Alien Gear Holster Cloak Tuck Review

IMG_1528-1By James M. Smith IMG_1523In search for a high quality and good value holster I did a lot of looking and research before making a decision. When I came across Alien Gear Holster I was immediately intrigued. They offer, what appeared to be, a good quality holster at an exceptional price. They as offer their holster with a lifetime warranty. Of course, with a company that is only a couple years old that doesn't mean much, but hopefully they will stay around for a long time. I decided to go ahead and give Alien Gear a shot. For under $40 shipped I got the tan leather holster for my Full-Size M&P9. I was comparing this with the Crossbreed holsters and getting one of those with the horsehide and the “combat cut” would have been pushing $100. Is the Crossbreed worth the extra cost? I don’t know as I haven’t had any personal experience with them.

At the time that I ordered, shipping times were about three weeks and they were able to meet that deadline. The holster arrived in a nice padded shipping envelope and inside that was the start to a beautiful relationship. The holster was bagged in a cool black bag with Alien Gear's logo on it. This was a really nice touch for such a budget priced item.

The leather seems to be of high quality and had the edges are nicely smoothed. So, I unloaded my gun and inserted it into the holster and tightened the retention screws to make it snug. Now, as with most IWB holsters, you don’t get full retention until it is inside the waistband and your belt snugged up around it. Knowing this I made sure to make it snug but it was still loose enough that it will fall out if you do the standard retention test of turning the holster upside down. While doing these initial adjustments and inspections, I noticed one thing I do not like about the Alien Gear Holster. The leather and the kydex do not fully cover the trigger guard by the grip. Is this a huge issue? I don’t really think so. The trigger itself is fully covered and if anything were to get in there it would still be behind the trigger, so accidental discharges should not be an issue. It is just my pickiness that makes me even mention it. I feel that they can and should make a change to their molds and leather cutting process to get it fully covered. I don’t think it would affect the ability to get a good grip on your firearm for drawing. On that note I’m glad that I went with a combat cut holster. The combat cut has the leather cut really close to your firearms grip, so it is possible to get a firing grip while the gun is still holstered. This makes it so that you don’t need to do a lot of adjusting of your hand hold after it is out to the holster.

I don’t have much to compare with, but I find this holster to be very comfortable. It does not rub or pinch. I have not tested it in extreme heat yet, as I got it in March, but I have not experienced hot spots or anything. The only time I’ve really experienced any discomfort is when I am riding in my car. I have a hard time getting completely comfy in that car anyway. It is just a matter of finding the position.

Concealability. I think this is more of a factor of the firearm I carry. I carry a Full-Size M&P9 and with the large full-size grip it is hard to get good concealment. Even with the holster set at its lowest setting I have a hard time keeping the grip under my shirts.









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Claim to Fame: Quality hybrid IWB holster at an affordable price.

Target Market: Anyone who wants to carry IWB.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Iron Clad triple guarantee
  • 30-day money back test drive
  • Lifetime shell trades
  • Forever Guarantee
  • Adjustable cant and ride height
  • Adjustable retention
  • Thick sweat proof leather
  • Tuckable
  • Combat Cut

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Natural or Black dyed leather. There are many different gun shells available. Now available in an OWB configuration and combo kit (IWB and OWB). They also have leather belt loops available instead of the steel spring clips. All of these options are available from Alien Gear Holster's website.

What others are saying?:Concealed Nation "Best Holster Ever“ 

Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: The Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck can be purchased directly from Alien Gear Holsters. Facebook

Our Rating


  • Low Cost
  • Comfortable
  • Great warranty, test drive, and shell exchanges
  • Tons of shell selections


  • Doesn’t fully cover the trigger guard on my FS M&P
  • Not a huge selection of holsters for guns with lights or lasers

 Score: 8.080