Magpul PRS Stock

Magpul PRS Stock

GOD BLESS THE MODERN SPORTING RIFLE. As many have said, the AR-15 (and AR-10) platform are like Legos for adults. Customization is the greatest selling point of either platform, as you can modify the rifle's furniture to optimize it's ergonomics and aesthetics for whatever role you desire.
If a more modern, long range accurate type of rifle is what you are after, the buttstock isn't typically the first part that gets attention. Logically a longer, thicker barrel is installed first to facilitate better accuracy. That component adds weight to the front of the rifle, tipping the balance forward and making some buttstocks, collapsable or otherwise, impractical. A heavier stock with the ability to custom fit the shooter and optic is recommended. The ability to adjust for length of pull (LOP) and cheek weld height is a huge upgrade for any rifle stock, especially the A2 style fixed buttstock that's been standard since the origins of the platform.

Magpul PRS Stock

Enter the Magpul Precision Rifle Stock (PRS). While it's not the newest stock on the block (debuted in 2005) the PRS still holds its own and is often the gold standard for how a precision rifle stock should look, feel, and perform. Not only is it compatible with the AR-15 in .223/5.56 and the AR-10 in 7.62x51, but also the HK91/G3 and the FAL have received adapted PRS2 models from Magpul. The PRS has graced the covers of magazines, DVD covers, and boutique black rifle catalogs since its inception, and for good reason. Its a damn sexy design that accomplishes the task of balancing and complimenting a precision rifle, while giving the shooter an anchor of consistency before the trigger is pulled.

Magpul PRS Stock

Today the PRS has resurged again on the covers of popular magazines and gun shop shelves as modern chassis for bolt action rifles are becoming more prevalent, with compatibility with AR-15 buffer tubes and aftermarket stocks. The features that make the PRS stand out as an optimal stock for benchrest AR-15 shooters carry over to a bolt action platform very well, as it still afford the shooter ultimate ergonomics for their head and torso as well as balancing out their front heavy rifles.

Magpul PRS Stock

The PRS is a direct replacement for an A1 or A2 fixed stock on an AR15/M16 with a rifle-length receiver extension tube. The cheek riser is designed to clear the charging handle of AR15/M16 rifles only. For AR10/SR25 pattern rifles, you will need to order the correct PRS stock.
For a precision rifle with a heavy front end, whether its an AR15 with a 24" bull barrel or even a bolt action rifle in a chassis with an equally heavy barrel and brake, the PRS is and ideal stock. Perfectly suited for balancing the weight, providing customized ergonomics for consistency on the firing line, and having robust mechanics that will provide a lifetime of service.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Designed to offer the fine-tuned, customized feel of a precision target stock on a modern sporting rifle.

Target Market:  AR-15, AR-10, FAL, or HK 91 owners

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer
  • Enhanced strength aluminum butt-plate withstands severe impact and recoil up to .50 BMG
  • Rubber butt-pad provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage
  • Machined aluminum adjustment knobs with positive locking click detents
  • Black, hardened, solid steel adjustment shafts finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process
  • All aluminum components finished with MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing
  • Stout construction provides extra weight for improved weapon balance and stability
  • Bottom Picatinny-type rail with removable cover for use with a monopod
  • Sling Mounts: Front/Rear - 1.25" aluminum sling loops (left-right reversible)
  • Weight: 1.68 lb
  • Length, Max: 10.45-11.45" - LOP Adjustment: ~39 Clicks (0.026"/click) • LOP Adjustment Range: 1.00"
  • LOP Min: ~13.3" / LOP Max: ~14.3"
  • Cheek Height Adjustment: ~29 Clicks (0.026"/click)
  • Cheek Height Adjustment Range: 0.75"

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, FDE, OD Green, Foliage Green, Stealth Grey

 Optional PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80" adds 0.50 in. LOP and 0.07 lb. vs. standard pad. Butt-pads are only for use with PRS AR15/M16 and PRS AR10/SR25 models. ** Specifications based on factory configuration.

What others are saying?:

"Only thing I would caution people of is the cheek piece will not benefit you if you shoot nose-to-charging-handle. This is needed to allow for proper function of the charging handle. I am 5'10", medium built and have the butt extended most of the way out for a comfortable prone shooting position with my cheek on the front edge of the cheekpiece." Brownells Customer Review

"In one sentence.  - perfect cheek weld. But for those that would like more detail: If you are looking for a drop in, precision-adjustable butt stock for  AR rifles with A1/A2 fixed stocks I'd not hesitate to recommend this one based on my experience with one I purchased 2 years ago.  There are a lot of different accessories for the AR15 series firearms, and though I wasn't wanting to put together "frankengun", I did want a stock that had a means of adjusting the length of stuck as well as comb height for the perfect alignment of my site choice, which was an EOTech.

