Glock 20 Gen 4 10mm Auto

Glock 20 Gen 4 10mm

By Reed Snyder

I have always been a Sig Sauer enthusiast. When my sights strayed from the line of pistols that were my first love, they never fell on polymer pistols. I have however always been curious about the 10mm cartridge. Along my travels, I then developed an appreciation for the .357 Sig cartridge, a distant cousin to the 10mm. When Glock began phasing in the 4th generation of pistols, I found myself drawn to the G20. My desire to acquire a polymer pistol I once scoffed at was again strengthened as I discovered the range of aftermarket barrels that could be installed in the G20. The available barrels allow for the chambering of the .40 S&W as well as the venerable .357 Sig. I was sold, I had to own one. I began my search and failed to find an internet source that priced the pistols anywhere near retail. I was shocked to not only find one in stock at my Local Gun Store, but I found one that was priced to sell at the MSRP. I took my pistol to the range and I was very impressed with how the G20 tamed the 10mm cartridge. Glock and its products have earned a reputation for reliability and simplicity, and justifiably so. The G20 Gen 4 does not disappoint in this regard. The G20 is only slightly larger than the G17 in most of its dimensions and is not all that different in its handling. I am growing fonder of the polymer pistols as I spend more time with the G20 and make no mistake about it, I love my G20. However, I am reminded that the money I saved by buying a polymer pistol may have been in part due to the simplistic standard sights and the rather rough factory trigger. The aftermarket parts arena makes provision for a number of upgrades that can easily take the edge off my dissatisfaction with those two items. After spending time on the pistol, I would heartily recommend the G20 to anyone interested in the 10mm cartridge or a Glock enthusiast looking to complete their collection.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Reliability and Simplicity

Target Market:  Hunters and Enthusiasts


  • Key Features
  1. Polymer frame.
  2. Aggressive stippling on the grip
  3. Glock’s “Safe Action”® System.
  4. Dual Recoil Spring Assembly
  5. Modular Backstrap System
  6. Enlarged Reversible Magazine Catch.
  7. Loaded chamber indicator
  • Key Benefits
  1. Light and durable
  2. Design and construction reduces felt recoil
  3. Easy to take down and service

Does it come in black?:  Aftermarket parts are widely available as are aftermarket barrels.  Examples of where to find them are listed below.

What others are saying?:

Price point:

  • MSRP = Glock Site - MSRP is not readily available
  • Retail = The G20 Gen 4 is a little hard to come by.  Retailers are selling the Gen 3’s as fast as they can to clear inventory, so availability of the Gen 4’s is spotty.

I need it now!:  Gunbroker.com is the place with the most access to available G20 Gen 4’s.

Our Rating:

+Recoil from the 10mm cartridge is tamed +Simple controls and manual of arms +Reliability, reliability, reliability. +Reasonably priced

-Standard Glock sights -Unsatisfactory factory trigger

Score - 8.0 Great80

Reed Snyder

Host - AR-15 Podcast.com