RangeMaxx R2G CCW Tactical Range Bag

Range bags come in different shapes and sizes, and up until a year ago I had only been using an old tool bag. Pretty quickly I got tired of tossing everything into loose pockets, no room for the cleaning supplies, magazines and boxes of ammo. While you do have the incognito factor of a non-tactical bag that doesn't scream "I'm on my way to / coming back from the range," sometimes you need to use the right bag for the job.

The RangeMaxx R2G CCW Tactical Range Bag is one of the better bags I found for the price point. I've been putting it through the ringer for the better part of 4 years now, and so far its held up better than expectation. I'm pretty rough on my gear, and I've been less than kind to this bag on trips to the range and throwing it in the back of my truck in between.

Believe it or not, the most important place on a range bag is the bottom. If not reinforced or armored somehow, the bottom will wear out overtime. If you haul all your ammo and other heavy gear, the wear only increases. I myself am pretty rough on my bag, tossing it on the shooting bench or down on the concrete. So far after 3 years this bag's bottom has stood up to the abuse of a lined pickup bed, concrete, gravel and dirt.

One feature I don't see on many range bags is a viewing pocket for identification. This is great for ensuring you never forget your range membership card, or simply marking your bag as yours and avoid someone picking it up by mistake. I often keep business cards in the pocket, to spread to good word about the Gun & Gear Review Podcast.

The bag is split up into a main compartment with two permanent dividers and one removable partition, two side compartments that are designed specifically for pistol magazines and carbine magazines, and two end pouches on the other smaller sides. Of course each of the four sides and the top panel is covered in MOLLE webbing for the addition of more pouches and gear as you see fit. It even has a square of 'loop' material, so I can rock my favorite Patriot Patch Co. morale patch!

The zipper pulls are just cheap scraps of shoelace. I doubt replacing these with 550 paracord would have added much to the production cost of the bag, but honestly it doesn't cost much for me to replace them myself. The actual zippers themselves aren't what I would consider high quality zippers like YKK brand, so I consciously go easy on them. 

The pistol mag pouch side compartment has a built-in cleaning surface sewn into the inside of the flap... but its just a bright gray felt. If you use it while oiling or cleaning your guns, it will soak that crud up and then you'd be stuck with it. So I recommend only using it to set your super fancy safe queen down while at the range to avoid scratches or marring from the bench itself. The seven mag pouches are good for exactly what you'd think, or other items like multitools, chamber flags, and whatever else you need organized. There is a large pocket behind the row of pouches for loose storage, but that makes the wall holding the pouches flimsy... especially if you are toting loaded up mags. Also note.... extended capacity mags like the 33rd Glock happy sticks are too tall and won't allow for closing the zipper!

The opposite side compartment is designed to hold three AR-15, AK, or other similar sized carbine magazines. There is no "cleaning mat" on this side, and it also runs into the same problem with mags longer than the standard 30 round AR mag. The 40 round P-Mags will have to ride loose in the bottom of the pocket, or in the main compartment.

The center compartment can be as organized or chaotic as you want it to be. There is one center aisle with a flat box bottom thats great for ammo boxes, shooting bags, earmuffs, gloves and more. This bag also comes with a removable partition, but its pretty rubbish. I don't bother with it at all. On either side is a walled off pocket that is great for carrying paper targets (folded or small in size) as well as handguns, staplers, and data books for recording. I wouldn't consider this bag an optimal CCW bag, as it clearly broadcasts exactly what its contents will be: guns, gun accessories and or ammunition. However if you need to toss in a holstered pistol while transitioning from the range to your vehicle and back home, it works fine.

The stitching on the nylon webbing isn't anything to write home about, so don't expect military quality production here. Personally there isn't any pouches I would add externally to this bag because A: it would expand the footprint and be kind of chunky and B: pretty counter intuitive (things go in bags, not outside of bags). I suppose an admin pouch or a dedicated pouch for your staple gun would be practical. I wouldn't suggest attaching a holster to the outside of a rangebag, buts thats up to you. 

Overall, this rangebag has served my needs and has lived up to the $60 price tag, especially if you need to get rid of a Bass Pro Shops gift card and don't know what to use it on! In all honesty though, when (not if) this bag eventually kicks the bucket, I will spring for something with a nicer quality but similar features.

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Claim to Fame: The RangeMaxx R2G CCW Tactical Range Bag is a highly functional range bag that carries handguns and shooting accessories for a day at the range.

Target Market: Pistol and/or Carbine Shooters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Large zippered main compartment for carry ammo, shooting glasses, hearing protection, a gun cleaning kit, or tactical gear
  • Two large zippered side pockets feature magazine pouches; 1 side for AR-15 magazines, the other for pistol magazines.
  • Pistol mag pocket folds down to for gun cleaning and inspection
  • Two zippered end pockets
  • CCW universal holster
  • Exterior MOLLE webbing
  • Made of rugged 1,000D polyester
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Wide, web carry handles
  • 16"x10"x8"
  • Imported

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black only

What others are saying?:"Let's begin with the pros. The size of this bag makes it a perfect range bag for a day out to go shooting. The size makes it the easiest thing to pick up and go as I don't need to worry about lugging around a larger or heavier bag. Comfortably fits about 6-8 magazines.  The weight of this bag is pretty light even with a full load of magazines, loose brass, cellphone, range license, targets, small microfiber cloth and shooting glasses. If I want to, I can most definitely fit another handgun in there but I usually just carry the other ones separate but that's just me.This bag has a ton of velcro to hold everything securely so for some that could be a con but for me it makes it pretty simple to change things around as I see fit. The features this bag offers are just right for a day out and I am always excited to take it out with my ammo can.

Now for the cons. I do have to mention this as a con, although a small con, a con still. The Universal Pistol Holder is just a tad small for the more larger handguns and pistols. Now it does fit most but I would have liked to a see a little more snug fit for the handguns cause they feel and look a tad loose and I don't want that because the bag is a pack you carry on your shouldered because you are moving around and that also means your gear does as well and that is a con. Not something that is game breaking but it is to be mentioned because the pistol just sits a little long and sticks out, so for me, that makes it look a little tacky on the inside. Also, the price is a con. The price for this bag before tax is quite expensive, considering it literally has a tag that says, "Made in China." If it was made and manufactured in the US the price would be a little more justified. The quality overall is fine. I wouldn't say it's worth the expensive price tag considering its imported from China. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worse, this bag is a solid 3.6 or 3.7.  Above average but not quite great but almost. I will definitely be bringing this bag with me everytime I go to the range, as I am always introducing new shooters and what to bring or not to bring when going out for some fun target shooting." Bass Pro User

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Bass Pro Shops

Our Rating:


  • Compartments offer plenty of space for organizing magazines, cleaning supplies, & other gear
  • Shoulder sling or carry handle
  • Enough room in main compartment's center for larger items like boxes of shotgun shells, rifle rest bags, earmuffs, etc.


  • Internal partition doesn't secure with velcro or snaps so it comes out when retrieving items (I just threw it out)
  • Pistol-side "cleaning mat" is just cheap soft lining thats light colored and will show stains
  • Zipper pull stitching on top panel broke quickly
  • Zipper pulls are cheap shoelace string

Score: 7.0 Good

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