Carter Enterprises Insatiable Release

Carter Enterprises Insatiable They key to archery is that there really is no one key. There are so many factors, both mechanical and human, that contribute to an arrow flying true or missing the bullseye. Even with a few years of shooting a bow, calling myself a novice would be too generous. However I have rubbed elbows with some pretty skilled archers who exclusively shoot using mechanical releases made by Carter Enterprises.

Carter Enterprises Insatiable

Some background on the company: for over 22 years Carter Enterprises has been designing and producing release aids. In many circles of bowhunters, casual shooters and competitive archers, Carter releases are known for being highly accurate and comfortable to use. They believe that accuracy is closely related to comfort, which is directly related to design. Founder Jerry Carter engineers each new model with a different shooter in mind, which has led to a wide variety in releases that each suit anyone's hand and anyone's shooting style.

I've been shooting with a Carter release for about two years. I had several models placed in my hand with a practice bow, and found the Insatiable to be the most comfortable for my hand and my shooting technique. The Insatiable's design is a balance between comfort and control. Smooth, round edges disperse pressure evenly across the four fingers. The arched handle helps place the elbow at a more natural position for better control.

Carter Enterprises Insatiable

The Insatiable is a Thumb Trigger Release, and operation is pretty easy. You hold the release inverted so that the jaw is open, then hit the cocking lever with your thumb. You then bring the jaw to the bow string (or D-Loop) and clasp the jaw closed around the string with your thumb. You can leave the release clipped on like this when walking between shooting lanes / targets, or even in the treestand while you are using other gear and need two free hands.

When ready to let'r fly, you grasp the release naturally with all four fingers, careful not to bump or put pressure on the thumb trigger at all until you are ready to send the arrow. The anchor point, or placement and angle of your hand in relation to the side of the head, it going to differ greatly with each person's body. For me, I draw the string back and rest the knuckle of my index finger right on the inside of my right jawbone where it meets the ear. I have my Insatiable adjusted where its not extremely light / sensitive, so I can rest my thumb against the trigger at this point. When the sights are on the target, I reach my thumb over the trigger bar, and curl in ever so slightly so it becomes an extension of my hand. Clenching your fist/flexing your thumb will set off the release, but more accurate results can be achieved when release is made during an exhale and my shoulders/ arms shift away from torso slightly in opposite directions, probably only mere centimeters. There's alot of mystical and personal preferences to a perfect release and the perfect form, but the above method has proven consistent with my bow setup and I've been able to build muscle memory and increase the consistency of my shooting, and I feel the Insatiable from Carter Enterprises has alot to do with that.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The Insatiable is a simple, no-nonsense release that many pros rely on when the shots count.

Target Market:  Bowhunters and Competitive Archers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Interchangeable Tension System (ITS):  allows archers to quickly change from one trigger spring tension to another.
  • Adjusto Trigger
  • Reversed Closed Jaw/Loop Design
  • Four Finger Pull
  • Adjustable Thumb Trigger: adjust/turn the set screw clockwise for less travel, and counterclockwise for more travel.
  • Double Sear Design for ultimate accuracy and sensitivity

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The newer Insatiable + has a larger thumb trigger. Color: Anodized Red but Carter Releases are not color specific (you may find several other anodized colors at dealers)

What others are saying?:

"I purchased the Carter Insatiable release about seven months ago, and could not be happier. The trigger adjustments are easy and solid and the feel of the release is perfect for my average sized hand. It delivers a smooth shot every time (at least as smooth as my skills will allow)." Alc, Amazon Review

"The fit and finish are excellent. Function is excellent right out of the box. The only adjustment required is to rotate the thumb knob to fit your thumb location. I wear a large glove and this release fits my hand perfectly. If you wear a medium or small glove this release may be too large for you. The position of the forearm with this release is perfect for me. Please follow the recommendations for firing this release. The instructions will prevent "punching" the trigger." Tooltech, Lancaster Archery Supply Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available online at Amazon or Lancaster Archery Supply

Our Rating:


  •  Design greatly assists in shooting consistency by optimizing ergonomics of 4 finger grip
  •  Has lanyard hole (lanyard not included)
  • User adjustable for custom sensitivity
  • Can leave clipped to bowstring instead of having strapped to wrist like other releases
  • Made in the USA, Family Owned and Run


  • Colors are non-selectable
  • Thumb trigger maybe too small for some archers, the Insatiable + has a larger thumb trigger.

Score: 8.5 Great



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