Kinect QD MLOK Mounts by Kinetic Development Group

AR-15s were popular before, but after the proliferation of modular accessory attachment systems like M-LOK, the interest in the platform keeps on skyrocketing.

If you are a listener of the Gun & Gear Review Podcast, then you are aware of my affinity with the M-LOK system over Keymod. Gone are the days of skin grating, bulky quad railed handguards being the status quo. The ability to attach rail segments and other accessories to your firearm so quickly is a perfect match for the reigning king of modularity, the AR-15 modern sporting rifle. I just happen to believe M-LOK is more secure and reliable, and the industry seems to be leaning that way as well.

M-LOK did away with full picatinny quad-rail handguards. Now the Kinect QD rail does away with the allen wrench.

Of course for a society thats accustomed to instant gratification, the appeal of speeding up efficiency is too tempting. Lets face it, we all lust for convenience. Sure M-LOK accessories are quick to attach, but you must have the right Allen wrench or hex key on your person, and a few other variables just right in order to attach anything under 60 seconds. When a new technology comes along that removes the need for the tool, and cuts the time down on any manual labor, its going to be a potential home-run.

What seems like an invention straight out of James Bond's Q Labs, the spring loaded wedges that activate upon contact with the host M-LOK rail is pretty clever.

The Kinect QD Mount by Kinetic Development Group is an almost perfect evolution for M-LOK furniture. You no longer need to keep the proper tool inside your pistol grip or in your range bag to remove and swap accessories on your rifles. Not only that, but it also removes the possibility of over tightening screws and T-nuts entirely, as well as the need to remove accessories from rail segments in order to access the screws of the rail sections themselves.

The beauty of Kinect is it converts ordinary picatinny-compatible accessories into M-LOK.

Operation of the Kinect rails are so simple, they're almost idiot-proof. There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the mount, and when you press the Kinect down in the M-LOK slot, two very tiny triggers get pressed against the surface and deploy the wedges into place. Thats it! You know the wedges are deployed correctly when the tabs on the opposing sides fully extend. When you want to remove the Kinect, just pinch the tabs back inward to release the tabs.

Using the Kinect, adding and swapping accessories really is a "snap." You can have one bipod to swap around to each one of your rifles... or your favorite foregrip, flashlight, etc. Customization and personalization is so huge in the firearms industry, and the ability to truly snap on and off whatever you want on all your M-LOK compatible guns is a real improvement to manually loosening and tightening each screw one by one. That means you don't need to buy duplicates of your favorite accessories for multiple rifles. Also, it saves a lot of space inside your gun safe if you can easily pull off accessories when you're storing your rifle.

Accessories like lights and bipod can be easily attached, moved around or swapped within seconds.

The reason I said "almost perfect" early is because the compatibility with some of Magpul's most popular M-LOK furniture is severely hit and miss. The problem is the polymer products with M-LOK slots are not built to the same tolerances as their metal counterparts, by necessity. Many of the polymer M-LOK products on the market have to be thicker to support glass filled polymer rail systems.  KDG's Kinect system was designed around the original specs set by Magpul Industries for a rail thickness of .080″ and .125″ thick. Current specifications for M-LOK are a thickness of .080 to .150.″ What's all this mean? It means theres a strong change the Kinect won't work if you are using Magpul's Hunter 700 or X-22 Stock, MOE handguards, and other furniture constructed of that glass filled polymer.

For example, lets try the Magpul SGA Forend for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns. The Kinect can attach to the side M-LOK slots (3 and 9 o'clock), but not the bottom slots (6 o'clock) because the walls are just a bit thicker on the underside - probably to withstand recoil forces as well as the forces from working the action back and forth if using a polymer M-LOK rail section with a vertical or angle foregrip.

Step One: Make sure both end's tabs pushed in, and align with preferred M-LOK slot.

Step Two: Push firmly down in the center of the rail, to be sure even pressure is applied on both sides. You'll know the Kinect is locked in place properly if both tabs fully deploy outward.

When you want to reposition or remove the Kinect, just squeeze both tabs in and pull the whole accessory off. Its really easy and effortless.

Accepting of all that, KDG doesn't guarantee the KINECT will work every polymer M-LOK product.  Keep in mind that polymer can be modded to work with some files or a Dremel tool, but good luck retaining precise dimensions within the specs.  Your best bet is to measure the thickness of the polymer thickness before ordering, or bring a Kinect with you to the store and try it if the staff doesn't mind. Luckily, KDG does offer a 30 day return policy (for store credit) if you have purchased a Kinect mount and it doesn't work with your desired M-LOK furniture.

In my opinion, KDG should really just manufacture a second Kinect line with redesigned wedges that specifically work for polymer furniture. With the popularity of Magpul's polymer products, the market for a QD rail that works with polymer forends should be substantial enough to justify it. I imagine KDG has had this conversation already at the drawing table, so perhaps I'm wrong.

With the Kinect it's easy to go overboard. But the real strength is not having to buy duplicate accessories for multiple rifles, just snap on and snap off whenever you want to change things up.

Personally, I feel upgrading your polymer M-LOK handguard to an aluminum one with the M-LOK system has plenty of merits on its own, and then you could fully enjoy the use of the Kinect QD Rail without issue.  Its my opinion than KDG has changed the whole dynamic of the M-LOK system with the Kinect QD mount, and it is my hope that with more Kinect product variations, other manufacturers in the industry will chose M-LOK for their handguards and rifle chassis over lesser, phallus-shaped mounting solutions. The saying "AR-15s are like LEGOs for adults" definitely becomes more true as you add some Kinect mounts to your collection.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The Kinect™ by KDG for M-LOK™ is a revolutionary QD mounting system that will change the way we attach accessories to our modular weapons platforms

Target Market: Modern Sporting Rifle / Modular Rifle owners (AR-15s, SCARs, etc)

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Length: 3 Slot= 1.68″ (uses one M-LOK hole) 7 Slot= 3.73″ (uses two M-LOK holes)
  • Width: 0.82″
  • Height (Over M-LOK surface): .41″
  • Compatibility: Compatible with any M-LOK rail system.
  • Weight: 0.8oz

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black Anodized Only. Bipod swivel stud and offset mounts are also available.

What others are saying?: "This is by far and above the best and most convenient way to attach anything to your rifle. No more Allen wrenches and more importantly, no more searching for those wrenches when you want to reconfigure your rifle. If you're like me, I share accessories between my many rifles and the ability to pull attachments off and simply stick them on another rail in less that 30 seconds with no tools is just the best. Because of kinetic development group's Kinect system, all of my rifles are M-LOK." Brownells User Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Brownells or Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Easy to attach, turns any picatinny accessory into M-LOK
  • Works on all sides of the handguard with M-LOK slots
  • Secure and solid attachment
  • Removes risk of over tightening / damaging the handguard


  • Unlocking tabs on opposing ends of mount need clearance to use, takes up additional rail space 
  • Not compatible with all polymer MLOK furniture (check all sides, manufactures beef up thicknesses of some walls)

Score: 7.5 Good


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