you pull the slide back.  It has fixed black sights but it's rare that the pistol shoots a BB that doesn't curve so I can't tell if the sights are good or not.  Whether it was a full CO2 cartridge or a half empty one, it didn't seem to affect the consistency of the shots.  One BB would curve to the left then the next would curve to the right.  I know this is typical but they seemed like they were going off target a little more than they should have been.

GF1911G slide back

*I'll be adding a picture of my groups and distances shortly.*

GF1911G magazineThe magazine is kind of heavy since it's metal but does allow for a fast release when the magazine release isGF1911G components pushed.  The magazine is a slim, and holds 15 rounds.  It fits compactly into the grip along with the CO2 cartridge and the hex head set screw tool for tightening and loosening the CO2 cartridge. To remove/replace the CO2 cartridge you release the magazine, pop the grip plate off, let the hex head fall out (which is held in place tandemly with the grip plate and magazine when in place), and then simply loosen or tighten the set screw. Simple.  It's nice that it all fits right into the grip.

One of the other things I really like about it is that the slide blows back on every shot, simulating a slight degree of recoil.  Very slight.  However, one thing I don't like is how much the slide rattles around.  The slide itself is fairly light and the tolerances are less than satisfactory.  If you give the pistol a shake, it's actually quite loud.  The good thing is that this does not affect accuracy and does not indicate one way or the other how well built the pistol is.  The entire pistol, with exception to the slide tolerances, is durable and sturdy.

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the GF1911G. I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for an affordable and realistic way to have fun shooting, save some money on ammo, and train.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Provides as much realism as possible from an airsoft platform.

Target Market: The airsoft community should love this one. Excellent for training newbies for the real deal too.

FNBs: (Features and Benefits)GF1911G side


  • Full Metal Frame
  • Realistic weight compared to a real 1911 (33.6 oz.)
  • Semi-automatic blowback function
  • CO2 powered
  • 15 round detachable magazine


  • Feels EXTREMELY close to holding a real 1911
  • Very simple to use
  • All tools needed are with the pistol
  • FUN!

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? No options available. Black only.

What others are saying? "This has got to be the best alternative to live rounds I have ever tried. Now I understand why the military is starting to use these as an training alternative. I love the fact that the entire weapon looks and feels like a real Colt 1911, just like I used in the US Army and have in my holster..."  -JoeBear on Crosman -There are not many reviews on this pistol.  Check out Crosman for a more detailed user review from username "JoeBear".

Price point

I need it now! Availability: You can get this from Crosman, Walmart, and Sportsmans Depot

Our Rating + I love that it mocks a real 1911. The non-functional grip safety, hammer, and thumb safety make it feel real. + Realistic weight + Semi-automatic (The blowback action is awesome!)

- With a round chambered you can loose your BB out the end of the barrel if you point down and have too much movement. - Inconsistent shot placement - The slide rattles fairly easily when you give the pistol a shake - Comes with only 1 magazine

Score 7FI 7.0

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