Every shooter is physically built differently, male or female.  I'm as tall as many guys, but my arm length doesn't compare and my shoulders show my more delicate bone structure.  So adding something like the Magpul PRS is well worth it if you have other than normal length arms, neck or sighting requirements.  Compared to the A2 stock, the PRS can shorten LOP (length of pull) by .25" or extend it by .75" as well as provide three-quarters of an inch of comb height adjustment.(the height so that when you plant your cheek onto the stock, your eye is lined up just where it needs to be to line up with the reticle.)" Mausers and Muffins Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Brownells, and most local gun shops or outdoor stores.

Our Rating:


  • Very robust construction and solid weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Weight helps balance longer / heavier profile barrels
  • Shorter LOP than the A2 fixed stock when buttplate is fully contracted
  • Positive clicks of cheek rest and buttpad adjustment wheels (newer versions have more thread pitch for larger movement per rotation)
  • Discreet polymer rail on underside for monopods, covers up when not in use
  • Multiple sling mounting options


  • QD Sling Swivel or Swivel Stud screw sold seperately
  • Check weld surface position farther back, may affect eye relief
  • Not directional marking to let you know which way is up/down for cheek weld, in/out for buttplate.

Score: 9.0 Amazing



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Hornady Lock-N-Load O.A.L. Gauge & Bullet Comparator Kit Review

Hornady LNL OAL Gauge & Bullet Comparator One of the most addicting aspects of reloading ammunition is the specialized tools that are so readily available today that improve the process and help squeeze every bit of accuracy out of your firearms. Two products that I recently invested in are the Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge & Bullet Comparator Kit (you'll also need to pickup a modified case - usually will be displayed right next to these products on the shelf. These three tools used together help determine how a specific bullet best fits into your chamber by its Ogive (pronounced o-jive). The Ogive of the bullet is the plane that lies between the straight wall and the rounding taper. Each bullet differs in greatly in base to tip dimensions, between each manufacturers unique "style," the bullet type, and the grain/size. In fact it's common for variations of up to .025" to exist from one bullet to the next. However the Ogive is what engages with the barrel's rifling lands, and gives the reloader a more consistent standard of measurement.

Basing your seated bullets off the O.A.L. (Overall Length, from case head to bullet tip) is standard stuff, and while it will help keep you within SAAMI specs and inline with factory ammo, you could be missing out greatly in terms of accuracy and performance. Measuring off the Ogive will give you a more customized relationship between your desired bullet and your specific rifle's chamber. The best metaphor I can think of is imagine if you could customize the tread on your car's tires so specifically to your vehicle and the road surface so that it gave you an extra 3-5 miles per gallon. While seating depth won't effect velocity, a bullet seated to a precise length relative to YOUR rifle's barrel will noticeably improve performance.

*Note: you will also need to keep in mind your magazine length limitations.  If the O.A.L. of your cartridge after fine tuning using this process is greater than the wall of the box magazine or bottom metal, then you will have to single load each round into the rifle.

The O.A.L length gauge and modified case let you set up a bullet in a case with maximum overall length between your closed boltface and the barrel's lands. You may be asking, how the heck do I measure the length to the Ogive instead of the bullet tip?  Well, thats where the Bullet Comparator comes in.  It is an adapter that easily attaches to the blade of your caliper. It comes with interchangeable inserts for bullet diameters including .224" (5.56mm), .243" (6mm), .257", .277", .284" (7mm), .308" (7.62&8mm). When installed on a rezeroed caliper, it lets you measure a cartridge from casehead to bullet Ogive. That's the shorthand version. For those who aren't passed out on their keyboards or off surfing YouTube, I'll explain the whole process a bit more thoroughly. If you grasp the concept, you can skip to my review key points.

