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  If you haven’t heard about CGS Group, well now is the time. CGS has been making custom rifle and suppressors for a few years. They recently ventured into the pistol compensator market. The “Qube” compensator is touted as the first pistol comp that doesn’t need set screws, more on that later. Because of the “no set screw” design, I asked if I could get one for review, and here we are.

  The CGS Group Qube compensator is called that for a good reason. The Qube looks essentially square, like a cube. It really isn’t square, as one can see in the FNB’s below. It has been designed for 9mm pistols. The squarish look makes it ideal for square slided pistols, like a Glock, but is at home on other pistol designs also.

  I really wanted to try the Qube out because of it’s set-screwless design. I was not disappointed either. Lots of other compensators use set screws to keep the thing on and indexed. These screws press against the threads on the barrel and can damage them. The Qube uses a 2 part system, with tapers and a nut, to mount it. Those 2 parts consist of an inner round piece and the outer square part. The inner piece has a bunch of tiny holes in it. This is what screw onto the threads of the barrel. It has 2 flats also, so you can snug it up tight. Then you slide the outer piece on. The outer cube sits on a taper at the rear, and has a taper on the front. A special tapered nut then screws on to tighten everything together. The instructions have you put your slide in a vice, with the Qube, to tighten it on. Please use leather or some other non damaging jaws. The vice then squares up the Qube to the slide. Then you can tighten the nut. Tighten it tight, I had it loosen up the first time I did it. 

  If you have ever shot a pistol with a compensator, then you know what a difference they make. The Qube is no different, possibly even better. I put the Qube on a Polymer 80 compact framed pistol. I immediately noticed the reduction in recoil. No, I don’t have any factual recoil data, but it was definitely noticeable. The Qube also lets the pistol shoot flatter, meaning the muzzle does not rise as much under recoil. All of this makes for a much faster follow up shot or shots. I definitely can shoot much faster on steel targets with the compensator on the pistol. When the Qube came loose, completely my fault, I did shoot it with just the inner part. It even helped reduce recoil without the cube part on. Of course, this didn’t surprise me, as the inner piece has all those holes. It just doesn’t direct the gases up.

  The Qube’s design is very well thought out. From the taper design to the ease of use. Once you install the comp, you’ll notice it has a large top port, and two side ports. The side ports are also angled upward. The gases escape from the inner small ports and then are directed around and out the large ports. Whatever they did with the design allowed me to shoot all but very light 9mm loads. Light reloads and some light factory 115 grain were the only loads that didn’t always want to cycle the slide. Compensators are pretty well known for this. All other factory ammo worked flawlessly. This is from 115-165 grain bullet weights. You could always install a lighter recoil spring if wanting to shoot light loads, but I didn’t find a need for this. About the only problem you’ll find with the Qube, is not having a holster that fits it. The Qube does add 1.25” to the front of the pistol. If your holster is open at the bottom, it might fit. If not, I guess you’ll need a new holster. On a Glock 19, it makes it about the same length as a Glock 34.

  If you are one who likes compensators on pistols, go check out CGS Group. The Qube is an awesome little compensator. It would work great on a carry gun. Plus the hotter self-defense loads will make the comp work even better. You also get to choose from a vast color pallet to match your gun, or not. I really like the Qube.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Pistol compensator that doesn’t use set screws for mounting

Target Market:

Anyone wanting the added benefits of a compensator

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Comes in 1/2 x 28 or M13.5 x 1LH threads to match the host firearm.

  • OUNCES: 2.4

  • LENGTH: 1.25″

  • HEIGHT: 0.825”

  • WIDTH: 1″

  • MATERIAL: 17-4 Stainless Steel

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

13.5x1LH, also in Black, FDE, Gold, & Rainbow

What others are saying?:

None found

Link to other reviews:

NFA Review Channel

Price point:

MSRP = $159.00

I need it now! Availability:

CGS Group

Our Rating:


  • Reduced recoil

  • Reduced muzzle flip

  • Uses standard ammunition

  • Looks awesome

  • Tapered locking nut


  • May not fit in some holsters

  • Makes firearm longer

  • Lighter loaded ammo may not function properly

Score: 8.00 Great


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