Guntec 9mm Micro-Comp

 The Guntec USA crew has introduced a new little micro-comp for 9mm rifles. I personally like mini compensators on PCC style rifles. As I mentioned in the 9mm bolt review, Guntec sent this out for review at the same time as the bolt.

 One of the reasons I went with the micro-comp is the small size. It is 2 ⅝” long and has an outside diameter of 0.95”. On a rifle length 9mm carbine, almost all of the powder, or all of it, is burned up before the bullet leaves the barrel. This makes a large compensator not as efficient. Plus I like the mini look.

 Even though it is called a comp, it is actually more. I would call it a hybrid brake/compensator. The compensator portion of the micro-comp comes from the 3 holes the face upward. This vents gas up to push the barrel down. The next part is the brake, which is meant to reduce recoil. A huge single rectangular cut, from side to side, facilitates the brake function. One disadvantage to the micro-comp, as in almost all hybrid comps, is the increase in muzzle blast sound.

 I could definitely tell a big difference in this micro-comp over the 9mm A1 flash hider. Muzzle control from target to target is way faster. Felt recoil seems about the same, at least on my shoulder. I have a red dot on my PCC. Finding the target after recoil is also faster. Sometimes the dot stays on target, depending on the target size and distance. So the compensator portion works well.

 The Micro-comp is threaded ½-36. The thread pitch is part of the reason I chose the micro-comp. My 16” barrel is threaded ½-36, not ½-28 used on many of today’s barrels. Most of Guntec’s 9mm muzzle accessories are threaded the ½-36, but they do have some in ½-28 also..

 Do I like this micro-comp? Yes. Do I think there might be a more efficient one on the market? Yes, but Guntec does a good job in their micro-comp. It works well for what it is and at $39.95, the price is good also. Go take a look at Guntec USA and all of their AR accessories. I have been pleased with most of their products.

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Claim to Fame:

Micro compensator for 9mm carbines

Target Market:

Those wanting a smaller effective compensator/muzzle brake for a 9mm carbine

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Multi Port Compensator

  • Micro Design, Very Compact

  • 3 Top Porting Holes To Reduce Muzzle Climb

  • Side Slot Cut Reduces Pressure During Rapid Fire

  • All Steel Construction

  • 1/2 x 36 Thread Pitch

  • 2 ⅝” long

  • 0.94” Diameter

  • Comes with crush washer

  • Made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?


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Price point:

MSRP = $39.95

Retail = same

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Guntec USA

Our Rating:


  • Small size

  • Effective

  • Price

  • Made in USA


  • Loud

  • Not available in ½-28 for 9mm

Score: 7.50 Good


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