Hornady LNL OAL Gauge & Bullet Comparator

First you take your modified case and thread it onto the O.A.L gauge, then lightly push your desired bullet into the case to the point where it's seated deeper than normally. For example, I'll thread on a .308 win modified case and then insert a Sierra 168gr MatchKing bullet. Just don't push it too far were it falls into the case or else you'll have to push it out or fish it out. Next, remove the bolt from your rifle (or use the curved gauge if your rifle's bolt does not come off)  insert the O.A.L. gauge through the action (slowly) and into the chamber. You don't want to jam it with too much force that you unknowingly alter the modified case. When its gently snug, you then push the plastic inner rod of the gauge forward, which will push the bullet forward in the case and if you're sensitive enough you will feel the bullet engage the lands of your barrel's rifling. You can then tighten the thumb knob and lock that inner rod, and pull the gauge out of the action.  Again, if you use too much pressure you may lodge the bullet in the lands and will not come out with the gauge, and you'l have to start over.

So now you have your gauge with the modified case and bullet still in position, and then get out your caliper with the comparator and proper insert installed. You will have to rezero the caliper closed on the comparator first. With both tools in each hand, insert the bullet tip into the comparator, and adjust the caliper to measure off the case head as usual. Now instead of a reading for overall cartridge length from casehead to tip, you will have the exact distance between casehead and your bullets Ogive (exactly 0.00" using my .308 win and the SMK 168gr) Now's were the fine tuning comes it. That dimension tells me when my bolt in closed, the shallowest I can seat that specific bullet where it will be into the lands of the rifling. You will want to back off of this some, between 0.015" and 0.02" typically to start but every rifle/bullet combo will have a sweet spot. It's up to you to determine whether your rifle's barrel prefers that specific bullet closer or farther from the lands.

While this may seem like splitting hairs to some, the accuracy difference can be up to 0.5-1 MOA.  At longer ranges, using the Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge & Bullet Comparator Kit can be the difference between a fantastic group in one singular hole, or just a decent 1 MOA group. Based on my results, I find I will almost never buy a box of factory ammunition, as long as I have the brass and components I am able to make cheaper and more accurate rounds.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Measuring cartridge lengths across bullet tips is not a reliable or repeatable method for measuring your reloaded rounds. The O.A.L Gauge and Bullet Comparator solve that problem by measuring rounds from a reliable surface on the bullet, the ogive, to provide consistent, precise measurements of your rounds and improved accuracy.

Target Market: Reloaders both Novice and Experienced

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The O.A.L Gauge comes in either straight or curved orientation to best work with your rifle's action.

What others are saying?: “I decided to order this comparator when I purchased my Remington 700 SPS Tactical (.308). When I bought this rifle, I wanted to take my reloading a step further and dive into the world of precision hand loads. Up to this point, I was reloading rounds mostly for target practice and a few for hunting every year. So the reloading gear I own was sufficient enough to get the job done, but not for higher quality hand loads. But as I began realizing how challenging precision hand loading can be, I knew that I would have to reach out and get some reloading equipment that could help me get the job done.

Due to the fact that I had no experience with the tools needed for this type of work, I simply called into Sinclair International and spoke with one of their many highly experienced reloading techs. He couldn't have been more helpful in explaining about important tools, explaining how and why they worked. As you may have guessed, he suggested this comparator as an essential tool for the entire process." Brownells Review Price Point:

Bullet Comparator

O.A.L. Gauge

I need it now! Availability: Brownell's

Our Rating:

  • Comparator is offered in different price points per how many different inserts/calibers you need, the basic 6 insert kit covers the common calibers
  • The OAL Gauge is easy to operate and the thumb knobs are well crafted

  • Each modified case needed is expensive!

Score: 8.5 Great


DPMS G2 Recon .308 Rifle Review

1888571_1430869157156551_1319482367_n By Steven Pope

After looking at several of the rifles on the market, I settled on the G2 Recon. Price was right and the options were good. And besides, somebody has to buy a first year model so the rest of you can find out if they are worth it.

I bought my rifle online, sight unseen, first time buying a gun of any kind online. So leaps of faith on two fronts here. No one near me had one, let alone knew that a new version was out, so it was purchased sight unseen.

I was pretty excited about it and could not wait to get it, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. I was/am a little leery about all the new design changes, but like I said, someone has to be the first so I gambled.

When I pulled it out of the box to do the pre-transfer inspection, I was quite pleased with the fit and finish. The lines were good, no gaps, everything fit nice and tight, like I would expect. The finish was flawless, basically it looked like I would expect a 1,400 dollar rifle to look.

