-357 Magnum

S&W Performance Center 627 VCOMP

627 Vcomp

If you are a Smith & Wesson revolver fan and you want more than a production gun, the Performance Center is your next stop. The Performance Center takes production line guns and hand fits the parts. On some models they also add special features.  Each gun is assembled by craftsmen who make sure fit, finish, quality and performance are all top tier.

The 627 in standard form is an 8 shot .357/.38 N (large) frame revolver which presently can be had in a 4" pro or 5" pc series. Both have tapered slab sided barrels, adjustable iron sights and stainless construction. The VCOMP model is made for competition. It features the same stainless construction but with a melonite coating on the frame and barrel for a beautiful 2 tone look. The sights are adjustable with the front being an orange dovetail style. The most unique feature is the removable compensator on the barrel. If you wanted to shoot open class in competition, all you would need is a mount, a red dot and you are set. If you plan to shoot limited, just replace the comp with the included muzzle cap and use your iron sights. Most revolver competitors use this model, including our own hostess at Gun Girl Radio, the beautiful and talented Julie Golob.
             My journey with the VCOMP started with me wanting one for quite some time. I decided to shoot Bianchi Cup and wanted to go whole hog and shoot open class with the best of the best. So I sold my beloved 627 pro and saved up some more money and ordered my VCOMP.  I ordered it December 2012 and finally got it in February of 2013, just months before Bianchi.  Fit and finish were fantastic, BUT the action was not up to par. Pull weight was around 14lbs and no where near as smooth as my other PC guns. Very disappointed to say the least.  I pulled the side plate off and also discovered they were not using pinned stirrups any longer in the PC guns. Some polishing had been done on the rebound block but not nearly enough. I had hoped to shoot it with out my smooth and tune.  Set my hopes too high.  I did my normal work, set trigger pull weight to 8lbs (to run factory ammo),smoothed it up and added an Aimpoint red dot sight.  I ended up with an Aimpoint pro instead of the t1 due to availability.
              In all fairness, S&W would have gladly taken it back and made it what it should have been.  However I was afraid of not getting it back in time.  The gun was fully functional and looked beautiful, but just didn't have that awesome smooth pull of a Performance Center gun.  Well it does now and it's about to get more upgrades with reviews as I redo it for ICORE limited and USPSA competition this coming year
Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points
Claim to Fame: Full on competition revolver
Target Market: Competition shooters
FNBs (features & benefits of this product):
  • Performance tuned action
  • Removable compensator
  • Can use with or without moonclips
  • Chamfered cylinder
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?  Melonite coated frame and barrel with stainless cylinder, compensator and cylinder release
What others are saying?:  "S&W model 627 is one of the companies most popular"  Gun Shop Finder
Price point :
I need it now! Availability:  Shooters Supply, Gun Broker and or your local FFL/gun store.
Our Rating:
+ Excellent fit and finish
+ Very versatile
+ 8 shot .357!
+ Very quick
+ Rugged and reliable
- My trigger was very heavy
- Action wasn't up to par with other PC guns
Score:  7.575

Smith & Wesson Model 60 "Chiefs Special"


By Ryan Michad

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Quintessential Snubby Revolver; Concealed Carry; Accuracy.

Target Market: Concealed Carriers, People who enjoy classic revolvers, snub-nose revolver enthusiasts.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product) Key Features Stainless Steel Construction Chambers .38 Spl +P Ammunition (Some chamber .357 Mag.) Traditional S&W Safety Mechanisms Ramped Integral Front Sight and Notch Rear Sight (Non-Adjustable) Five Shot Capacity

Does it come in black?  The S&W Model 60 is available only in stainless steel.  There are, however, other revolvers in the S&W Lineup similar to the S&W Model 60 which offer other materials & finishes.

What others are saying? “While the new Model 60 did not live up to my expectations in terms of accuracy, the subsequent sample S&W sent me was superb.” -Jeff Quinn, Gunblast.com Gunblast.com Review

Price point MSRP = $729.00 Retail = $350 to $550

I need it now! Availability:  These are readily available at any gunshop that stocks Smith & Wesson Firearms or you can also find many examples on Gunbroker.com

Our Rating +  The revolver is very small, and very concealable. +  It chambers .38 Special +P which is a fairly decent self-defense round. Some models also chamber .357 Magnum. +  It has stainless steel construction which offers some measure of corrosion resistance. +  For a small snub-nose revolver, it has surprising accuracy.

-  The gun recoils quite heavily when loaded with .357 Magnum rounds. -  The sights, while satisfactory for close up work, are lacking. They tend to wash out in bright sunlight, being made out of stainless steel. -  The gun only holds five shots, so you have to be comfortable with reloading and with the guns limitations.

Score: 8.0 Great!!!!80


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