Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger

 When I was looking for a Glock replacement trigger, I ran across Kineti-Tech. They had a trigger that interested me, mainly because a complete drop-in trigger assembly was under $100. I reached out and they said they would send one out for review. I received their style 4 drop in trigger.

 Kineti-Tech’s trigger kits have 4 different shoe options. This gives you a bunch of options. All of them are non-radiused and smooth. The first is a curved trigger. Next is the hooked trigger, Third up is the standard straight. Last, and the one I received, is the short straight. I call it the short flat. It has an angle about ⅓ of the way down, and the rest is straight. I like the design of this trigger as it shortens the reach over the all straight trigger.

 I installed the Kineti-Tech trigger in my Polymer 80 PF940C. Installation was super easy. Simply because Kineti-Tech sent me the complete drop-in trigger. They also have an option for just the trigger shoe, or the shoe and trigger bar. My stock Glock parts trigger had a 7lb trigger pull. Just by installing the trigger kit, it reduced the pull weight to 5lb’s. It did decrease the pull length by about ⅛”, so not a lot. Trigger pull was smooth, but so was the stock trigger. The break didn’t feel as crisp, but most upgraded Glock triggers feel this way to me. Reset was real good, comparable to the factory trigger, but a little shorter. The Kineti-Tech trigger retains all of the factory safeties. I did install a 3.5lb connector. This reduced the pull weight to 4.5lb’s. That lasted around 200 rounds, then I reinstalled the connector that came with the trigger. I prefer the crisper break over the mushy feel I get with the light connector.

 Kineti-Tech’s trigger has a nice feel to it. They use 7075 aluminum to craft them. Then anodize them black. The trigger safety can be had in red or black. I like the look of the red, as it gives some contrast. The trigger doesn’t feel like a stock Glock trigger, and that makes me happy. Being all aluminum, the trigger doesn’t seem to flex as much either. I have no hard data for this, just my experience. I wouldn’t say it’s a competition trigger, but it is better than stock. So maybe I’d label it as tactical.

 Everyone seems to be making Glock triggers now days. Kineti-Tech has done a decent job with theirs. It is priced well. Easy to install. But most of all, it is an improvement. It is worth checking out if your in the market for an upgraded Glock trigger.

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Claim to Fame:

Aluminium Glock trigger with 4 different shoe options

Target Market:

Those wanting a different Glock trigger at a decent price

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Different shoe options

  • 7075 Aluminum

  • Short reset

  • Pull weight reduction

  • Optional polished trigger bar

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Shoe options 1-4

Red or Black trigger safety

What others are saying?:

OUTSTANDING  ⅘ stars on

Love these triggers. Bought two already and a third very soon. Take up seems to be about standard, although very smooth if parts are polished, but the reset is super short. Very satisfied customer right here.

Link to other reviews:

Nothing decent found

Price point:

MSRP = $47.95 - $116.44

Retail = $96.44 as tested

I need it now! Availability:


Our Rating:


  • Decent trigger pull

  • Great Reset

  • Price

  • Feel of trigger shoe

  • US made


  • Long take-up

  • Not as crisp trigger break

Score:  7.0 Good


Favorite Link:   Axelson Tactical