After paying my $20.00 transfer fee, I took it home and proceeded to put three rounds through it because the sun was setting and I just could not help myself, I was so excited about finally having it. Then I went inside and did a field strip and clean. Again, nothing that I would not expect. Everything seemed to look good, fit good and function good.

The only issue that I have noticed is how the Nikon M-223 mount fits, either the mount is a little out of spec or my top rail is, as its on as far as my gun smith could get it without putting some real effort into it. As it turns out, its location is about where it needs to be, so I have not taken the time to look into it.

I purchased a few P-mags before the rifle showed up, and got them loaded up and ready to go. And so far, they have performed perfectly with no flaws at all. I have also emptied the factory magazine a few times and it, too, has been flawless.

This last Saturday I had about 45-min to an hour to go sight it in, so I took it out at last light and sighted in. Before I knew it, I had put a total of 50 rounds through this thing and they all functioned perfectly, no malfunctions of any kind.

All shots were made from a bi-pod under the front and a sand bag under the rear.

I was shooting hand loads that I developed for my 308 bolt rifle I use for hunting. The round is a 165 grain Speer BTSP over 43 grains of IMR 4064. In my bolt gun this combo gives me clover leafs at a 100 yards with a fully supported rifle. In the G2 we were close, but my shooting position is horrible, I am really hunched over the table. And that position really messes with how a short fat guy breathes, but it was good enough that I think I could come real close to duplicating those clover leaves, if I could get a good shooting bench set up. I seated the bullet to magazine length. I had zero feed issues, everything functioned perfectly.

After I got the scope sighted, I started plinking. I was having so much fun I did not realize that I had burned through all the ammo I had, I have never shot more than a box of 308 in one sitting so to go through 47 was a lot, but it was incredibly fun.

The recoil was very pleasant and easy to handle, which is good since one of the roles I hope this rifle will be able to fill is a hunting rifle for my son when he is old enough to hunt. The trigger is good, for me any way. I do not anticipate upgrading it.

On several forums, many people suggested that I skip the 16" barreled guns and go no less than 18", due to noise and muzzle flash. So I was kinda worried about the noise and flash when I was shooting the other evening. But, to be honest, I think my M&P Sport has more noise and flash than this does. I did not start shooting ‘til the sun was behind the closest mountain, making it optimal conditions for seeing muzzle flash.

After sighting in, I decided it was time to just do some plinking. I was surrounded by black volcanic rocks with lots of white stuff on them (no idea what the white stuff is) which made them perfect targets for the conditions. Let’s just say that if they had been deer or elk, I would have had a lot of explaining to do if Fish and Game would have caught me. There is just something cool about the sound of a bullet smacking a rock at 200-300 yards. Plus, for a guy like me, it feels good to have the audible feedback letting me know I really did hit the rock.

Overall, I think this is a well put together rifle that, so far, shoots very well.  Since sighting in, I am over 100 rounds and zero malfunctions.  The rifle is pleasant to shoot and just plain fun.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: DPMS claims that the rifle is lighter than previous versions. From what I have handled in the local gun shops that seems to be very accurate. This gun is light and easy to handle. Another point DPMS makes in advertising this rifle is the nice neat pile of brass that it makes while ejecting a spent case. I have found this statement to be understated somewhat.  While doing load development I discovered that the loads the rifle likes best seem to land in a circle less than a foot in diameter. For a reloader, this is a pretty good bonus.

Target Market: This rifle would be well suited for several applications, including hunting, 3 gun competitions and law enforcement/security.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • One of the major advertising points of this rifle is the compatibility with AR-15 parts from the mag-well back, fire controls and buffer tube.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The DPMS G2 Recon .308 Rifle is only available in black.

What others are saying?: “I'm surprised this hasn't been the talk of the semi-auto forum...i expect the snubs at M4carbine and lightfighter forums to pretend the earth hasn't shifted, but not here...

As much as i hate to parrot company line, I think DPMS has changed the game.

If the new GII rifles live up to DPMS's hype, and they aren't known for failures or quality issues, I believe DPMS will cause the market to change.

Even if there are teething problems, the 308 AR market will eventually follow DPMS's lead after some resistance and consternation of course.

I have two DPMS rifles...looks like I'll be adding one of these to my stable. I'm especially interested in the 20" hunter model...although it should have been designed with a threaded barrel.” - TX_Flyboy, Snipers Hide

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase this rifle from many retailers, including Bud's Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt.

Our Rating:

+ Light + Good fit and finish

- New gun, Untested

Score: 9.5 AmazingAmazing