Aimline Glock Sights

aimline-2 When it comes to practical combat sights, there are many options out there. I found out about these Aimline sights from a friend and got in contact with the guys at KA Tactical. In short order, I had sent off, and got back, my Glock 19 slide and got to testing.

aimline-1I found in my friend's Glock 19 that it is a pistol I shoot instinctively well, so I bought it (not to say he regrets selling it but he wants another one). This is due in part to the ergonomics and natural pointability it affords me. I also fell in love with the ball in the cup sight picture that came with the gun, but was not thrilled with plastic construction, so I was hesitant to make the change, but eager to upgrade. These Aimline sights feature all steel construction, which is a durability and utility upgrade over the stock Glock sights. The sight picture is another thing that drew me to these sights over other sights that feature three dot style sight pictures. The Aimline system works great for me, because the principle of the straight line formed by both the colored lines on the sights and the sight housings themselves create a sight picture that is both easily acquired and equally maintained through continuous fire.

I firmly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to sighting systems across all weapons platforms. The defensive handgun in particular benefits from a simple easy to acquire and consistently maintained sight picture. The value and strength that these Aimline sights provide, are definitely worth checking out. I am so pleased with these that If I dont go with an RMR on my new Glock 41 Gen 4 I know exactly what I will be putting on.

In the included video you can see these in action by me and my friend running some practical shooting drills.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: No nonsense combat sights.

Target Market: Currently Glock users

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • CNC machined out of 4100 steel with a black oxide finish
  • 4 vibrant color choices
  • Set screw on rear sight
  • Designed to be snag free while maintaining belt/shoe racking.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: White, Yellow, Green, and Orange color options are available.

What others are saying?: The Truth About Guns did a review on these sights here.

Price point:

  • MSRP = $75 But Aimline is running a Christmas sale for $50
  • Retail = I got mine from KA Tactical and they did the install.

I need it now! Availability: I have not seen these locally yet but with modern shipping you can get them pretty fast even if you send your slide to have the work done.

Our Rating:


  • Build Quality
  • Function
  • Fast Acquisition
  • Quick Followup shots


  • Colored lines can be lost in low light/no light

Score: 8.0 Great80


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